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Example sentences for "dismounted"

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dismisses; dismissing; dismission; dismist; dismount; dismounting; dismounts; disna; disobedience; disobedient
  1. The General dismounted and clambered to the entrance, followed by his staff officer.

  2. On Tuesday morning he dismounted by the door of the Foundry, having left it just two months before.

  3. General de Lisle and his two companions dismounted and proceeded on foot, instructing me to "be careful and get home safely.

  4. Motor 'buses moved the men back, as they had brought the dismounted troopers up.

  5. Dismounted attack, trench digging, musketry instruction, bomb-throwing classes, and all manner of miscellaneous tutelage progressed steadily.

  6. There she dismounted and humbly begged the old witch who lived there to give her some food.

  7. Several squadrons of Cossacks dismounted and approached the foe on foot, and soon the fighting became hand to hand.

  8. Therefore they dismounted and, turning their horses loose, they continued their journey on foot.

  9. Then he dismounted and tied his horse to a sapling.

  10. They had dismounted that they might approach the enemy with less danger of being heard.

  11. Ten minutes later the Cossacks, their ranks thinned by four, returned to where their leader had dismounted beside the lads.

  12. Weseloff advanced to the dismounted cavalier, who, as he expected, proved to be the Khan.

  13. Two of the four were dismounted at the very instant of Weseloff's arrival; one of these he recognized almost certainly as the Khan, who was fighting hand to hand, but at great disadvantage, with two of the adverse horsemen.

  14. The frown still narrowed Harlan's eyes when they rested upon the horseman; and his brows were drawn together with unmistakable truculence when Haydon dismounted near the corral fence.

  15. Haydon did not linger to talk with the men, though; he dismounted and entered the cabin, where, an instant later, he was talking with Deveny.

  16. Then, still menacing the Deveny men with weapons, he had dismounted to face Deveny--where he had been when Barbara Morgan had recovered consciousness.

  17. When the T Down men rode up to the corral gate they dismounted and surrounded Harlan.

  18. Then she closed the gate and turned to Harlan, who had dismounted and was standing at Purgatory's head.

  19. As he dismounted and trailed the reins over the head of his beast he cast a sharp, critical eye over Purgatory.

  20. The sun was between the two huge mountains at the western end of the big valley when Harlan dismounted at the patio gate and dropped, tired and dusty, to the bench upon which Barbara sat.

  21. Then for the first time since he had dismounted from Purgatory, Harlan's eyes lost their wide, inclusive vacuity.

  22. Had Linton seen what occurred when Harlan dismounted he would have ceased to speculate over certain phases of the relations between the man and the girl.

  23. His horse leaped with the stern word he spoke to it, bringing him swiftly to the gate, where he dismounted and threw open a door that led into the house.

  24. She remembered that while she had been at the window, watching Harlan when he had dismounted in front of the sheriff's office, he had seemed to make a favorable impression upon her.

  25. When he dismounted from his horse and walked toward Harlan there was about him an atmosphere that suggested carefulness.

  26. The Saracens when dismounted or wounded still fought on foot, their object being always to stab or hough the horses, and so dismount the riders.

  27. With each sweep of his axe the king either dismounted a foe or clove in the head of his steed, and a wall of slain around them testified to the tremendous power of their arms.

  28. He dismounted for an hour to allow his steed to rest itself, fed it with dates from his wallet, and gave it a drink of water at the stream.

  29. The litter was lowered, and as he dismounted from his horse his daughter sprang out and leapt into his arms.

  30. The small-arm fighting was confined to the head of the enemy's column, deployed as skirmishers, with some dismounted men or infantry, it is not certain which.

  31. As they came nearer, they dismounted and led their horses to a clump of trees on the eastern side of the tank and a half a mile away.

  32. When he dismounted he was deluged by a flood of congratulations and good wishes, and was besieged by a small army of newspaper men, each anxious to get Bert's own account of the race.

  33. The day drew into dusk, dusk changed to darkness, and Bert dismounted long enough to light his lamp and was off again, streaking over the smooth road like a flying comet.

  34. Three long crevasses crossed the glacier, one of which was dangerous so we dismounted and jumped it, holding the horses by the bridle to let them jump it.

  35. Illustration: Glacier Covered with Fresh Snow on the Volcano] After riding some distance we came to a small glacier, and dismounted to cross a creek at its mouth.

  36. We dismounted at a primitive blacksmith shop where the cholo boy was apparently known, and carried our grips inside.

  37. Illustration: Source of the Paraguay River] At the pool Huber never dismounted from his pony, but sat leaning over in his saddle resting his head on his hand.

  38. The young constable in charge ran through the building and met him dismounted at the back.

  39. Cairns and Cameron, dismounted (while the trooper sat aloof with Howie in the saddle), were at high words about their prostrate prisoner.

  40. I had dismounted and was beating the scoundrels back with the butt end of my gun, begging, commanding, abjuring them to desist, when a Hudson's Bay youth swayed forward and fell wounded at my feet.

  41. Presently, they became wildly unmanageable; and when we dismounted to blindfold them and muffle their heads in our jackets, they crowded and trembled against us in a frenzy of terror.

