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difficult; difficultate; difficulte; difficultes; difficultie; difficultly; difficulty; diffidence; diffident; diffidently
  1. Great difficulties have been experienced in the classification of the European Devonian, and the uncertainties thus arising have tended to throw doubt on the results obtained in America in circumstances in which such difficulties do not occur.

  2. It is not surprising that great difficulties have occurred in the determination of fossil Algæ.

  3. The difficulties attending the ordinary theories of evolution as applied to plants have been well set forth by the same able botanist in his "Presidential Address to the Geological Association in 1877," a paper which deserves careful study.

  4. No use piling up all my difficulties on them first thing.

  5. It was not until the two horses were cautiously feeling their way down the perilous trail, and Ross saw far below him the shacks of Miners' Camp that some of the difficulties of his sudden venture began to present themselves to him.

  6. Ross's brief letters from Dry Creek had shown Ross, Senior, that he had no real knowledge of the nature of the difficulties into which he had sent his son.

  7. And if you should chance to be in camp on the Fourth of July, you would realize fully the difficulties that Ross had to contend against in the vast snowfalls.

  8. He surveyed Ross's clean-cut, clear-eyed face as it bent above a second and brighter letter, one that ignored or made light of the difficulties oppressing the boy.

  9. The great success and rapid growth of the system prove, however, that these difficulties are, in some tolerable degree, overcome.

  10. Whatever be the difficulties of the first of these two forms of Socialism, the second must evidently involve the same difficulties and many more.

  11. Of this nature is the interest of national debts, which is the cost a nation is burthened with for past difficulties and dangers, or for past folly or profligacy of its rulers, more or less shared by the nation itself.

  12. The difficulties of the plan consist in the skill and trustworthiness required in the managers, and the imperfect nature of the control which can be exercised over them by the body at large.

  13. What is incumbent on us is a calm comparison between two different systems of society, with a view of determining which of them affords the greatest resources for overcoming the inevitable difficulties of life.

  14. If practical trial is necessary to test the capabilities of Communism, it is no less required for those other forms of Socialism which recognize the difficulties of Communism and contrive means to surmount them.

  15. Then, too, I had never cultivated expression; because my profession did not require it, and I wrestled with great difficulties whenever I tried to express my thoughts.

  16. Some of them would have been very successful if he had stayed in them; but he scarcely encountered the first difficulties in them before he threw them aside, abandoned them.

  17. No matter what task was set them--no matter what the difficulties and privations to be encountered--all was overcome by that unfaltering determination and unswerving loyalty which carried them triumphant wherever the fates called them.

  18. Here our difficulties began with daylight, as we were in full view of the Turkish positions and within easy range of their guns, with the result we were not allowed to move about outside the trenches during the day.

  19. Corps, who were advancing up the coast, and this neck was not more than five or six miles wide; but in spite of all difficulties he managed to get most of his infantry and some of his guns away.

  20. The difficulties in the case of the speaker are similar, but less marked, as his range is so much more limited as regards pitch.

  21. If all would remember that the mouth is best opened by simply dropping the lower jaw, passively, in the easiest manner possible, the difficulties some students experience would disappear.

  22. This noise is largely due to the difficulties of sounding consonants, the breath breaking against the vocal organs, especially the teeth, lips, etc.

  23. I made difficulties and put off speaking of the matter, for I knew that the new and admirable self I was making would turn, under family eyes, into plain rag-doll.

  24. Having thus got clear of the difficulties which beset him on the threshold of his mission, Gordon had to prepare himself for those that were inherent to the task he had taken up.

  25. Natural difficulties retarded the advance of the expedition.

  26. But the difficulties were such that Gessi was almost reduced to despair of the capture of that leader, and as long as he remained at large the rebellion could not be considered suppressed.

  27. The difficulties of evacuation will be enormously increased, if, indeed, the withdrawal of our garrison is not rendered impossible.

  28. Having measured the position and found it bristling with unexpected difficulties and dangers, Gordon at once regretted the promise he had given his own Government in the message from Ceylon.

