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Example sentences for "confidentiality"

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confided; confidence; confidences; confident; confidential; confidentially; confidently; confides; confiding; confidingly
  1. In doing so, schools will need to take steps to ensure compliance with Federal and State laws governing confidentiality of student records.

  2. If confidentiality is an issue, does this dictate a suppression of nurses' complete knowing?

  3. For example, it is necessary when a special type of patient care is being tested against usual patient care or when confidentiality is an issue.

  4. Confidentiality requires a nurse, searcher or not, to censor communications when personal knowledge of individuals make them identifiable.

  5. The need for confidentiality can be determined by the nurse's considering the knowledge gained in view of whether it will or will not influence the over-all treatment plan.

  6. The nurse in deciding what and how to convey, considering the professional necessities of both confidentiality and dispersion of knowledge, can be guided by a conception of the nature of man-in-his-world.

  7. Confidentiality as it relates to the treatment of emotional or psychological difficulties is a thorny issue, one that worries many people.

  8. Here's Anuse explaining at length that the university takes student confidentiality very seriously and pays a great deal of attention to evaluations.

  9. The data was given to the instructor but never the evaluations themselves because student confidentiality was considered to be an important step in the process.

  10. You shouldn't be breaching student confidentiality to expedite some personnel matter.

  11. He interjected to assure her that she must not worry because the administration would never violate a student's confidentiality or go back on its word to them.

  12. He said that no student evaluations were sent out and that our confidentiality had not been breached.

  13. I absolutely waive the privilege of confidentiality so that you may respond to my questions and those of the panel.

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