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Example sentences for "confiding"

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confidential; confidentiality; confidentially; confidently; confides; confidingly; configuration; configurations; configured; confine
  1. Well," said Michel, "I am going to give you a proof that I appreciate your return to better ideas by confiding to you a secret I believe you have already guessed.

  2. A goodly number of these confiding persons were thrown into prison, and this impolitic severity paralyzed the pacific intentions of those who with greater prudence were awaiting events.

  3. But, sir," says I, "sure the Company is making a prodigious mistake in confiding a business of such vast importance as this to one so young and so inexperienced as I.

  4. She lisped a little, and as she emphasized the word "tho" she shook her head in a little confiding way, and the smirk deepened into a nervous grin.

  5. In confiding to you my love for her, she would not complain at my also confiding to you her love for him.

  6. It was generous and confiding to surrender entirely to the Confederacy the appointment of generals, and it is the more incumbent on me to carry out as well as may be the spirit of the volunteer system.

  7. And, if treachery had ever come near him, it would have stood abashed in the presence of his truth, his manliness, and his confiding simplicity.

  8. When this false suitor stood on the verge of detection, for offences against the customs, he laid a snare of deception, which, while he was permitted to escape, drew the anger of the state on his too confiding friend.

  9. Duke of Sant' Agata, may thy patron hear thy prayers, as thou provest kind to this innocent and confiding child!

  10. These inexperienced and confiding spirits have taken advantage of my absence to communicate more freely than was discreet," said the Carmelite, in the manner of one who foresaw the answer.

  11. The man now standing close to her suddenly felt as if in the presence of a shy and yet confiding creature--one only half tame, ready to spring away at any rough unmannerly approach.

  12. The confiding spirit of the English tempted the common run of Chinese officials to practise systematic deception.

  13. And so I find you crying because your dear possession is going, and because, no doubt, you were confiding to him what a desperate monster a husband can be.

  14. I object to your confiding in him secrets that you never told to me.

  15. The wind was direct in their favor, and they could have easily avoided the contest, but, confiding in their enormously superior force, they sailed boldly forward to the attack.

  16. He himself, confiding in the affection of the inhabitants of Nantes, remained in that city, while his wife repaired to Rennes.

  17. Has your captor, confiding in your knightly word to send him the sum agreed upon, allowed you to return?

  18. He contemplated them, not as equals and confiding friends, but as efficient and valuable instruments for the accomplishment of his purposes.

  19. Being little used to this charlatanism in the streets, I regarded the man with confiding admiration and determined not to lose a word of his address.

  20. Confiding in the intelligence of Pius VII.

  21. Among the rest, a private cavalier of the court had the audacity to aspire to that earthly heaven; confiding in his youth, his gallantry, his sprightly and happy wit, with numerous other graces and qualifications.

  22. Buying and selling is the life blood of the crowds' thought, its big, brutal daily confiding to us of its view of human life.

  23. A dishonest intendant, forced to expose his accounts to generous and confiding masters, could not have had a face more gloomy or more anxious.

  24. Yes, Gorka was very complex, for he was not contented with deceiving his wife, he allowed the confiding creature to form a friendship with the daughter of her husband's mistress.

  25. But I'm not the faithless wife who enjoys confiding that she's 'misunderstood.

  26. Carol heard him confiding to Bea, "You're a darn nice Swede girl.

  27. The small boy treated the tall, pretty young lady to a most confiding nod and a wink.

  28. The guileless infant rose to the bait at once, and dropped her stick and slipped her confiding hand in Joey's.

  29. Should not this outweigh the selfish ambition of the unscrupulous surgeon who desires to boast of the number of times he has opened the abdomen, with little compunction of the confiding lives that he has sacrificed?

  30. He remarked, too, with a bitter sense of the unprincipled injury inflicted on the confiding girl, that every week drew her perceptibly nearer and nearer to the grave.

  31. Confiding in Him, we can accept such mysteries as we may discern in His dealings, and faith in a holy and loving Saviour is henceforth the true rest of life, and the true foretaste of heaven.

  32. Mrs. Miller's nature was a very simple and confiding one, and she never speculated much upon her brother's doings.

  33. The Prince, confiding in Count Albert's zeal and superior powers, now took advice from him, and made a confidant no longer of M.

  34. It was his first experience in human treachery, and he suffered the more that his heart was confiding and tender.

  35. Innumerable sea-birds sat in the crevices and ledges of the uneven surface, or flew about us with such confiding curiosity, that by reaching out my hand I could touch their wings as they poised themselves in the air alongside.

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    artless; bluff; blunt; candid; childlike; confiding; credulous; dependent; direct; frank; guileless; ingenuous; innocent; naive; open; outspoken; plain; simple; sincere; trusting; trusty; unguarded; unreserved; unsophisticated; unsuspecting; unsuspicious; unwary