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Example sentences for "confidentially"

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confidence; confidences; confident; confidential; confidentiality; confidently; confides; confiding; confidingly; configuration
  1. I have known more than once of doubts expressed concerning ambassadors who had served for some time, and of courts confidentially conveying their wish that a change be made in the person accredited to them.

  2. Your Honor, the man whom I will ask to vouch for my honesty and intelligence after I have confidentially disclosed the word to him, is the Cardinal Archbishop of New York.

  3. Tell them confidentially that Valiquet's will do some wonderful stunts with real bronze and iridescent-glass mosaics valued at ten thousand dollars.

  4. Then he leaned over confidentially and said, very earnestly: "My family is conservative, and they hate to see the old name in print.

  5. That conviction L’Estrange summarily dispelled by confidentially informing the honest old non-com.

  6. Toulan nodded to them confidentially and answered them loudly that he was very well, and that he was helping Simon move out of the Temple and going with him to Porte Macon.

  7. I mean, that, as during the day your majesty can never speak with the king without witnesses, we must call the night to our assistance, if you wish to speak confidentially to his majesty.

  8. The porter, opening the little, dusty window of his lodge, nodded confidentially to Saunier.

  9. And Addie patted him on the shoulder with almost fatherly compassion; and now, since they understood each other, they went on confidentially pumping one another as they chatted.

  10. What he discussed confidentially with Eldersma, as secretary, and with Van Helderen, as controller, these two never mentioned, treating it all as an official secret.

  11. Walter, leaning his elbows on the tea tray, and bending over, to speak the more confidentially and kindly.

  12. Duprez had an excuse for asking Hilda to walk a few yards in front, while she herself talked confidentially with M.

  13. I must tell you that the Sister has a most miraculous memory," she said confidentially to Heathcote.

  14. It gratified him to be addressed confidentially as one who knew the world; it gratified him to be called an old friend by this relation of the great Lord Seely.

  15. Those letters are written pro bono publico," Minnie Bodkin observed confidentially to her mother.

  16. But Miss Bodkin is so superior in sense and goodness to most other folks here, that I am sure whatever you may say to her confidentially will be sacred.

  17. Lady Lufton and Mrs. Grantly got themselves on to a sofa together, and there chatted confidentially into each other's ears.

  18. He had talked to the vicar confidentially about the doings of these bigwigs now present at the castle, as though there were no other guest there with whom he could speak in so free a manner.

  19. Before I dismissed this flag of truce, his companion consulted me confidentially as to what disposition he ought to make of his family, then in Mobile, and I frankly gave him the best advice I could.

  20. For information and as instruction to govern your preparations for the coming campaign, the following is communicated confidentially for your own perusal alone.

  21. And yet, when once in a while they got to talking among themselves about him, and the question was sometimes confidentially asked of comrades who came down on leave from that isolated station, "How is Hayne doing?

  22. So half a dozen, at least, had more or less confidentially asked if she knew of Mr. Hayne and Miss Travers's meeting.

  23. It was confidentially whispered about town to this day, and may be for all time, that he was a lucky Negro, too.

  24. Probably the measure, vigorously though confidentially pressed by the Executive, would have passed; but Senator Davis killed it by speaking against time.

  25. A common salutation has its mode prescribed by the court of ceremonies; and any neglect or default in a plebeian towards his superior is punishable by corporal chastisement, and in men in office by degradation or suspension.

  26. And it is fixed in a bed of massive timber laid across the deck.

  27. Once you knows you know nothin', you may learn somethin'," he said confidentially as the lad passed him.

  28. Hugh's telling her confidentially now that she's the belle of the evening.

  29. By-and-by I happened to mention confidentially to him my suspicions of the man Mactavish.

  30. The car stops at seventeen, and I step confidentially up to the elevator man and repeat, with an attempt at nonchalance, "Eighteen out, please.

  31. The adjutant before returning to report his action to the post commander had so far departed from the strict letter of his duty as to confidentially inform the dazed young officer that the order had come by wire from St. Paul.

  32. He was very kind, and talked most confidentially about political affairs, particularly the Oriental concerns.

  33. He must be assured of this before he could speak confidentially to me.

  34. Lord Melbourne will write confidentially to the Archbishop[69] to learn how it may be received in the quietest manner and with the least trouble.

  35. Napoleon frequently called to see her, and, taking her arm, he would walk for hours, most confidentially unfolding to her all his plans.

  36. Josephine sat up an hour later conversing most freely and confidentially with those friends who were especially dear to her, and about midnight retired.

  37. Sir, I came to speak confidentially with your general about affairs of importance.

  38. Laying his hand confidentially on Bob's arm, he said: "Stay, all is not lost.

  39. We shall be within fighting range of Port Arthur before midnight," said Yamaguchi confidentially to Bob.

  40. It is about the biggest thing in the way of a sell all round," he repeated, lying on his back, confidentially to the speck of smoke-obscured sky above him.

  41. Miss Nellie murmured something confidentially to the third button of his hunting shirt.

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