  42. Michel dismounted and the pair entered a little thicket of osiers, in the middle of which stood a willow, to which Michel tied his horse.

  43. Then he dismounted and rapped at the door.

  44. Hull loomed big and heavy, and it was evident from the minute he dismounted that he meant business.

  45. So he dismounted and, tying his horse to the spring fence, he stepped through the gate and picked up the rusted tin cup and dipped it in the cold mountain water.

  46. Occasionally he dismounted and examined the tracks of horses.

  47. So soon as he dismounted he looked round, but there was no one to whom he could give his horse to hold; for at Carmen, especially in the Poblacion del Sur, it is almost a miracle for two persons to meet.

  48. When a certain distance off, he dismounted and put his ears to the ground.

  49. The ladies dismounted on the bank of a stream and four men, with their rifles on their hips, remained with them.

  50. The four friends, while conversing, had ridden on, and at this moment dismounted in front of the toldo, which they entered, after hobbling their horses and placing food before that of the newcomer.

  51. At one stage of their journey Tad dismounted and began examining the ground.

  52. Next they gave an exhibition of rescuing a dismounted companion, jerking the boy up from the ground while the rider's horse was at full gallop.

  53. Chunky very reluctantly shouldered an axe, after they had dismounted and removed the lashings from their packs, and after some delay they heard an occasional whack of the axe, then silence.

  54. And look out that you don't get sidewiped and dismounted by any of those low-hanging vines.

  55. He dismounted and gave the reins to the Turkish youth.

  56. When they dismounted they tethered the horses to a bush or tree, or sometimes hobbled their forelegs, and turned them loose for a while.

  57. He went through the town till he stopped before the house of an old Baron, Sir Bernard of Astolat, and as he dismounted from his horse, the King spied him from the gardens of the castle.

  58. Then King Arthur and Merlin dismounted from their horses and tied them up safely, and went into the barge, and when they came to the place where the arm was holding the sword Arthur took it by the handle, and the arm disappeared.

  59. Slowly he dismounted from his horse and laid himself painfully on the ground, making, in a loud voice, the confession of his sins.

  60. This decided, they rode through the gates of the town, and dismounted from their horses.

  61. Margetts was nearly falling off his horse with pain, so he dismounted and was bandaged by the Medical Officer.

  62. My only contretemps here was that, having when halfway to Croƻtoy dismounted Catley and lent his horse to a Staff officer, I never saw the horse or my kit on him again.

  63. While they thus strove together behold Tyolet, who had come thither in haste and had dismounted without the hall.

  64. The two, so fair to look upon, had gone forward to the palace, and dismounted before the dais whereon King Arthur was seated.

  65. When Guingamor dismounted he beheld the ten knights who had gone forth to chase the boar, and been lost from his land.

  66. But Sir Gawain went his way back to court and dismounted within the hall.

  67. She dismounted before the king that all might behold her; she had let her mantle fall that they might the better see her beauty.

  68. But as he would go to his aid there came riding two fair maidens, well and richly dressed, who dismounted beside Guingamor, and blamed him much, and reproached him for that he had so ill kept his lady's command.

  69. The woman dismounted quickly but a little stiffly as though from cold or fatigue, and fastening her horse's reins with numb, gloved fingers hastened up the steps to the living room door.

  70. He came upon her as she dismounted near the big cedar against the rocks.

  71. She dismounted and spread out her luncheon upon the paper in which it had been wrapped, kneeling down on a grassy plot near the creek.

  72. He dismounted and walked over the carpet into the house, and when he entered the room there stood the girl blushing like any rose.

  73. Having a very kind heart he dismounted and soon set the prisoners free, and in the water once more.

  74. The Prince dismounted and put his ear to the ground.

  75. Then I doffed my sombrero to a gay young officer in advance of a well-appointed troop of cavalry, and, with horses white with foam, we dismounted at the outer garita of Guadalajara.

  76. We had not proceeded much beyond the city, when the roads became so exceedingly slippery over a clayey soil, and our progress so tedious and dangerous, that we dismounted at a rancho, and were compelled to remain until near noon.

  77. Without going to the quarters, I turned my horse's head towards the town, and soon dismounted at the house.

  78. At sunrise we dismounted a minute, for coffee, at a small village, with an unpronouncable jaw-cracking Indian name.

  79. Cracking my whip a little savagely, I crossed the verdant slope of a hill, and dismounted at the gate of a walled garden, having, a dilapidated and venerable habitation within.

  80. Armour-plated shields had been rent like paper, guns of immense size been dismounted and hurled aside like straws.

  81. The irregulars dismounted and, having hobbled their horses, joined the others around the fires.

  82. I escaped with a very slight kick from one of the other horses, and leaving my beast to take care of himself, ran as fast as I could to where Isaacs lay, now surrounded by the six players as they dismounted to help him.

  83. I saw when he had dismounted that he was tall and straight, though not a very heavily built man.

  84. I dismounted with the rest and walked up to bid Miss Westonhaugh good-night.

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