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aille; ailleurs; ailment; ailments; ails; aimable; aimait; aime; aimed; aiment
  1. It is the constant aim of the enemies now in armed rebellion against the Union, to misrepresent the North upon this very point.

  2. The great aim of such an institute should be the aiding of industrial progress, and the application of generous, intelligent culture to practical pursuits--the whole to be based on exact science.

  3. The aim of the people runs not in the narrow channel of mountain-stream, but with the broad tide of the ocean.

  4. The professed aim of these States is either a reconstruction of the Constitution in a way that shall nationalize slavery and give it supreme control, or a forcible disruption of the Union.

  5. They aim for a reconstruction of the Union that shall incorporate the Dred Scott decision into the whole policy of the Government and make slavery the supreme power of the country, and all other interests subservient to it.

  6. They went home thoughtful and happy, since the steady elevation of Margaret's aim had infused a certain unexpected greatness of tone into the conversation.

  7. This aim was distinctly apprehended and steadily pursued by her from first to last.

  8. Study, conversation, society, friendship, and reflection on the aim and law of life, made up her biography.

  9. This aim of life, originally self-chosen, was made much more clear to her mind by the study of Goethe, the great master of this school, in whose unequalled eloquence this doctrine acquires an almost irresistible beauty and charm.

  10. So much, however, of intellectual aim and activity mixed with her alliances, as to breathe a certain dignity and myrrh through them all.

  11. The aim was to secure as many hours as practicable from the necessary toil of providing for the wants of the body, that there might be more leisure to provide for the deeper wants of the soul.

  12. Either it must be made a distinct aim or wholly abandoned.

  13. His aim was law; his work within easy distance; his object, some plainly visible and appreciable satisfaction.

  14. The aim of the Baconian philosophy was to supply our wants.

  15. The writer's aim evidently was to deliver what he had to utter, in language of exact outline, and with the utmost economy of words.

  16. The former aim was noble; but the latter was attainable.

  17. The aim of the Baconian philosophy was to provide man with what he requires while he continues to be man.

  18. The aim of the Platonic philosophy was to raise us far above vulgar wants.

  19. It is on this ground that I sympathize with what is called the 'Transcendental Party,' and that I feel their aim to be the true one.

  20. Brevan had done this; and therefore he must aim at something different from that marriage of which he spoke.

  21. Brevan had really, when he appeared before her, no other aim but to drive her to despair?

  22. What other mysterious aim could she have in view?

  23. She could not doubt that this Megsera pursued some mysterious aim with all her foolish talk; but she could not possibly guess what that aim could be.

  24. Daniel rushed in feverish haste, like an escaped convict, headlong on, without aim or purpose, solely bent upon escaping.

  25. However imperfectly I have succeeded, I have set this aim of helpfulness steadfastly before me in every proposal I have made for changes in our marriage laws and in the hindering laws which regulate personal conduct.

  26. Never can the Jewish wife and mother come to seek personal pleasure as the chief aim in marriage, or delight greatly in expressing her own individuality in spiritual union.

  27. The farmers, who waited at Bunker Hill until the whites of the enemy's eyes were visible in order to insure a good aim against troops firing in volleys, lived again in the hunters of the South at New Orleans.

  28. One speaker cited the history of the ancient world to prove that the protection of industries and the establishment of manufactures was a very proper aim of government.

  29. There was a more practical aim in the associations than the adoption of resolutions.

  30. The chief aim was the creation of wealth.

  31. In the preceding chapter, working toward the happy ending, I have brought my characters to the verge of felicity: the perfect union between minorities and majorities, which is the aim of all social order, is in sight.

  32. Had not Mr. Morgan by buying art suggested the one aim of pioneering on a grand scale might not be life's sole end?

  33. The essential unity which is not to be found in our government of divided powers existed in the single engrossing aim of the public.

  34. And serious manhood from the towering aim Of wisdom, stoops to emulate the boast Of childish toil.

  35. His aim was to restore the monarchy to all its former dignity and stateliness, secured and not weakened by constitutional limitations.

