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converser; converses; conversing; conversion; conversions; converted; converter; converters; converteth; converti
  1. Lupus, Lord of Bergamo, was a pagan, and Charles strove with him to convert him.

  2. By wrong in matters of mountain-climbing I mean anything which excludes the element of skill in that noble sport, and tends to convert it into mere gambling with hidden forms of death such as the ice-pit or the avalanche.

  3. This is no place for its exposition; but it will be evident that such a conversion brings the convert into touch with much older traditions of human freedom, as expressed in the family or the guild.

  4. John Quincey Adams of Massachusetts was the grandson of Washington's successor, but a professed convert to Democratic Republicanism--a man of moderate abilities, but of good personal character and a reputation for honesty.

  5. And if so, then know for certain that thou art as sure to be damned as if thou wast in hell already; if thou convert not in the meanwhile.

  6. The names of these two neighbours are admirably characteristic, not confined to any age or place, but always accompany the young convert to godliness, as the shadow does the substance.

  7. Those God did use us to convert We there with joy shall meet.

  8. This preservation will preserve the name of John Bunyan, a champion of our age to future ages; whereby it may be said in the pulpit, The great convert Bunyan said so and so.

  9. And when we stood side by side in the Rome of the Seven Hills, he made up his mind to share the seventh sacrament with a "convert girl.

  10. This renewal of calumny checked, for a time, his success; but he continued his preparations and arrangements for the Neuter mission and his endeavors to convert his persecutors to the faith.

  11. He too made earnest entreaties to be baptized, but the father subjected the convert to long delays and probations, and finally only bestowed the sacrament when death was imminent.

  12. But we know that agriculture cannot be profitable either there or where the heats of summer last just long enough to melt the snows on adjacent mountains and convert the soil to mud.

  13. An apostate Huron, who had been a convert of Father Brébeuf in the Huron mission, and had since been adopted by the Iroquois, was the first to signalize the zeal of the renegade.

  14. His words would convert the most hardened sinner.

  15. Some of them wish to convert her--but I have undertaken to divert her, which she will like better.

  16. He told Auckland he intended to turn out the Royal Family from the Palace at Delhi and convert it into a residence for himself.

  17. Some of the Protestants wished to reform those disorders, and convert the Sunday to a higher use.

  18. Young men inheriting wealth very rarely turn to any thing noble; they either convert their talents into gold, or their gold into furniture, wines, and confectionary.

  19. One or two of the rivers were operating on different cycles to convert human waste to usable forms so that it might reenter the cycles of food and air.

  20. At the far end of the second anchor tube, five miles off in space, was Project Hot Rod, the latest in the long series of experiments by which man was attempting to convert the sun's radiant energy to useful power.

  21. And what handle did we get hold of to convert that influence of self to our own advantage in moving this ship?

  22. He favours practical instruction, and in order to further this, he proposes to convert some of the unused pagodas into schools.

  23. By the aid of the lowest temperatures hitherto attainable it has only been possible to convert alcohol into a pasty mass.

  24. In the case of steam it is necessary to heat the water in order to convert it into steam, and to heat the steam to give it the power of expansion.

  25. This was the beginning of an alliance between Cambodia and the Philippines which lasted for many years, and which occasioned frequent military aid and many efforts to convert that country.

  26. From the time of Columbus, every fleet that sailed to gain plunder and lands for the Spanish kingdom carried bands of friars and churchmen to convert to Christianity the heathen peoples whom the sword of the soldier should reduce to obedience.

  27. The wounded are said to have been cared for, and the friars from all the religious orders vied with one another to convert these "Protestant pirates" from their heresy.

  28. To the missionaries of this age it seemed a possible thing to convert the great and conservative nations of China and Japan to the Western religion.

  29. Convert her doubts into a passionate certainty?

  30. You will scold me, I know, my good master, my protector, because I have seen the lady of a cardinal at the least, and I am weeping because I lack more than one crown to enable me to convert her.

  31. Nothing but hunger and hard rocks can convert him, and then but his upper deck neither; for his hold neither fears nor hopes, his sleeps are but reprievals of his dangers, and when he wakes 'tis but next stage to dying.

  32. He accosted some of all sorts, and gave them to understand, both in prose and verse, how incomparably happy it was in his power to make his mistress, but could never convert any of them.

  33. The Bishop of London sent this gentleman to the colony of Maryland for the purpose of devising plans to convert adult Negroes and educate their children.

  34. Frink, a missionary trying to secure a hearing in Augusta, found that he could neither convert the Indians nor the whites, who seemed to be as destitute of religion as the former; but he succeeded in converting some Negroes.

  35. If cynic minds you scarce convert You try them, shake them, or molest.

  36. Backed by their royal patron, the Missionaries undertook to convert Tahiti into a Polynesian Chautauqua.

  37. It was Carlyle’s conviction that with stupidity and a good digestion man can bear much: had Melville been gifted with stupidity, he would have needed only regular meals to convert him into a miracle of cheerful endurance.

  38. So if woolen clothing were to become dearer, there would be more money for the group that makes it, and this would include those who raise sheep and those who convert wool into cloth, as well as the garment makers themselves.

  39. We could convert them into marginal labor and capital.

  40. It was as impossible to convert the Barbarians as it had been to convert the Donatists.

  41. And naturally, the recent convert to Manicheeism did his best to indoctrinate and convert his patron--so far at least as a careless man like Romanianus could be converted.

  42. Carried away by the neophyte's bubbling zeal, elevated by his triumphs at the public meetings in Carthage, he meant to shine before his fellow-countrymen, and perhaps convert them.

  43. As personal or material questions made the great bar to an understanding, they promised that every Donatist bishop who turned convert should keep his see.

  44. It is true that the new Countess of Africa became a convert to Catholicism.

  45. Later on, his enemies were to accuse him of having become a convert from ambition, in view of the honours and riches of the episcopate.

  46. If God made use of Ambrose to convert Augustin, it is nevertheless likely that Ambrose personally did nothing, or very little, to bring about this conversion.

  47. About the middle of the 17th century the chief became a convert to Hinduism.

  48. Though the bank of Amsterdam doth very rarely, if at all, pay out money, yet whether every man possess'd of specie be not ready to convert it into paper, and act as cashier to the bank?

  49. This step, though merely a consequence of the physician's indiscretion, it was not difficult, of course, to convert into a serious charge of caprice and rudeness against the host himself.

  50. The power to convert the credit of the nation into revenue by such a policy, of which Hamilton boasted, was a power in which they thought no government could be safely indulged.

  51. Clay had been, in his youth, too much a man of the people to avow such a belief, but that he became a convert to it in after-life I have no doubt.

  52. Faverges would walk about the green, make inquiries as to their wants, and try to convert them to his own ideas.

  53. In order to excite themselves the better, they kept awake at night, fasted, and, wishing to convert Germaine into a more delicate medium, they limited her diet.

  54. They had taken off its hinges the door between the two rooms in which they did not sleep, and had condemned the outer door of the second in order to convert both into a single apartment.

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