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desiderated; desideratum; desiderio; desiderium; desier; designate; designated; designates; designating; designation
  1. The church of St. Francis at Assisi (1226) has generally been accepted as the first instance in Italy, and it was soon followed in the design for the church of S.

  2. In 1475 he sculptured the beautiful monument to the Doge Pietro Mocenigo, a grand design with seventeen life-sized figures carved in Istrian marble.

  3. Comacine knot such as one sees on every Longobardic church, placed beneath a very Byzantine geometrical design in which circles, crosses, triangles, and three-fold knots are marvellously intermingled.

  4. The work not proceeding satisfactorily it was suspended, and on Pietro Lombardo's death even his design was lost in some mysterious manner.

  5. Fergusson[95] thus describes it--"Its antiquity is manifested by the rudeness both of its design and execution.

  6. On August 5 the grand united council of twelve Masters and the whole lodge was held, when the proportions for the columns were decided, and Francesco's design for the chapel approved.

  7. It was only the stock design of the inferior masters, when funds did not allow of payment for richer work.

  8. Enrico da Gamodia, as he is written in the books, was but lately returned (ritornato) from Germany, and had offered himself to design and work in the building of the Duomo.

  9. Every inch of the whole design is foliated and rich to a degree--as beautiful a bit of Gothic sculpture as any German or English cathedral can show, but yet the work of pure Italians, and men of the Comacine Guild.

  10. To see the earliest signs of a wider scheme of design we must go to the region of Parma.

  11. They abandoned the design of putting him and his companions to death, and from that moment treated him with the utmost friendship.

  12. Such is our present case, that we are fighting for all that is near and dear to us, while our enemies are engaged in the worst of causes, their design being to subjugate, plunder, and enslave a free people that have done them no harm.

  13. They differ from every archaic school of former design in this evident correspondence with an imagined reality.

  14. In presenting to the fraternity a work on the Principles of Masonic Law, it is due to those for whom it is intended, that something should be said of the design with which it has been written, and of the plan on which it has been composed.

  15. Beauregard's design were made by three Miss Carys (Constance, Hetty and Jennie) of this area and sent to Gen.

  16. A model of the original Payne's Church can be found in the design and construction of the present chapel at Truro Episcopal Church in Fairfax.

  17. Minnes there, he and I walked to look upon Backwell's design of making another alley from his shop through over against the Exchange door, which will be very noble and quite put down the other two.

  18. He did carry on the design of the Portugall match, so much to the prejudice of the Crown of England, notwithstanding that he knew the Queen is not capable of bearing children.

  19. Minnes and I homewards calling at Browne's, the mathematician in the Minnerys, with a design of buying White's ruler to measure timber with, but could not agree on the price.

  20. Batten being gone out of town; but I did it out of design to get some oranges for my feast to-morrow of her, which I did.

  21. It was not improbable, therefore, that she had carried, or was about to carry, this design into execution.

  22. The hasty marriage somewhat surprised Madame Dardonville, as well as the design of the European convention.

  23. My whole design was to examine the wound which I supposed to have been given by the robber, and which I really believed to have caused the Jarocho's death.

  24. There was no time to be wasted in idle emotions, and De Hauteroche, entering at once into the design already sketched out, we speedily prepared ourselves to carry it into execution.

  25. I entered the tent with the consciousness of a design that was not honourable.

  26. I deny that I had any design beyond--any thought more dishonourable.

  27. I lost no time in dismounting from my horse, with the design of taking possession of my prize.

  28. Through a commission to design cartoons for the Spanish manufactories of tapestry, he was brought into contact with the Court.

  29. And if a conscious design on the nerves of the multitude frequently entered into his work, it was, as a rule, veiled by captivating beauty and excellence of painting.

  30. The picture "Jupiter and Thetis," of 1811, is put together after a design on a Greek vase, and represents in its studied archaism the AEginetan period of his art.

  31. Their benevolent design was in part frustrated by the sudden, and, as it seemed, unpremeditated movement of Macer in tearing down the edict.

  32. But my design is not to write her eulogy, or to recite the wonderful story of her life.

  33. Here it stands, between Aurelian with the populace on his side, and the Christians, or whatever religious body or sect there should be any design to oppress or exterminate.

  34. At this, the people were not a little astonished, and many who were near me hesitated not to say, "that there might be some design of the gods in this.

  35. You may wonder that there should be such uncertainty respecting a great design like this.

  36. Lowther Lodge is said to "exhibit very well the merits of the best order of "Queen Anne" design of the domestic class"; its successors are much more efflorescent.

  37. With the beginning of the nineteenth century the change came, and architectural design in England completely changed.

  38. But it was doubted "whether it will be possible to secure unity of design in defence so long as the War Office and the Admiralty are separately represented in the Cabinet.

  39. The next step is a water color design in the actual colors to be employed.

  40. The cost of these color plates for each design is at least five dollars, but usually more, as high as $25.

  41. Sometimes the artist's design is made around a sample of the actual materials, though usually the color idea is developed first and the goods to be used in the garments considered later.

