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Example sentences for "consign"

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considering; consideringe; considers; consideryng; considher; consigne; consigned; consignee; consignees; consigning
  1. HIS list selects those whom we may prudently consign to the law.

  2. Indeed, the king had already drawn up the lettre de cachet which was to consign him to the Bastile.

  3. As one of the crew was about to consign the body to its ocean burial, the grief-stricken mother implored the privilege of one parting embrace.

  4. Madame de Montespan, in her wonderfully frank Memoirs, records all these facts without any apparent consciousness of the infamy to which they consign her memory.

  5. His first care was to consign to his writing-desk the documents and letters which he now considered to be the arbiters of his destiny; and, this being performed, he sought his couch.

  6. No surer way could be taken to extinguish it than to consign such persons to everlasting suffering.

  7. But no matter how high they may rise, if they are not Christians the old theory would consign them to everlasting torment.

  8. Can it be imagined that God would consign infants to everlasting torment, simply because they are children of unbelieving parents?

  9. And because they did not know it, if annihilation or torment is true, He knew that He would utterly extinguish them, or consign them to everlasting fire!

  10. In that case, we could think it possible that He might consign all the rest of our race to eternal torture with the utmost complacence.

  11. Shall we consign the hypothenuse of all triangles to those who mend pens from the quills of wild-geese which better men have brought down with a single ball?

  12. I said, you know, that I should make you an antidote to those black humours; and you said you hoped I would consign them to the flames.

  13. She was the Honorable Mrs. Dugald; and she was about to be arraigned upon several charges, the lightest one of which, if proved, would consign her to penal servitude for years.

  14. Know you, that a word from us would consign you to the sacrifice?

  15. It may not be uninteresting to add, that the present owner of the piano-forte alluded to, is about to consign it to my care for the purpose of disposing of it.

  16. You have some jewels, my dear, and other articles of value; you had better pack them up, and consign them to me as soon as possible.

  17. At least, sleep must have come late to those who were aware of the decisive plan for the morrow; that morrow which was to be the crisis of their fate, - to crown their ambitious schemes with full success, or consign them to irretrievable ruin!

  18. For the honor of humanity, we may trust the accounts are greatly exaggerated; but that he should have given rise to them at all is sufficient to consign his name to infamy.

  19. On the other hand, it will be miserable and pitiable in the extreme to consign what may be termed the Terra Sancta of ancient Ireland to the care of a pauper burial board.

  20. By the honour and renown you so richly possess, I conjure you not to consign all at once to such universal infamy!

  21. His resolution, not only to meet ruin himself, but to consign his idolized father to the same, rather than rescue either by a dereliction from virtue, was a sword, that cut asunder marrow and spirit!

  22. What of the other things, all of which we transact under auspices within the Pomærium, to what oblivion, to what neglect do we consign them?

  23. It was customary formerly for Kentish growers to consign all their fruit to the London markets; now a good deal of it is sent to Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and other large cities.

  24. Sometimes the cherry crop is sold by auction to dealers, who pick, pack and consign the fruit to market.

  25. You must consign one column to the playful comments and witticisms of Savarin.

  26. I am only ashamed to consign to him a post so much beneath his genius," and "his birth" he was about to add, but wisely checked himself.

  27. I mean to save Rochebriant from Louvier, and consign it, free of charge, to your kinsman, as the dot of his bride, my daughter.

  28. He was, to use his own language, "blessed with organs of digestion which accepted and concocted, without ever murmuring, whatever the palate chose to consign to them.

  29. Mr. Hetherington has already suffered in body and mind, in purse and health; and probably awaits with apprehension the sentence, which may consign him to prison and ruin.

  30. It had done no mischief: and I hope the Jury will not consign me to a dungeon for having sold a book which it has been proved by his own witness has done no mischief.

  31. Although without a cause he would do no hurt to a living thing, yet if that cause were sufficient he would cheerfully consign a whole cityful to death.

  32. Should he permit the priest who had cursed her in her lifetime to consign her to the grave with a perfunctory blessing?

  33. It sounded as if its waters were still foaming with rage at the deed that so long ago had been enacted near at hand, and which death itself could not consign to oblivion.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "consign" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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