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dirai; dirait; diray; dire; direccion; directa; directe; directed; directement; directer
  1. Intercept that squadron and direct the major to move due east along the King's Road to the grove," he commanded.

  2. Direct the artillery to redouble their fire upon the enemy's battery for five minutes, and then to cease firing into the wood entirely.

  3. Direct the commanders of forts three and four to concentrate their fire on the enemy's guns directly north of Fort No.

  4. I shall then direct the mobilization of the army and take such steps as seem fit to rescue him and drive the invaders from the soil of Lutha.

  5. The young man's heart went out to the poor boy, and pangs of regret filled his mind as he realized that the child's pathetic condition was the direct result of his self-sacrificing attempt to save his king.

  6. You will please to ride back along the King's Road and take direct command of the troops mobilized near the fort.

  7. It is the Will to Live which is the real and direct aspirant--alike and identical in all things.

  8. This is the result of acting in direct opposition to the natural development of the mind by obtaining general ideas first, and particular observations last: it is putting the cart before the horse.

  9. Unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our existence must entirely fail of its aim.

  10. This is direct proof that existence has no real value in itself; for what is boredom but the feeling of the emptiness of life?

  11. But a woman is always and everywhere reduced to obtaining this mastery indirectly, namely, through a man; and whatever direct mastery she may have is entirely confined to him.

  12. The will is careless of the individual: the individual is not its business; although, as I have said, this seems to be the case, because the individual has no direct consciousness of will except in himself.

  13. He had found out the true fountain-head, and would direct all Zion's travellers thither.

  14. When we directly and formally direct praises and thanksgiving to God.

  15. Bronzes, whether intact or restored, and iron objects, should never be in direct contact with those which show efflorescences.

  16. Water has no direct influence, but acts as a solvent.

  17. On the other hand, as almost all the iron antiquities which do not contain chlorine compounds may be treated by the methods of the second group, simple and direct impregnation is passing more and more out of use.

  18. Similarly objects which have been preserved by the application of solutions of resin or varnish should be protected from the direct access of sunlight, for the sudden warming may easily cause cracks.

  19. In addition to the protection from dust afforded by closed glass cases, it is also important to protect objects from the action of direct sunlight, especially during the summer months.

  20. It is true, however, that he had not as yet ventured on any direct attack, nor had he made use of any of the weapons which Lecoq had forged for his use.

  21. This excellent point gained; for this shrewd old woman, possessed of all her coolness, would naturally have been on her guard against any direct questions.

  22. If you want to put up a tablet in my honour, get anyone on our front to direct you to Seven Dials.

  23. He granted Ojeda every facility; furnishing him with copies of the papers and charts of Columbus, by which to direct himself in his course, and a letter of license signed with his own name, though not with that of the sovereigns.

  24. At length, on the return of Ferdinand from Naples in 1508, he put to him a direct question, with the frankness attributed to his character.

  25. As to Ferdinand, his cupidity was roused at the idea of being soon put in possession of a more direct and safe route to those countries with which the crown of Portugal was opening so lucrative a trade.

  26. He proceeded direct for the place along the sea-coast, and came to where two roads led up the mountain to the town.

  27. To the surprise of his pilot and crews, however, on making sail, he stood again along the coast to the eastward, instead of steering north, which they considered the direct route to Hispaniola.

  28. Of Columbus no lineal and direct descendant exists; his was an exotic stock which never took deep and lasting root in the country; but the race of the Pinzons continues to thrive and multiply in its native soil.

  29. Alphonso de Paiva sailed direct for Ethiopia; Pedro de Covilham for the Indies.

  30. Such is the picture drawn of him by historians; but his conduct in several important instances is in direct contradiction to it.

  31. Having taken leave of the Adelantado at the east end of the island, they continued all day in a direct course, animating the Indians who navigated their canoes, and who frequently paused at their labor.

  32. When we left Assouan we scooted by rail direct to Cairo, to rest up and recover from our recuperation.

  33. Direct advice was rather a new strain for Randall, and we were not surprised when he dropped it abruptly as we filed into a little private room at the restaurant.

  34. With what success had he attempted direct instruction?

  35. Conversely the nasal and frontal formation was derived in a direct line of lineage which, though interrupted, would continue at distant intervals to more distant intervals to its most distant intervals.

  36. With indirect and direct verbal allusions or affirmations: with subdued affection and admiration: with description: with impediment: with suggestion.

  37. When the Bishop arrived in Kilkenny from Dublin he went direct to the prison, and interviewed the unfortunates mentioned above.

  38. It was long before she could with any direct answers plead unto her Indictment, and when she did plead] it was with owning and bragging rather than denial of her Guilt.

  39. Her crew could see that to proceed farther, on a direct course, was simply impossible.

  40. Such an assurance of the existence of things without us is sufficient to direct us in the attaining the good and avoiding the evil which is caused by them, which is the important concernment we have of being made acquainted with them.