  42. It happened that a workman employed in the building of a house for which Gimblet had provided the design was found murdered in circumstances as peculiar as they were sinister.

  43. When she broached her idea to him she had her design prepared, down to every detail.

  44. The steps of his strength shall be straitened, And his own design shall ruin him.

  45. That such was Mill's design in the main is apparent on internal evidence, and it was the internal evidence that first struck me.

  46. He does not deny that an Inductive Logic might be useful as a supplement, but apparently he had not then formed the design of supplying such a supplement.

  47. When, however, that design seriously entered his mind, consequent upon the felt need of a method for social investigations, it was Whately's conception of Induction that he fell back upon.

  48. The modality may be treated as part of the predicate without in any way obscuring what it is the design of the syllogism to make clear.

  49. Truth to tell, it had been the design of Honora to capture all the children, and so incidentally to reach to Paul himself; but Moira stood in the way.

  50. Old Paul was upon his hands and knees working out an elaborate design with fir cones; he looked up at the apparition and straightened himself, and got ceremoniously to his feet, treading out the design as he moved.

  51. When the Indians design to impound deer, they look out for one of the paths in which a number of them have trod, and which is observed to be still frequented by them.

  52. North; so that a capital error, or a wilful design to mislead, must have taken place.

  53. He assured me that the man was in perfect health when he heard of my design against him; but almost immediately afterwards became quite gloomy, and refusing all kind of sustenance, in a very few days died.

  54. Their demoniac design is already known from their conversation,--nothing more nor less than to murder O'Gorman in his sleep!

  55. This pleasant design had been frustrated by the flukes of the whale; which, though destroying many other things, had, unfortunately, not injured their appetites.

  56. As it was deemed proper enough, his design was to be retained,--only the construction was to be on a larger scale.

  57. It now became a question as to whether they should proceed any further in the design of rowing the raft to windward.

  58. They might have accomplished their atrocious design in various ways.

  59. Something besides: for it now occurred to Snowball that the cunning zygaena was trying to pass him, with the design of making a razzia towards the helpless party in his rear.

  60. Ben only waited for the return of his breath; and as soon as that was fairly restored to him, he once more set about the design that had caused him for the second time to climb upon the back of the cachalot.

  61. The sailor was equally suffering from the loss of the former; and both remained for a good many minutes without taking any further steps towards the accomplishment of the design which had brought them on the back of the whale.

  62. There was design in the arrangement; and in the midst of the circle of empty hogsheads might have been seen the contriver of this curious craft.

  63. The book contains 296 pages, printed from new, large type on good paper, bound in paper cover with attractive design in colors.

  64. Fate" contains over 450 pages of solid reading matter, printed in large type on good quality of paper, bound in paper covers with attractive cover design in two colors.

  65. The Ashes of Love contains nearly 450 pages of solid reading matter, printed in large type on good quality of paper, bound in paper covers with attractive cover design in two colors.

  66. The book contains 270 pages, printed from new, large type on good paper, bound in paper cover with attractive design in colors.

  67. A WOMAN'S SOUL contains 326 pages of solid reading matter, printed in large type on good quality of paper, bound in paper covers with attractive cover design in two colors.

  68. Very admirable design is possible under these conditions, but few modern pictures of the Indian Phoebus are admirable either in suggestion or accomplishment.

  69. Sir Charles Napier's Sindh camel corps seems to have been the most complete in design and equipment, and in every way worthy of that great soldier's genius.

  70. The above trains, being so large in size, and attractive in design and coloring, form an excellent subject for a window piece or inside display attraction; and so exhibited create for themselves a ready sale.

  71. The decoration is a beautiful flower design on burnt in shaded tint.

  72. Full celluloid, embossed with scroll design and large rose in natural colors; fitted with mug and brush.

  73. An attractive design in a low priced combination blackboard desk.

  74. Full celluloid, tinted in two shades, top embossed fancy design and spray of flowers in natural colors, crepe lined; fitted with white comb, brush and mirror.

  75. Each piece of following lines has above emblem design in addition to decoration mentioned.

  76. Queen's Ware," a new and striking emblem design comprising a portrait of the Queen and each Provincial Coat of Arms, all in bright colors.

  77. A large size three compartment box polished in brilliant green color with fancy top design in gold and colors, 1 dozen in package 2 40 =ROLL TOP.

  78. A new and striking rainbow design in enamel finish; metal back, hinges and corner pieces; leather handles 12 00 Toy Tools.

  79. Their Original Design and Subsequent Use.

  80. The design of this game is recognized as "practical business.

  81. The red pattern is a restoration of the old design which was found on the removal of the whitewash, but the restorer seems to have missed the right tints.

  82. They are thus later additions to the original design of the front, and make it more difficult for us to realise the effect that was first intended.

  83. A parapet, different in design and inferior to that of the church itself, finishes the building.

  84. Indeed, there may be differences of opinion as to the general design of the west front, but there can be none as to the supreme excellence of its detail.

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