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Example sentences for "disciple"

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discharges; dischargeth; discharging; dische; dischen; disciples; discipleship; disciplina; disciplinam; disciplinarian
  1. A freedman, disciple of Philo, in the reign of Adrian, by whom he was greatly esteemed.

  2. From Sinope he retired to Athens, where he became the disciple of Antisthenes, who was at the head of the Cynics.

  3. A disciple of Theophrastus, who gained such influence over the Athenians by his eloquence and the purity of his manners that he was elected decennial archon, B.

  4. A native of Greece, disciple of Polycarp, and bishop of Lyons.

  5. A celebrated grammarian of Samos, disciple of Aristophanes.

  6. He was a disciple of Socrates, whose lessons and example checked for a while his vicious propensities.

  7. The person to whom the saying was addressed was not Xanthippe, but was a disciple named Apollodorus, whose understanding was not equal to his admiration.

  8. Theodorus Cyrenaicus, who was probably a native of Cyrene, and a disciple of Aristippus.

  9. I thought also that Christ endured the contradiction of sinners; and as the disciple is not above his Master, I was glad to be in any way conformed to his sufferings.

  10. It was constructed from a plan of Tycho Brahe's favourite disciple Longomontanus, and was formerly used as an observatory.

  11. A certain disciple came to Christ and asked permission to go and bury his father.

  12. A third disciple said, “To perform worthy deeds in the Kingdom we must be further self-sacrificing.

  13. Finally a fourth disciple said, “There is still another aspect to our faith and unity.

  14. I would suggest that we should regard every foreign statesman, especially in Germany, as, consciously or unconsciously, a disciple of Clausewitz.

  15. And we must regard nearly every foreign statesman as, consciously or unconsciously, a disciple of Clausewitz.

  16. He was gregarious by nature, but there were times when he had to be alone, and it was because of this trait in his nature that he had taken up with the rod and reel, becoming a disciple of Izaak Walton.

  17. Here he studied Bayle and Voltaire, and became an ardent disciple of Rousseau.

  18. He was the disciple of a holy man annexed by a strong-willed old lady.

  19. Besides, I am just now disciple of a very holy man.

  20. If Kim had walked proudly the day before, disciple of a holy man, to-day he paced with tenfold pride in the train of a semi-royal procession, with a recognised place under the patronage of an old lady of charming manners and infinite resource.

  21. I am too old to turn disciple to the world!

  22. Corporal, with that sort of smile with which you see an old philosopher put down a sounding error from the lips of a young disciple who flatters himself he has uttered something prodigiously fine,--"Augh!

  23. I think your author is in a measure a disciple of Carlyle," said Champney.

  24. In this respect of careful execution the author resembles Tourgueneff, whose friend and disciple she is.

  25. But it would be hard if a devout and studious disciple were never to catch one passing tone of his master's habitual accent.

  26. These gentlemen liked him, though they felt occasionally that he was wont to lay down the law when the attitude of a disciple would rather have become him.

  27. Your friend is not a disciple of Mrs. Wade?

  28. As in medicine I had been the pupil of Broussais, so in metaphysics I was the disciple of Condillac.

  29. He was ready, at whatever expense, to help his young disciple in carrying it into full effect.

  30. He dined familiarly with Lord Kames, was the disciple and friend of Sir David Dalrymple, and passed long evenings with Dr.

  31. He wanted to go into the cave of Trophonius, and he went into that of Polyphemus’ (alluding to his being a disciple of Dr.

  32. Boswell entertained loose notions of religion, and Mr. Dempster was a disciple of David Hume.

  33. John covers himself always under the expression--"the disciple whom Jesus loved.

  34. No man can be a disciple of Jesus Christ without bearing His cross.

  35. But one day, one of the most prominent men in the place rose and said: "I want it to be known that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ; and if there is any odium to be cast on His cause, I am prepared to take my share of it.

  36. It is quite shocking to think that a disciple of the "poor Carpenter of Nazareth" has to subsist, and support his ten children, on such a miserable pittance.

  37. Mrs. Besant is also a patient disciple of the Masters--to wit, the Mahatmas.

  38. The priestess observes, "I have already engaged my disciple Buddharakshita for the purpose.

  39. His disciple is not so submissive, and reminds him that it was not to get mere civility that he was sent on this errand by his wife.

  40. Some boys, who had watched his want of success a long time, at last bought a few pennyworth of pickled herrings, and throwing them on the stream, allowed them to float down towards the eager disciple of old Izaak.

  41. The monastic retreat of St. Antony, the founder of Asceticism, attracted Hilarion, and he became his enthusiastic disciple for two months.

  42. St. Porphyrius, a Greek ecclesiastic, after living five years as a hermit in the Thebaid of Egypt, went with his disciple Marcus to Jerusalem, and finally became Bishop of Gaza.

  43. In Palestine, the hermit life was introduced by St. Hilarion, a disciple of St. Antony.

  44. But I will not follow the lead of the Athenians, inimitably great though they are in their own way, because I would fain be more than the ancients of Ilissus: a disciple and an Alexandrian.

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