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Example sentences for "damnation"

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damming; damn; damna; damnable; damnably; damnatory; damne; damned; damnedest; damneth
  1. But I have dishonored God, stumbled and grieved saints, made the world blaspheme, and, for aught I know, been the cause of the damnation of many.

  2. Shall Christ covenant with God for the salvation of sinners, and shall sinners covenant with hell, death, and the devil, for the damnation of their souls?

  3. Shall the world venture the damnation of their souls for a poor corruptible crown, and shall not we venture the loss of a few trifles for an eternal crown?

  4. Wherefore, such a one cannot go out of the world by himself; for as he gave occasion of scandal when he was in the world, so is he the cause of the damnation of many.

  5. Soul, I beseech thee be serious, and lay it to heart, and do not take things of such weighty concernment as the salvation or damnation of thy soul without good ground.

  6. His judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and his damnation slumbereth not.

  7. My thoughts on awful subjects roll, Damnation and the dead; What horrors seize the guilty soul Upon a dying bed!

  8. But vengeance and damnation lies On rebels who refuse the grace; Who God's eternal Son despise The hottest hell shall be their place.

  9. God has not called them, and for which they have neither inclination nor talents, and in which they would, perhaps, not only ruin their own souls, but contribute to the damnation of others.

  10. Each member becomes an instrument in the salvation or damnation of the others.

  11. The missionaries cited this as a parable of Christianity, which would save from damnation the convert no matter how fungusy he was with sin.

  12. They shouted for Doctor Funks, and drank damnation to the régime that let patriots surfer to profit les canaques.

  13. The elder Berselius, as if bent on the utter damnation of his son, kept him well supplied with money.

  14. Oh, my friends, is not that damnation indeed, to be a devil here on earth, and for aught we know, for ever and ever?

  15. He would agree that a man's being in a state of damnation means that the man is damned; why will he not agree that a man's being in a state of salvation means that he is saved?

  16. It is safe to say, therefore, that a Catholic cannot receive an education which would fit him to acquire distinction among scientific men in our day, without either incurring everlasting damnation or running the risk of it.

  17. Unpack this dynamite, and blow damnation out of those booms--the sortin'-gap first!

  18. It was play for him; it was death for her, and damnation for me.

  19. Uniform with "The Damnation of Theron Ware.

  20. The Diomede's shot Was damnation hot, She was several times in a blaze; It was not my lot To go then to pot, But I veow, I was struck with amaze.

  21. Forthwith her brother said to her-- "I offer you the precious Body of Jesus Christ, which you will take to your damnation if it be not as you say; and the gentlemen here present on behalf of my lord the Count shall be witnesses thereof.

  22. We shall have recognised the fact that a gospel which proclaims a sword and eternal damnation cannot at the same time be a gospel of good tidings, cannot bring "Peace on earth, goodwill towards men.

  23. The person to be saved from the horrors of eternal damnation in hell was to discipline himself to regular prayer, self-criticism, and hard work and to forsake worldly pleasures such as drinking, overeating, and even frivolous talk.

  24. The Calvinist God preordained salvation only for the elect and damnation and everlasting punishment for the rest of humanity, but the Puritans had an optimism about avoiding this damnation.

  25. He must live hated and alone in this world, and be prepared for damnation in the next.

  26. Causes of, in England, 285 Infants, Augustinian doctrine of the damnation of unbaptised, i.

  27. The close is almost invariably a terrible anathema, in which it is impossible not to discern the tones of human hatred, of arrogant triumph, of rejoicing at the damnation imprecated against the humiliated adversary.

  28. Shall I and my faithful friends be stoned here like prophets and martyrs, that our blood may cry to Heaven and call down the lightnings of eternal damnation upon his head?

  29. No, I was not willing presently to know the evil of sin, nor the damnation that follows upon the commission of it; but endeavoured, when my mind at first began to be shaken with the Word, to shut mine eyes against the light thereof.

  30. The hypocritical Pharisees were also of this religion; long prayers were their pretence, but to get widows' houses was their intent; and greater damnation was from God their judgment.

  31. Thus I say, being hot for heaven, by virtue only of the sense and fear of the torments of hell, as their sense of hell and the fears of damnation chills and cools, so their desires for heaven and salvation cool also.

  32. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body.

  33. At another the doctrine of eternal damnation is rejected as a matter of course.

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