  29. But the slave question in Egypt was many-sided, and bristled with difficulties to anyone who understood it, and wished to mete out a fair and equable treatment to all concerned.

  30. But having made up his mind, such trifling difficulties were not likely to deter him.

  31. But Gessi's difficulties were far from removed by this victory.

  32. Its combinations enabled us to describe any conceivable object; but, though this was a splendid result, I saw that I should soon encounter unheard-of difficulties in executing it.

  33. Owing to the little time at my disposal, the difficulties connected with these new experiments would have been insurmountable had I not found a mode of practicing without neglecting my business.

  34. Thus insulting his grown-up children, among whom a flame of indignation lighted up, partially burning away their difficulties between themselves, Colonel Kingsward half carried his wife to the carriage.

  35. He might tell it, perhaps, to his mother, and there was a possibility of help there; though even there a hundred difficulties existed.

  36. The similarity between some of the difficulties presented by the arts of spelling and of punctuation seems worthy of notice at this point in our discussion.

  37. Mr. Garrison admits that the more the difficulties of the art of punctuation are faced and considered, the fuller becomes our understanding of the principles which do underlie the convention that makes punctuation correct or faulty.

  38. The book's primary aim is not to convince the skeptic, but to solve the difficulties of the best-thinking men.

  39. The book's primary aim is, not to convince the skeptic, but to solve the difficulties of the best-thinking men.

  40. Our next sentence, which is from Balzac, will illustrate the points we are considering, and also show the difficulties the punctuator meets in the punctuation of language which he may not change: 61.

  41. As the difficulties in punctuation arise largely from the subtle relations between groups of words into which all language, often the simplest, is divided, the study of punctuation becomes in reality the study of language.

  42. At length they had overcome so many difficulties that the road behind them fairly bristled with dangers, and the young man felt it would be an act of cruelty to send the boy back to encounter them alone.

  43. Here conversation was interrupted by the difficulties of the road, for they had reached the mass of fallen debris that blocked Job Taskar's way a little later.

  44. After having so well surmounted all the little difficulties of the day, his horse stumbled over a sand hillock, and this inglorious somersault was the result.

  45. Indeed it is hinted that there is no desire that the difficulties should be diminished.

  46. As she got to the northward the difficulties of the navigation increased.

  47. Thank you, sir, thank you," answered Gerald, his sanguine temperament making all difficulties vanish.

  48. To meet you again I have gone through difficulties and dangers which would otherwise have appeared insuperable; and can you be so cold-hearted as to regard with indifference a love so ardent and true?

  49. The same difficulties beset the path of the sentimental genius in this respect, as those which afflict the career of a genius of the simple order.

  50. That consequently it behooved the Spanish court to assist in extricating the French king from difficulties into which the latter had been brought simply by the march of the Spanish troops.

  51. The question of the king's personal visit to the provinces was now again mooted, and all the difficulties which had formerly been raised on this head appeared to vanish before the present emergency.

  52. The difficulties and dangers which would attend a journey to the Netherlands must, therefore, have been peculiarly alarming to his natural timidity and love of ease.

  53. There are plenty of parties travelling thereabouts with lots of gold, boys, and difficulties enough in the way of hunting us out o' the stronghold.

  54. Neither will I," said Fred, who had come to the conclusion that total silence would be the easiest way of getting over the difficulties that filled his mind in regard to deception.

  55. She realised the many difficulties and dangers of the unknown; she looked to the future; she turned to her own home, and with an affection all the more felt because of the trial to which it was now exposed.

  56. Spoiling is a vexed question, but as a rule people get so much stern justice from all the rest of the world that it seems well that their parents should love and comfort them in youth for the many disgraces and difficulties yet to come.

  57. She took Idella with her and went back to Rome, accomplishing the whole affair so smoothly and rapidly that she wondered at herself for not having thought of such a simple solution of her difficulties before.

  58. It had a very practical sound; it was really like meeting the difficulties on their own ground, and it overcame the question of taste which was rising in Annie's mind.

  59. It is probable that we shall have to give it gigantic dimensions, but, however great our difficulties might be, our industrial genius will easily overcome them.

