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  1. And the king's part was, that of his proper substance the holocaust should be offered always morning and evening, and on the sabbaths, and the new moons and the other solemnities, as it is written in the law of Moses.

  2. And the priests immolated them, and sprinkled their blood before the altar for an expiation of all Israel: for the king had commanded that the holocaust and the sin offering should be made for all Israel.

  3. And all the multitude adored, and the singers, and the trumpeters, were in their office till the holocaust was finished.

  4. What more beautiful holocaust could I offer to the implacable anger of the Lord, than to say to Him as Abraham did on the mountain: 'Lord!

  5. Receive as a holocaust the blood of Cain!

  6. But meanwhile, as the hideous holocaust proceeds, the mills of God grind slowly but mysteriously secure.

  7. He said to him: Take thy only begotten son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and go into the land of vision; and there thou shalt offer him for an holocaust upon one of the mountains which I will shew thee.

  8. Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw behind his back a ram, amongst the briers, sticking fast by the horns, which he took and offered for a holocaust instead of his son.

  9. She had by that sublime holocaust offered up to God a thanksgiving for two brief hours of happiness which she had enjoyed.

  10. They had all descended the steps and were standing in a semicircle on the turf below, looking up at the miserable holocaust which they were about to offer up to their own cowardly superstition.

  11. Round and round that holocaust the thousands did their sword-dance, yelling as the devils yelled at Khinjan's birth.

  12. They were headed northward now, toward distant mountains, and the dust of their long column went up like a river of smoke, flowing from the holocaust behind.

  13. Again a sublime holocaust was needed for the saving of the soul of France.

  14. A choir screen with three hundred figures, a contemporary of that at Albi, was demolished, windows by the dozen were broken, and there was a holocaust of carved altars and tombs.

  15. A mother regards her safe delivery, and her happiness is being blessed with a child, as signal benefits, and therefore she owes a {342} particular holocaust of thanks for them.

  16. This must have been his last act, for his death and this holocaust of ancestral claims both occurred in the year 1682.

  17. She made a holocaust of the literature she had once thought entertaining.

  18. It deals with the holocaust which even the sacrificer might handle only to commit it to the fire; the victim whose destiny was to be--not eaten by the priestly family but carried outside the camp as wholly devoted for the people's sins.

  19. We have been led to a contemplation of the Lord Jesus in His character as Antitype and Fulfilment of the holocaust of the Levitical atonement.

  20. The misery of war, the holocaust of all that was noblest, left her absolutely cold.

  21. A guard saluted, an attendant swung the teakwood barrier inward, and while it was still but half open Ananda pressed forward, his horse carrying Swinton's with him into a holocaust of lightning-like happenings.

  22. And while we say Ananda is insane, and all these things are child's play, think of the trifling things that were used as factors to breed that holocaust of hate.

  23. This serving the Lord with animals shows that a holocaust was in contemplation, and bears out the belief that the objective of the pilgrimage was a High Place of Burning.

  24. A great bed of wood ashes beneath the temple-floor at Serabit showed that wood was freely used in offering the holocaust in a district that is now entirely denuded of trees.

  25. The site for offering the holocaust was therefore removed, probably to a site on the north side of the temple which had been squared in the course of quarrying stone for temple buildings.

  26. Was he to go again into the holocaust to avenge a friend?

  27. The scene of holocaust resembled nothing more than the municipal ash dump at Indian Creek.

  28. Advertisement] Holocaust By Charles Willard Diffin [Illustration: It passed beneath the planes, that were motionless by contrast.

  29. It is merely that if one holding your liberal views cannot escape the holocaust that has suddenly fallen there is little hope for the rest of us.

  30. Anything that lay to leeward of the holocaust was doomed.

  31. Let us not wait for another such holocaust ere we learn wisdom.

  32. There on the altar of nations She has given the soul out of her life: Holocaust greater was never: God help the poor, little wife!

  33. The Rabagas of Sardou has tended to demoralize Gambetta more than the holocaust he sacrificed, in his unwise and inopportune zeal, to the glory of France, as he would claim; in reality to its ruin.

  34. The secret of life and the restoring to the living of victims of the holocaust initiate a conflict for Ed Dukas, Gallun's scientific pioneer of the future.

  35. The night was alternately a Stygian hole or a glare-lit holocaust full of battering vibrations which might mean that real battle had already begun.

  36. And a buck goat for sin, besides the things that are wont to be offered for sin, for expiation, and for the perpetual holocaust with their sacrifice and libations.

  37. A buck goat also shall be offered to the Lord for a sin offering over and above the perpetual holocaust with its libations.

  38. But when thou offerest a holocaust or sacrifice of oxen, to fulfil thy vow or for victims of peace offerings, 15:9.

  39. It is a holocaust of most sweet odour and an offering by fire to the Lord.

  40. Besides the holocaust of the first day of the month with the sacrifices thereof, and the perpetual holocaust with the accustomed libations.

  41. It is the continual holocaust which you offered in mount Sinai for a most sweet odour of a sacrifice by fire to the Lord.

  42. This shall be the holocaust for every month, as they succeed one another in the course of the year.

  43. The Levites also shall put their hands upon the heads of the oxen, of which thou shalt sacrifice one for sin, and the other for a holocaust to the Lord, to pray for them.

  44. And you shall offer a holocaust for a most sweet odour to the Lord, one calf of the herd, one ram and seven lambs of a year old, without blemish.

  45. In less than two minutes, however, the fire began to show itself and within fifteen the holocaust was at its height.

  46. It would be hard to imagine anything more thoroughly heart-rending, for the holocaust was of little children on a party of pleasure.

  47. With the page from two copies of the "Daily Mirror" the holocaust was over, and he unlocked the door again.

  48. But at last the holocaust was over, and she unlocked the door again.

  49. Hence, under the Old Law, the holocaust was offered, so called because the victim was wholly burnt, as we read in the first chapter of Leviticus.

  50. Wherefore one offering was made as a holocaust and another for sin.

  51. But I hoped in my heart that he had been dead when the end of the ship had begun to come, and that it were no reproach to me that he had perished: for to save his body from that holocaust was work no man might do.

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