  36. It was, to his mind, a guarantee for the restoration of the Church, which it had been the central aim of his late master, as it was his own, to accomplish.

  37. It struck a deadly blow at that ideal of the royal dignity which it was Hyde's chief aim to restore.

  38. But a falling statesman is an easy aim for slander, and it was whispered that the Clarendon collection was enriched by oppressive means.

  39. Clarendon's aim was by no means to place the Crown in a position of financial irresponsibility.

  40. All found in this sorry affair, precisely the most favourable means of promoting the one aim which held them together--the undermining of Clarendon's power.

  41. A low cost of the raw materials of life and of labour is the great end and aim of their policy.

  42. The schemer at once discarded from his project all further aim on Violante: either she would be poor, and he would not have her; or she would be rich, and her father would give her to another.

  43. All human activities besides are one of these two things,--either the mere aim at an external end, or the mere outcome of an inner feeling.

  44. How far has this aim been visibly realized?

  45. Once, their aim appeared to be a noble possibility, struggling still and unrealized, but unrefuted.

  46. Their interest in dogma is not intellectually active, or provocative of any proselyting zeal, and is subservient to the practical aim of giving territorial action to the religious institutions under their charge.

  47. To straighten, to comfort, and to heal: this is the aim of his life too.

  48. I, I--my desire--the aim to which my life was devoted.

  49. But when Neforis finally pointed to the door, she said, with all the cold pride she had at her command when she was the object of unworthy suspicions: "Your aim is easily seen through.

  50. This aim he kept constantly in view; his spirit hungered for peaceful days in which he might act on the resolution he had formed in church and fulfil the task set before him by the Arab governor.

  51. Nay, it is the sole aim and end of my life," cried the girl.

  52. I will rely on myself to seek the truth--and do what I feel to be right and good; this, henceforth, shall be the lofty aim of my existence.

  53. His trifling with Heliodora could but divert him from the high aim he had set before himself.

  54. He laid his hand with firm determination on the wealth in his charge and would not allow her another solidus for the sole and dearest aim of her life.

  55. He advanced as close as possible to the ravine, followed by his-son Kasper and a few mountaineers; and, leaning against a tree, he raised his gun deliberately and took aim at the tall officer with the fair mustaches.

  56. This flight was but the work of a moment: the instant Kasper took aim for the second time, the tail of the last horse disappeared in the bushes.

  57. Then old Materne would take aim with his rifle, but the ill-omened bird would immediately take flight with dismal croakings, and the old hunter's arm fell helpless by his side.

  58. But while young Phoebus pleased himself to view His furious Knight destroy the vulgar crew, Sly Hermes long'd t' attempt with secret aim Some noble act of more exalted fame.

  59. I fret in my gizzard, yet, cautious and sly, I wish all my friends may be bolder than I: 10 Yet still they sit snug, not a creature will aim By losing their money to venture at fame.

  60. Though the poet were as sure of his aim as the imperial archer of antiquity, who boasted that he never missed the heart; yet would many of his shafts now fly at random, for the heart is too often in the wrong place.

  61. Yet must they ne'er obliquely aim their blows; That only manner is allow'd to those 121 Whom Mars has favour'd most, who bend the stubborn bows.

  62. Had not his life henceforth a single aim that nothing must turn him from?

  63. The direct aim of art is the expression of infinite beauty under a created form, and hence a true work of art should elevate the soul to the contemplation of heavenly beauty.

  64. In a like sense says Bufalmacca: “We aim at naught else than to make saints by our frescoes and pictures, and by so doing, in spite of the devils, to make men more devout and better.

  65. The aim and despair of his life is to give to this ideal a form and a sensible expression.

  66. The lines aim at nothing less than at once to condense and illumine the most pregnant epoch of modern times, the eighteenth century.

  67. You certainly cannot fail to perceive that a reformer in this department would be the aim of dangerous machinations.

  68. We shall merely aim in a general way, while preserving the metre, to sketch the outlines of the central thought.

  69. To aim at this mystic unison, to strike one note from feeling and from circumstance, is legitimate and delightful.

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