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Example sentences for "contemplate"

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contemner; contemnere; contemners; contemning; contemns; contemplated; contemplates; contemplating; contemplation; contemplations
  1. Again, however, the bravery of the rank and file was the only feature which the country could contemplate without indignation.

  2. It is startling to contemplate the responsibility so lightly taken by the mad wretch who shortly and sharply severed the most important life which any man was living on the fourteenth day of April, 1865.

  3. Wise and cool-headed men, in a frame of mind to contemplate the situation as it really was, saw that the tide was about at its turning, and that the Union would not drift away to destruction in this storm at any rate.

  4. Black men shooting down white men was a spectacle which some who were friends of the black men could not contemplate without a certain shudder.

  5. It seems incredible that a ribbon-knot, the color of a robe, or the form of a head-dress, could become a capital matter for an intelligent creature destined to contemplate with the angels of heaven the majesty of God.

  6. They are delighted to go with Jesus on Mount Tabor and contemplate Him in the splendor of His glory; but when there is question of participating in His ignominy on Calvary they most shamefully abandon Him.

  7. Look well at these leaves I lay before you; but having read them throw the volume away, and contemplate the man himself.

  8. At a distance, while its attendant circumstances do not press upon their notice, its results are dimly seen, they can bear to contemplate it.

  9. The lover of Nature can nowhere find a solitary nook to contemplate her beauties.

  10. I mean you contemplate our possible exertions in Italy with more pleasure, merely because its dismembered state would probably keep it more under our sway--in other words, more at our mercy.

  11. They dared neither question him nor contemplate him; they stood in the shadow of that Presence as beneath the burning rays of a tropical sun, fearing to raise their eyes lest the light should blast them.

  12. Look, behold, contemplate me yet a moment longer, for never again wilt thou see me, save imperfectly as the pale twilight of this world may show me to thee.

  13. Do not depreciate any pursuit which leads men to contemplate the works of their Creator!

  14. Labor to attain this solitude of soul, and thou shalt become fit to search thine own heart, and to contemplate that variety of wonders and mercies which God has bestowed upon us.

  15. Contemplate again the life of Jesus, who did not so much as open his mouth against his enemies, nor pour forth any bitter and vehement speeches, but gave blessing and life to those that hated him.

  16. Contemplate the nature of the divine Spirit, who appeared in the form of a dove (Matt.

  17. Hence the soul may, further, contemplate the infinite love and condescending mercy of the Heavenly Father, most wonderfully displayed in our Crucified Saviour.

  18. On the other hand, the pure and divine soul shall forever contemplate in itself the presence and kingdom of God, whom it shall forever see as He is, and by virtue of its union with him, possess and enjoy him as its own forever.

  19. Contemplate the life and doctrine of the blessed Jesus, and thou shalt own that nothing can be more opposed than he and the world.

  20. It is then that we contemplate in Christ the heart of our Father in heaven.

  21. The same goodness of God discovers itself in all his creatures; in which, as in a glass, we may contemplate the wonderful riches of divine mercy: "The earth is full of the riches of God.

  22. We ought, therefore, according to his command, to contemplate these glorious works of his hands, and learn thence to admire and adore the power and wisdom of him who made them.

  23. He sat down opposite to her, and by the feeble light of the candle placed on a small table between them could contemplate at leisure the ravages wrought by poison on her wasted features.

  24. No, he could contemplate these thugs about him now without that hopeless sinking of the heart; he could even withstand torture with fortitude born of hope.

  25. He went to bed with the stark corpse, and awoke to contemplate with satisfaction a new image, a brooding, soulful brunette.

  26. One cannot contemplate the world-structure without recognizing the excellent orderliness of its arrangement, and perceiving the sure indications of the hand of God in the completeness of its relations.

  27. But did you ever seriously contemplate such a sacrifice as that would have involved?

  28. Even had I been still a newspaper man I should have hesitated to take the responsibility of publication; and as it was, I did not contemplate such a step for an instant.

  29. One has but to contemplate the life-work of Titian to see how little religious feeling, in the Florentine or mystical sense of the term, there was in his art.

  30. We have only to contemplate the works of his contemporaries, and those who immediately preceded him, to imagine what a profound sensation this young man created in Antwerp.

  31. And it spoke much for the long training of his thought in the dissecting and destroying of transitory desires that he was presently able to contemplate his loss--as he still must absurdly term it--with an icy tranquillity.

  32. I am glad to know that you contemplate the army for a pursuit.

  33. Does anybody contemplate such a qualification to the elective franchise, in the case of black people or white?

  34. So far as I know they contemplate nothing of the kind now.

  35. It certainly gave me "cold feet" to contemplate his outfit.

  36. Tell him what sort of a trip you contemplate and he will advise you.

  37. And I contemplate these four hard stone hearts, curiously moved by this striking coincidence.

  38. In the Dane's studio (the dog guards it no more) we stand and contemplate a picture of Popoffsky painted two years ago.

  39. Contemplate that, you railroaders and travelled folk of to-day.

  40. Still President Underwood can contemplate his locomotives hauling three times their old loads over it.

  41. Mr Benson was bitterly oppressed with this interview; it disturbed the peace with which he was beginning to contemplate events.

  42. Ruth, sleepless, weary, restless with the oppression of a sorrow which she dared not face and contemplate bravely, kept awake all the early part of the night.

  43. I subsequently came to contemplate your existence with a pleasure which I never derived from the contemplation of my own.

  44. He looked like a well to do groom, and was contemplating his companion much as a groom might contemplate an exceptionally fine horse.

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