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Example sentences for "annihilation"

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  1. The destruction of one of our finest armies; the loss of some of our best generals; the annihilation of our navy; the surrender of Malta; and the sovereignty of England in the Mediterranean.

  2. The mediation of the senate is useless, as the chiefs of both parties can only hope for security by the annihilation of their adversaries.

  3. Hence the dissolution of the empire, or its total annihilation by some violent attack from without.

  4. In his reign the first war with Rome, caused by the invasion of Crassus; it ends in the annihilation of the invading army and general, 53.

  5. Victory won by the Thebans at Leuctra, July 8, 371, and annihilation of what hitherto had been called the supremacy of Sparta.

  6. The first move towards war--the first gun fired--means annihilation for one of you or both!

  7. He is--I should say he was a scientist, who discovered the means of annihilating any section of humanity at his own wish and will--he played with the fires of God and brought annihilation on himself.

  8. It considered its objective to be the conquest of power by the revolutionary proletariat, the annihilation of the bourgeois state, and the introduction of a new proletarian state, functioning temporarily as a dictatorship of the proletariat.

  9. A government, democratic in form, would, of course, require the overthrow of all limited monarchies as well as the annihilation of those that are despotic.

  10. The Bolsheviki are carrying out a rapid and systematic annihilation of all the bourgeois elements in Riga, according to reports from Libau to 'Svenska Dagblast.

  11. The erotic storm raged with great fury for a long time, and then, growing more fast and furious, brought us all standing in ecstasies of the most salacious enjoyment, for us to sink once more into the annihilation of satiated desire.

  12. We drew this bout out to an interminable length, and lay for nearly half an hour in the annihilation of the delicious after-joys.

  13. The De Grandvit was in such a delirium of ecstasy that she screamed again and died away in absolute annihilation of all sense but that of the utmost satisfied lust.

  14. I, too, was wild with lust, and we spent together, ending in an annihilation of all our senses by the extreme ecstasy of the final overpowering crisis.

  15. It will be said, perhaps, that it is easy to prevent the absolute annihilation of the profits of capital by stopping the progression at any moment.

  16. In all there were almost one thousand warriors, accompanied by their squaws and children, who were eager to see the annihilation of the white men and the triumph of their brothers, husbands, and fathers.

  17. When news of the annihilation of Dade's men reached civilization, it sent a thrill of horror through the entire country, and made the whites more determined than ever to annihilate the followers of Osceola.

  18. To the sagacity of Little Turtle can be laid the Indian victory, for his was the mind that had planned the ambuscade, and he was the one who had given personal direction to the annihilation of the regulars.

  19. One was the annihilation of Major Dade and his men; another the shooting of General Thompson, and a third the capture and death of the crafty and treacherous Osceola.

  20. That is, the annihilation of all things is caused by decomposition and disintegration.

  21. Now, do you know what is the result of this absolute want of respect for the individual, of this complete annihilation of man in presence of the alarming power which claims to represent society?

  22. But they have unwisely chosen to be ignorant of them also, and it is this total ignorance of Europe, its combinations, and its movements, which exposes them to that annihilation possibly about taking place.

  23. Her temporary annihilation in the political scale of Europe, leaves to England and Prussia the splendid roll, of giving the law without meeting the shadow of opposition.

  24. I thought I had not indulged in hope, for I knew that it was vain, but now, now I feel I must have done so, and it is its utter, utter annihilation that bows me to the earth.

  25. They had naturally accustomed themselves to anticipate Emmeline's marrying happily in their own sphere, and they could not thus suddenly consent to the annihilation of hopes, which had been fondly cherished in the mind of each.

  26. Three years have elapsed since these observations were penned, and behold a giant competitor has entered the field, threatening utter annihilation to the three-groove (or Enfield) rifle and the Pritchett ball.

  27. The valiant joskin on the ox, flourished a flail, threatening annihilation to the rogues of the road, but lucklessly struck his own sconce by exercising the weapon.

  28. If the universe had only a transient existence, we might suppose the laws that govern it to be the result of a special ordination of the Deity, and destined to perish with the annihilation of matter.

  29. That annihilation did not result from the deluge is evident from the case of men, who suffered only temporal death, and even this was not universal; and we know, also, that the matter of the earth did not perish.

  30. And surely Peter's description does not imply annihilation of the matter of the globe.

  31. The idea of the annihilation of so many immense and glorious bodies, organized with inimitable skill, and declarative of infinite wisdom, is gloomy and forbidding.

  32. In creation there is no real and positive terminus a quo; in annihilation there is no real and positive terminus ad quem; these therefore are not changes in the proper sense of the term.

  33. It is not annihilation as such that is desired by them, but only as a less evil alternative than the eternal privation of their last end.

  34. Is annihilation or absolute non-existence really a good for them?

  35. We have seen that, since change is not continuous annihilation and creation, the changing being must in some real and true sense persist throughout the process of change.

  36. When unable to prevent the utter annihilation of his band by superior forces under Cifuentes, the Negro captain refused to surrender and jumped headlong from a fort.

  37. Let the State do as it will by such men, inevitably it will contribute only to its own annihilation,"[1154] and therewith to the annihilation of law and property and to the bringing in of the new order of life.

  38. One can understand how it was that the people of Paris, before they hurried to the frontiers, killed the aristocrats in the prisons, who had planned with the enemy for the annihilation of the revolution.

  39. To the Christian dream of an eternal life in heaven or hell, the communist movement has its promise of a millenary on earth contrasted by the immediate annihilation of any traitor or dangerous opponent.

  40. George Eliot's strong accentuation of the race is the Gospel of annihilation to the individual.

  41. What was the secret aim then in George Eliot which made her believe so firmly in the permanent influence of Humanity, and in the annihilation of personal existence?

  42. Sir James Graham defended the present system as necessary to prevent the destruction of the farmers, and the annihilation of the occupations of an immense body of agricultural labourers.

  43. Russia was left to seek the annihilation of its existence as a separate nation at her pleasure.

  44. Her temporary annihilation in the political scale of Europe, leaves to England and Prussia the splendid roll of giving the law without meeting the shadow of opposition.

  45. But they have unwisely chosen to be ignorant of them also, and it is this total ignorance of Europe, its combinations and its movements, which exposes them to that annihilation possibly about taking place.

  46. A war of annihilation was therefore begun against the monkeys of the whole district, of which there were untold legions in the woods that girdled Eden Vale and in some small groves in the vale itself.

  47. But when annihilation is perfected all passion is gone--it is incompatible with this state.

  48. This loss is called the annihilation of the powers.

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