  60. It was then that the practical difficulties would have seemed insurmountable to any other country but America; but there they were looked upon as play.

  61. The most simple preparations for this great experiment, the questions of figures it provoked, the mechanical difficulties to be solved, all excited popular opinion to the highest pitch.

  62. Maston did not yet doubt of his ultimate success, but his companions, who were no longer intoxicated with the animation of the first few hours, already took in all the difficulties of the enterprise.

  63. But lastly, supposing that all difficulties be solved, all obstacles cleared away by uniting every chance in your favour, admitting that you reach the moon safe and well, how shall you come back?

  64. Neither pen nor language could relate the difficulties of every kind that the American engineers had to overcome, and the prodigies of audacity and skill that they accomplished.

  65. The astronomical, mechanical, and topographical difficulties once removed, there remained the question of money.

  66. But what is the use of the good results of such studies and so many difficulties conquered?

  67. In the meantime the work regularly advanced; steam-cranes speeded the carrying away of the rubbish; of unexpected obstacles there were none; all the difficulties had been foreseen and guarded against.

  68. We can understand entirely the difficulties of your position, and that you shall possibly be watched at the present juncture.

  69. Nobody knows better than I the difficulties in the path of a Roumanian Prince who endeavours to attain what is right; they will not discourage your Highness, though they may defer the realisation of your hopes.

  70. The question of the commercial treaties is on the high road to an immediate solution, the only difficulties are matters of detail.

  71. To crown the difficulties of the Prince's position information reached him on December 18 that the railway contractor was unwilling or unable to pay the coupon of the bonds due on January 1.

  72. Austrian and French Press; the anti-dynastic and separatist movement in Moldavia, fomented by Russia: all these contributed to increase the difficulties which beset the path of the young ruler.

  73. Bratianu replied that no difficulties would ensue if the war met with the approval of the guaranteeing Powers, but that this consent must be clearly and definitely expressed.

  74. Sturdza was sent to Berlin to lay the difficulties of the situation before Prince Bismarck, whilst Prince Charles Anthony turned to the aged Emperor William.

  75. Napoleon declared that no one could understand the difficulties of Prince Charles's position better than he, for to rule a Latin race was no easy matter.

  76. King George pointed out the difficulties caused by the patriotic excitement of his people, whose longing for war was so strong that they expected him to fight Turkey without money, troops, ships, or allies.

  77. No doubt their difficulties were caused in part by their own improvidence, but they were increased by the prevailing scarcity of money.

  78. Ford informed him of my arrival in the Pine Woods three days before, of the sad plight I was in, and of the difficulties and dangers I had encountered.

  79. Everything, apparently, was moving along swimmingly, until Sunday afternoon, when Waddill called at Northup's room to express his apprehension of difficulties they had not expected to encounter.

  80. If on the contrary the conditions were seriously imposed and really meant anything, a number of difficulties spring up of which we shall presently speak.

  81. The supernatural elements could have presented no difficulties to him.

  82. At times it seemed that she sought an opportunity of resenting a conduct which she could not but feel as offensive, considering the frankness with which she had mentioned the difficulties that surrounded her.

  83. These questions and difficulties pressed on my mind with an interest which was greatly increased by the impossibility of resolving them.

  84. Yet the sense of pecuniary difficulties arising behind, before, and around him, had depressed his spirit, and the almost paternal embrace which the good man gave me, was embittered by a sigh of the deepest anxiety.

  85. You have requested me, my dear friend, to bestow some of that leisure, with which Providence has blessed the decline of my life, in registering the hazards and difficulties which attended its commencement.

  86. But heavy rains, the difficulties of the country, and the good intelligence which the Outlaw was always supplied with, disappointed their well-concerted combination.

  87. This scruple I also settled as young men settle most difficulties of the kind--I would be very cautious, always on my guard, consider Miss Vernon rather as a companion than an intimate; and all would do well enough.

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    affliction; aggravation; annoyance; blight; bummer; care; cross; curse; difficulties; difficulty; distress; embarrassment; hardship; insolvency; irritation; plight; predicament; pressure; rigor; static; straits; stress; trial; tribulation; trouble; vicissitude