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Example sentences for "confided"

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confiance; confidant; confidante; confidants; confide; confidence; confidences; confident; confidential; confidentiality
  1. The cause and its leader equally challenged the enthused sympathies of a patriotic people, and all that patriotism was ready to sacrifice for the one was cheerfully confided to the other.

  2. To myself alone he has confided it, and I requested that you might be allowed to assist me in finding a solution of the problem.

  3. And yet he had, in sheer desperation, confided in me a most amazing truth.

  4. My thoughts were running, just as they had run all day, upon that strange suspicion which the Emperor had confided to me.

  5. Stevenson at Glasgow[297]; and in Ischia was found a krater with the subject of the infant Dionysos confided to the Nymphs.

  6. Lonsdale managed to make himself very popular, and after all as he confided to Michael that was the main thing.

  7. While yet holding an important political trust, confided by Kentucky, I was compelled to leave my home and family, or suffer imprisonment and exile.

  8. The people generously confided in the disposition of the General Government to observe their rights, and continued to hope for a peaceful settlement of the questions then agitating the country.

  9. Her talk was all of young John Keene's return, and she confided with happy tears stealing down her cheeks that his marriage with Miss Trevor would take place the following week.

  10. It appears that the moment of our emancipation approaches, and the establishment of liberty on all the continent of the New World is confided by Providence to us.

  11. The public mind became poisoned; suspicions were engendered; his revilers were cherished; the few stout hearts that confided in his political integrity, and nobly clustered around him, were anathematized and proscribed.

  12. When any great political question agitated the country, such as a presidential election, Mr. Burr seemed to feel it his duty to express his opinion to those whom he supposed confided in his discernment or his patriotism.

  13. Leo confided in Lucille, and now Lucille confided in Leo; she slowly told in low voice the story of her own great disappointment.

  14. After dinner Alfonso and Leo drove to their old club, and as ever talked and confided in each other.

  15. Loyalty to the great trusts confided to him, was noticeable in his every movement.

  16. He was equally certain that if, in private, he confided his own plan to SeƱora Rojas and told her that within the next forty-eight hours she might hope to see her husband, she would at once acquaint Vega and Caldwell with that fact.

  17. Under what pressure to the square inch," demanded Roddy, "would a secret confided to you be liable to burst its boiler?

  18. When Roddy, rested and refreshed and with normal pulse and mind, came to luncheon, Peter confided to him all that Vicenti had told him.

  19. She, herself," he confided secretly to Roddy, "wished to come.

  20. That damn Louis," he confided to Hamil over their after-dinner cigars, "has kept me guessing ever since he took command here.

  21. At least," Portlaw confided with a subdued animation to Wayward, "we're going to have a most excellent dinner for them when they arrive.

  22. Among others he is supposed, at a very early age, to have been confided to Archias.

  23. But next year you better believe I'm hoping for a single room," she confided to the little green lizard who sat on her inkstand and ogled her while she worked.

  24. Dad must paint the kids," he confided to Claudia.

  25. She confided it to Audrey, who was rather a chum of hers.

  26. I'd heaps rather write rhymes or sing songs or play on my violin," Dixie confided when at last the slate had been washed clean and replaced in the desk.

  27. Dick had confided to him on the way from the house that there might be a few of the fellows there to see him off.

  28. A slight elevation of the sod, which would soon disappear, alone marked the place where reposed for ever the body of a man whose unfamed heroism had saved by a sublime devotedness those who had confided to him the care of their safety.

  29. I regretted also, and deeply too, that I should appear to his eyes in an unworthy part, as though betraying the interests he had confided to me.

  30. The prisoner, my lord," said he, "has confided nothing to me of his case.

  31. This is my first off-the-campus treat since we talked about getting up the show that day we went to Hamilton," Marjorie confided to Robin.

  32. Elizabeth Walbert was surprised and miffed because Dulcie had not confided in her.

  33. She confided it to her Lookout chums and they rejoiced with her.

  34. This significance struck him as so ambiguous that when he went aboard the Yankee he confided as much of his suspicions as he saw fit to his second in command, Lieutenant Underwood.

  35. Let me see what it is she has confided to you.

  36. I guessed that it was to you that my husband had confided the care of the child when I learned that it had disappeared.

  37. I remember what confidence he had in your devotion, and how he confided everything to you.

  38. When I confided my design to Selina, she shut up the piano and ran across the room to me.

  39. I propose to pass over in silence the name of the town in which is situated the prison once confided to my care.

  40. I should be unworthy indeed of the trust which this affectionate girl has placed in me, if I failed to receive her explanation of her conduct toward Philip Dunboyne, as a sacred secret confided to my fatherly regard.

  41. My early life had been darkened by a sad story; never confided to any living creature; banished resolutely from my own thoughts.

  42. Miss Mason was sent for, and the great news confided to her.

  43. He was full of interest in her affairs, and she soon confided to him the object of her expedition.

  44. The high-bosomed matron confided her fears for the happiness of the girl, "who has been real kind to Johnnie," to the spinster who had admired Stefan the first day out.

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