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Example sentences for "discipleship"

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discharging; dische; dischen; disciple; disciples; disciplina; disciplinam; disciplinarian; disciplinary; discipline
  1. As God may help me I am going to set forth the evil effects of improper dress or an excessive discipleship of costume.

  2. A wider circle hears the terms of discipleship than heard the announcement of Christ's own sufferings.

  3. It was an apology for the slumber of the three; it is a merciful statement of the condition under which all discipleship has to be carried on.

  4. To slay the life of self is always pain, and there is no discipleship without crucifying 'the old man.

  5. It never pares down His requirements to make discipleship easier.

  6. He who 'straightway with joy' receives the word, will straightway, with equal precipitation, cast it away when the difficulties and oppositions which meet all true discipleship begin to develop themselves.

  7. One great hindrance to out-and-out discipleship is fear of what the world will say.

  8. With Marcion the mystery of the Christian religion dates from the discipleship of Luke.

  9. And again, conscious of the noble things that were his through the teaching of Christ, he confessed his discipleship in the divine virtue.

  10. Of course, discipleship does not in the first place depend on the health of a man, but everyone can endeavor to improve in this respect, and only from a healthy man may proceed a healthy perception.

  11. The end of discipleship is not reached until the Master's image and the Master's lot are repeated in the scholar.

  12. Discipleship is likeness to Jesus Christ in conduct.

  13. First, the condition of discipleship is set before them as being the fellowship of His suffering.

  14. There is no discipleship worth naming which does not, at least, attempt that likeness.

  15. There is no discipleship without self-denial, both in the easier form of starving passions and desires, and in the harder of yielding up the will, and letting His will supplant ours.

  16. But Mr. Arlen will not in so close a discipleship make the best of the talents which the very closeness of his discipleship shows him to possess.

  17. Secret discipleship does not fulfil love's duty to the world.

  18. Two of his secret friends performed such an important part at the close of his life, boldly honoring him, that the story of their discipleship is worthy of our careful study.

  19. Further, secret discipleship misses the fulness of blessing which comes to him who confesses Christ before men.

  20. This is the kind of discipleship which the Master demands.

  21. Yet it cannot be doubted that secret discipleship is incomplete.

  22. Secret discipleship is repressed, restrained, confined, and is therefore hampered, hindered, stunted discipleship.

  23. He never lowered the conditions of discipleship so that it would be easy for them to follow him.

  24. He saw that he did not know what he was saying, that he had not counted the cost, and that his devotion would fail in the face of the hardship and self-denial which discipleship would involve.

  25. Jesus had not refused his discipleship because of its impairment.

  26. Discipleship seems severe in its demands if even a sacred duty of love to a father must be foregone that the man might go instantly to his work as a missionary.

  27. In building a national individuality, as in building a personal individuality, there is always a period of discipleship under some older power.

  28. This is undoubtedly the result of the long and faithful discipleship under German methods, and need not be made much of in view of the tendency among a few masters toward original expression.

  29. When the rudiments and the essentials are once thoroughly mastered, the shackles of discipleship are thrown off, and personal expression in an original way begins.

  30. And to regard discipleship as out of the question because of them, would be mere dullness of imagination.

  31. A more plausible reason for putting discipleship out of the question was the strain of visionary excitement in Mordecai, which turned his wishes into overmastering impressions, and made him read outward facts as fulfillment.

  32. Felicia at once found herself in an atmosphere of discipleship that was like heaven to her in its revelation of companionship.

  33. The new discipleship in Raymond had proved to be so valuable in its results that he wished the churches in general to share with the disciples in Raymond.

  34. But the experience I have been through since last Sunday has left me so dissatisfied with my previous definition of Christian discipleship that I have been compelled to take this action.

  35. Is the test of discipleship any less today than it was in Jesus' time?

  36. But the result of an honest obedience to either pledge, he claims, will be practically the same, and he is not surprised that the largest numbers have joined the new discipleship from the Endeavor Society.

  37. Nothing but a discipleship of this kind can face the destructive selfishness of the age with any hope of overcoming it.

