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Example sentences for "confer"

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confederated; confederates; confederation; confederations; confederats; conferees; conference; conferences; conferme; confermed
  1. A solicitor waited upon him to confer respecting a Bill, which was coming before the Upper House, in reference to matters which affected the rights of Dissenters.

  2. At length it was arranged that some communication should be made to him, indicative of a disposition on the part of Nonconformists to confer with Episcopalian brethren.

  3. We don't ask you to go down in the mine, you understand, but if you will just stay there until we get things fixed you will confer a great favor upon us.

  4. Any relative or friend of his who possesses the above information will confer a favor by writing to the name given below.

  5. Let him be entrusted with the utmost power they could confer upon him, he would use it faithfully.

  6. This is the meaning of his enforced abstinence from milk; but let him confer upon his supplicant this favour he asks, and he will earn his love and gratitude, which will remove from him his curse.

  7. But goodness is due from man to man, still more to God, and does not confer on its possessor the right to rule the race.

  8. Upon the return of the Committee of Congress appointed to confer with Lord Howe I soon discerned their whole intentions.

  9. The ceremonies at his funeral were of a style to confer the highest honors to himself, and his illustrious family.

  10. Since the truth, when we have attained it, does not confer immediate and certain happiness, why not be satisfied with ignorance, the darkened cradle in which humanity slept the deep sleep of infancy?

  11. I believe that the sum of these truths, always increasing, will at last confer on man incalculable power and peace, if not happiness.

  12. If the individual is low or mean, no occupation can confer upon him respectability or regard.

  13. To confer a great benefit is always sweet.

  14. If what I am told is actually true, and your ladyship means to confer upon me a gift so--so magnificent--oh!

  15. Then, reflecting that the young sparks at the Court would be very unlikely to spend such a sum on a jest, I hesitated no longer, but putting down the candle, drew the bolt of the door, purposing to confer with my visitors outside.

  16. But if you suppose that I will be a backslider, you do not know me, and I will confer no more with you upon the subject.

  17. It is true, my mother could, by will, alienate her crown and confer her sceptre upon any one she chose to adopt.

  18. My mother,' I cried, 'why then didst thou confer on him the principality of the Thebaïd and its enormous military power?

  19. I will keep silence now and confer with you, sir, if you think best.

  20. I will ask you to confer with Mr. Bristol, my partner.

  21. I will confer with you," admitted the colonel, his manner subdued.

  22. His health prevented him from accepting the honorary degree which Oxford University wished to confer on him, but his own university had stronger claims, and he received its honorary LL.

  23. As a member of the latter body he became chairman in January 1778 of the committee appointed to visit Washington at Valley Forge, and confer with him concerning the reorganization of the army.

  24. The following letter presents one case out of many which might be enumerated, evincing his generosity, and the delicate manner in which he could confer a favour.

  25. If irregularities of this kind should be permitted and countenanced, it would be in the power of the sheriff, by excluding a part of the votes, to confer a majority on any candidate, in counties where there were divisions of interests.

  26. We usually have an idea what we would like to do, and we, of course, confer with the police because they may have in instances knowledge that we don't have about a certain area that it might not be appropriate to use or to go into.

  27. I arranged with the Dallas Police Department for Lieutenant Revill to accompany Special Agent Howlett to Denton, and confer with the police there, and to also get photographs of these individuals.

  28. The first step would be to confer with the Governor, go over the general proposals that the Governor would make, and then bring it back to me.

  29. The other members of the court were seen to confer together, and to remonstrate with the governor.

  30. Such indeed seemed likely to be the case, for the Indians, arrived at the porch, looked around with some surprise at the barred doors and windows, and began to confer together.

  31. Though vice may triumph for a season, and virtue fail to meet its appropriate reward, yet nothing can confer on the first, nor snatch from the last, that substantial happiness which is ever afforded to the mind conscious of rectitude.

  32. Did not I direct you to the house: Confer with you from Waltham Abbey Unto Cheston wall?

  33. I direct him to the house, and confer with him by the way?

  34. The man's wheedling tone, the sense of power, the ability to confer a favor were too much for him.

  35. Already in the late Parliament an unsuccessful effort had been made to confer the title of King on Oliver in the hope that the civilian element in the Government would be thereby strengthened.

  36. They told him, through an interpreter, that their commander wished to confer with the governor himself.

  37. The Moor then asked for a truce while he should go ashore and confer with the Dey.

  38. But of all men in Europe after the faithful Sully, Henry most desired to see and confer daily and secretly with Barneveld.

  39. In a community of this kind it was natural that wealth--rank and titles being absent--should alone confer distinction.

  40. As there was a considerable distance between them, Lord Raglan had to ride over to Marshal Pelissier, to confer with him on the arrangements for the proposed assault.

  41. During the troubles of the 20th and 21st, efforts were made by the strikers to come to an understanding or compromise with the railroad officials, and a committee to confer with the officials was appointed.

  42. Were you on this committee of safety or any sub-committee, appointed by them, to go and confer with the strikers at any time.

  43. I was very kindly treated by them, and quite a number of them would come to my office and confer with me.

  44. I proceeded to my home, where I found a message asking--from Colonel Scott, of the Pennsylvania railroad, saying that he had a message asking me to come to the Pennsylvania railroad office to confer with him.

  45. It was his envied privilege to confer this dignity upon the lady who was fairest in his eyes.

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