  41. The first of these BUTS intimates a supposition in the mind of something otherwise than it should be; the latter shows that the mind makes a direct opposition between that and what goes before it.

  42. That we want probability to direct our assent in matters where we have neither knowledge of our own nor testimony of other men to bottom our reason upon.

  43. He that, in the ordinary affairs of life, would admit of nothing but direct plain demonstration, would be sure of nothing in this world, but of perishing quickly.

  44. The understanding faculties being given to man, not barely for speculation, but also for the conduct of his life, man would be at a great loss if he had nothing to direct him but what has the certainty of true knowledge.

  45. Evidently exposure to its direct ray causes instant demolition--annihilation is not the word; dust remains.

  46. But Mackenzie was cautious as well as shrewd, and with this necessary information in his possession he would know how to direct his own course, and what advice to give his friends below.

  47. They kept a keen look-out for hills answering to the names he had given them, for they had no other landmarks by which to direct their course.

  48. While he was still looking at it in surprise, wondering where it came from, it was reinforced by a sudden swell, which carried the tiny stream across the floor of the cavern in a direct course for the open pit.

  49. It is built on the north bank of Choo-keang or Pearl river, stands inland and is in a direct line, about sixty miles from "the great sea.

  50. If it was possible to direct the trade to Aden, situated a hundred miles to the eastward of cape Babel Mandeb, which is furnished with two good harbours, this very serious obstacle would be obviated.

  51. Some priests, who possess a little property, direct their remains shall be buried and not burnt.

  52. He is generally a member of the imperial household, and receives his appointment direct from the emperor.

  53. There are five ships connected with the direct trade to Europe.

  54. They have been compiled in some instances from direct observation, and in others, from the best authority which could be obtained.

  55. By that time you will be feeling the old, restless urge and you might take a road that wasn't open if I didn't direct you.

  56. Hotchkiss and giving a Brooklyn address, was picked up in a dazed condition by patrolman Cohen who had found him attempting to direct the operations of a gang of workmen engaged in repairing a crosstown-car track.

  57. Maisonneuve, who was present, expressed his surprise that they should assume to direct his affairs.

  58. He leaned to the most direct and boldest policy, and one of his last acts was to petition Richelieu for men and munitions for repressing that standing menace to the colony, the Iroquois.

  59. For such persons the most direct path is to the left hand.

  60. A little farther up and forward lies the “speech center,” from which, when we want to talk, we direct the tongue and lips what to say.

  61. The first could be solved only by direct inquiry.

  62. So, in response to this direct challenge, he answered with dry dignity: "Yes.

  63. The productions of the tropics could now be procured direct from the New World, which, in return, offered a rich and abundant market for manufactured goods.

  64. When, however, by the Act of Union, the two countries became one, these precautions were discontinued, and Scotland was allowed to hold direct intercourse with America and the West India Islands.

  65. Hence it is, that the books of every theological system narrate acts of the grossest cruelty, which, without the least hesitation, are ascribed to the direct interposition of God.

  66. They cared nothing for ideas, except with a few to direct and tangible results; he valued ideas for themselves, and for the sake of their truth, independently of all other considerations.

  67. The experiments of Chossat and others clearly prove cold to be a direct sedative.

  68. If they are sent to San Francisco direct from England, they will have to be examined at the custom-house there.

  69. Within two years more it is hoped that the Oregon Pacific will make communication at Boise City, Idaho, with independent Eastern lines, and open a still more direct course out to the centers of population and enterprise.

  70. He has power to grant reprieves, commutations of sentences, and pardons for all offenses except treason--this last offense being under the direct control of the Legislative Assembly.

  71. The corners of each square-mile section are denoted by posts or large stones, and the neighboring trees are blazed or marked so as to direct attention to the corner post or stone.

  72. Professing to be Republican in politics, it assumes the liberty of advocating doctrines and supporting candidates for office in direct violation of the acknowledged principles of the party and the wishes of the party managers.

  73. Harry had been grazed on the shoulder by a bullet, but his horse was unharmed, and he kept close to Lee, who continued to direct the battle personally.

  74. Vos scripta dedistis et nos verba,' with the application that follows, have been held by Professor Birch-Hirschfeld and other scholars to be a direct denial on his part of any literary activity.

  75. These passages are deserving of note, as they appear to me to show direct contact between the Perceval and Lancelot stories, and in this instance the borrowing appears to be on the part of the earlier story.

  76. Lucilla's head began to whirl; but after her first unsuccessful essay, she was wise enough not to ask any more direct questions.

  77. Chapter V Miss Marjoribanks did not leave the contralto any time to recover from her surprise; she went up to her direct where she stood, with her song arrested on her lips, as she had risen hastily from the piano.

  78. Blunderer as he was, he had gone direct to the very heart of the question, and it was impossible not to tremble a little in the presence of such straightforward clear-sightedness.

  79. Such an idea would have gone direct in the face of the British Constitution, and the sense of the community would have been dead against it.

  80. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "direct" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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