  38. The standard of their discipleship is, I am aware, not of a nature to respond to the call of suffering or personal loss.

  39. Are the Christians of America ready to have their discipleship tested?

  40. It was not like Henry Maxwell to define Christian discipleship in this way.

  41. Some of them I can give you so that you may see that this form of discipleship is not merely sentiment or fine posing for effect.

  42. Where was the discipleship that was obeying the Master's command to go itself to the suffering and give itself with its gift in order to make the gift of value in time to come?

  43. We have, unconsciously, lazily, selfishly, formally grown into a discipleship that Jesus himself would not acknowledge.

  44. Bruce and the Bishop, and Felicia plunged into the working out of her plan with the enthusiasm of her discipleship which every day grew more and more practical and serviceable.

  45. Paul himself is certain that his sense of power springs from discipleship to Jesus.

  46. II Not all men feel the need of the power which comes from discipleship to Christ.

  47. Only so are we learning discipleship to Christ and are beginning really to believe in the Christian God.

  48. He meant that riches may possibly keep their possessor from Christian discipleship and that one who seeks to satisfy himself with such wealth as keeps him from Christ can never enter the Kingdom of God.

  49. He followed Jesus to the palace of the high priest but hoped to conceal his discipleship and to be regarded as one of the excited crowd.

  50. He does demand, however, that each one shall give up anything which prevents open, honest discipleship and fellowship with himself.

  51. According to the statement of Christ, such obedience to him and such true discipleship as was shown by his followers results in a relationship with him more intimate and close than is secured by any human ties.

  52. Like most human things, discipleship has its good and its evil, its strong and its poor and dangerous side; but it really has, what is much forgotten now, a good and a strong side.

  53. He claims the obedience and discipleship of all men.

  54. Remembering the immediately preceding words, this saying seems to assure the disciples that the blessed recompense of the life of self-crucifying discipleship is not to be postponed to that future, but may be enjoyed on earth.

  55. So our Lord lays down in stringent words the law of discipleship as being self-sacrifice; the abandonment of the dearest, and the acceptance of the most painful.

  56. It were a mere frenzy of discipleship that would undertake by force of words to make straight these crooked ways or compel things incoherent to cohere.

  57. The praise and discipleship of men might no doubt have added a kind of pleasure to his way of life, but they could neither give nor take away what he most desired to have; and this he never failed of having.

  58. His devout Discipleship seemed nothing more than a mean Spanielship, in the general eye.

  59. Now, in considering the terribly evil consequences of the unequal marriage-yoke, it is mainly as bearing upon our discipleship that we are looking at them.

  60. Surely the heart would feel disposed to say, There is no use in seeking to hold up the standard of practical discipleship and personal devotedness any longer.

  61. It is dishonoring to God, destructive of spiritual prosperity, utterly subversive of discipleship and testimony, and entirely hostile to domestic peace and blessing.

  62. Thus much as to the question of the unequal yoke in its influence upon the life, the character, the testimony, and the discipleship of the child of God.

  63. Theirs was a true discipleship in an evil day.

  64. Does my discipleship multiply His powers of expression?

  65. Discipleship in which there is no death can never be truly alive.

  66. Does my discipleship offer my Lord a limb?

  67. There are false shepherds who can subtly mimic the Good Shepherd, and in my early discipleship I am liable to be deceived.

  68. Simply because he has led more persons to make a public confession of discipleship to Jesus Christ than any other man for a century past.

  69. The similarity of thought and feeling between the sermon on the mount and the Epistle of James is not readily explained by the influence of master over disciple, since the days of James's discipleship began after the resurrection of Jesus.

  70. It was for them that much of his instruction of the multitudes was doubtless primarily intended; they needed above all others to count the cost of discipleship (Luke xiv.

  71. It is hard for us to realize how great a novelty such simplicity was in John's day, or how much originality it required to attain to this discipleship of the prophets.

  72. And this only high and profitable form of study and discipleship can set before itself, even in the work of Shakespeare, no pattern so perfect, no model so absolute, as is afforded by the style or manner of his second period.

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