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Example sentences for "dismounting"

Lexicographically close words:
dismissing; dismission; dismist; dismount; dismounted; dismounts; disna; disobedience; disobedient; disobey
  1. To hear is to obey,' replied I and, dismounting from behind him, walked on till I came to the city, the walls whereof I found of brass.

  2. Dismounting from his horse he rang the bell, which was quickly answered; and desiring the servant to inform Mr. Compton that a gentleman wished to speak to him, he remained in the porch.

  3. A little higher there was a bed of blue flowers peering from among the luxuriant shrubs; they had familiar faces,—he stopped, and dismounting ran to them.

  4. Dismounting I ran to the cottage door and flung it open.

  5. The two hasten'd on: and presently I heard the one they call'd "Sam" dismounting in the yard.

  6. Another exploded a shell among the crew of the Alabama's pivot gun, killing half of them and dismounting the piece.

  7. In the afternoon there was a lively artillery duel, and the National forces held their own, dismounting a Confederate gun, exploding a caisson, and causing the enemy to withdraw at dusk to a camp two miles away.

  8. And without dismounting from their horses, they formed a circle round the grotto.

  9. Accordingly the Bedouins stopped in a sunken pass, and dismounting from the saddles, proceeded to untie the packs.

  10. Guinea-fowls again appeared in such numbers that Stas shot at them without dismounting from his horse, and in this manner got five, which more than sufficed for one meal, even counting Saba.

  11. It occurred to me that, by dismounting and walking for a distance, I might recover warmth and wakefulness.

  12. Those who carry them are dismounting to load.

  13. His shining skin was a trophy not to be despised; and, dismounting on the spot, with my hunting-knife I secured it.

  14. He imagined he saw an ill-appearing horseman with a greasy hat entering the courtyard, treading the marble flags and, dismounting from his mare, pointing a carbine at him for being a babbler and a coward.

  15. The rider was dismounting before the door.

  16. Dismounting from my horse I opened his tent door and looked in and saw the old chief lying on some robes.

  17. Almost the very first person I saw after dismounting from my horse was Slade.

  18. He was a first-rate horseman, and all his shooting was from the saddle, or by dismounting for the shot after he had run his game to bay.

  19. Pinned above and on either side, by dismounting I could neither hope to escape nor to kill my opponent.

  20. Dismounting my men, we received the savages with a heavy fire, which brought them to a halt with some damage and more or less confusion.

  21. He heard the voice of Ilaria as, dismounting without the aid of her companion, she requested a cup, having taken a sudden fancy to drink of the sparkling water.

  22. I will await him here," said the newcomer, dismounting and leading his steed to a small plot of pasture, where the grass was tall and untrodden.

  23. It ended by his dismounting and giving his horse to Hubert, with directions to take both their animals round to the stable-yard, and there keep them under saddle and bridle.

  24. Nor was there any dismounting among the rank and file rearward, save where some trooper whose girths had got loosened took the opportunity to drop down and tighten them.

  25. Sancho asked him the reason of this sudden dismounting and tying.

  26. Nevertheless, he started down, dismounting after a little way.

  27. There was another horse with another man, who was in the act of dismounting on the far side.

  28. Dismounting from his horse, he knelt before her, as to a saint.

  29. The greatest peril, after all, was from the possible dismounting of our gun, in which case we should have been very apt to lose it, if the enemy had showed any dash.

  30. Presently the officer reappeared and walked straight to the barn, a trooper dismounting to follow him.

  31. She passed the Colonel, who was dismounting just outside his tent, and saluted him without enthusiasm: "The leak is stopped, sir.

  32. You will find the colonel in this tent, captain," said he, dismounting and drawing some papers from his pocket.

  33. Then came a tramping of hoofs, as if a small body of cavalry was making its way through the bushes, and a minute afterward Rodney could look through the open door and see half a dozen men dismounting from their horses.

  34. Half an hour later, in a darkness which equaled that of the night on which he had carried the limp and drink-saturated Clay Levins to his wife, Trevison was dismounting at the door of the gun-man's cabin.

  35. For, instead of dismounting and going into a saloon or a store, Trevison had urged the black on, past the private car, which he had examined leisurely and intently.

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