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  1. It is perhaps rather Buggiano's hand than Donato's we see even in so beautiful a thing as this, which Donatello may well have designed.

  2. In his hand is a branch of olive, and on his brow an olive crown.

  3. Before the tomb in the pavement is a plaque of marble also from the hand of Desiderio, and here Gregorio Marsuppini, Carlo's father, lies: other similar works of his you may find here and there in the church.

  4. His companion, on the threshold of old age, divines his trouble and lays a hand on his shoulder quietly, as though to still the tumult of his heart.

  5. Thus it was, hand in hand with Eros, that I mounted the broken steps of the tower of Venus, his mother.

  6. He descended into hell; the third day He arose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

  7. He descended into hell: the third day He arose again from the dead: He ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

  8. Were Adam and Eve innocent and holy when they came from the hand of God?

  9. Adam and Eve were innocent and holy when they came from the hand of God.

  10. In heaven Christ sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.

  11. What do you mean by saying that Christ sits at the right hand Of God?

  12. When I say that Christ sits at the right hand of God I mean that Christ as God is equal to His Father in all things, and that as man He is in the highest place in heaven next to God.

  13. He stretches out his hand and JOHN takes it.

  14. He goes to her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

  15. She rises and puts out her hand as though to ward off a blow.

  16. All through my life I’ve been conscious of the hand of God shaping the destinies of man.

  17. It was as though an unseen hand had pulled back a dark curtain of clouds and he saw before him, not night and a black coldness, but a path of golden sunshine that led straight to the arms of God.

  18. Had I waited to pass it from hand to hand of the attendants it would have been gone.

  19. The boy nearly snatched the flowers out of Joe's hand in his eagerness to get them, and putting them to his face he kissed them in his delight.

  20. His mother scolded a little, but the stranger boy put up his thin hand reprovingly, as if he could not bear to have Franz rebuked, and then they all laughed, for they all loved Franz.

  21. Before this adventure he would have probably frightened it away, but now he reached out his hand softly and stroked its feathers, then seeking berries, he placed them where the little creature could feast upon them.

  22. Claus, in the kindest tones, putting out his big fat hand to caress her.

  23. See, here is a dried blossom;" and she put in his hand a small white flower like an immortelle, though Florio thought that it looked as if it were made of flannel, it was so soft and woolly.

  24. Slung over one shoulder was a leather bag, and in his hand was a curious sort of a tool.

  25. I shall never try my hand at those again; and you, if you are wise, will be contented to let Nature remain her own chemist.

  26. It is pure oxygen; we manufacture it, and here is a lump of pure carbon which we also manufacture," and he laid in Leo's hand what looked like a drop of dew.

  27. Then she tucked a pillow behind him, and did all so gently that Phil took her hand and kissed it--it eased his pain so to have just these little things done for him.

  28. The grateful little kiss on her hand had gone deeply into her heart.

  29. The six slaves who carried the purses he ordered likewise to march before him, three on the right hand and three on the left.

  30. Neither the sultan nor the grand vizier, who had forgotten Aladdin and his request, had the least thought that he had any hand in the strange adventures that befell the bride and bridegroom.

  31. After which Haroun al Raschid declared that he would give his own heart and hand to Zobeide, and offered the other three sisters to the calenders, sons of sultans, who accepted them for their brides with much joy.

  32. I immediately arose, and taking a torch in my hand passed from one chamber to another, on that side from whence the voice proceeded, until looking through a window I found it to be an oratory.

  33. I kissed the ground; and laying my hand upon my head, signified that I was ready to receive that honor.

  34. Judge what was my surprise, when I awoke, to see standing by me a black woman of lively and agreeable features, who held in her hand two dogs of the same color, fastened together.

  35. As soon as the emperor saw the dish of cucumbers set before him, thinking it was stuffed in the best manner, he reached out his hand and took one; but when he cut it, was in extreme surprise to find it stuffed with pearls.

  36. He thrust his hand into the bosom of his uniform and pulled out a crumpled paper, ‘See!

  37. I saw freedom and union like simple things, things to be held in the hand as well as in the heart; necessary, elemental, homely things.

  38. One of the acolytes lifted a hand and stole a berry.

  39. She laid her hand on her breast with a curious, passionate gesture.

  40. The Baas laid his hand lightly on my arm.

  41. Let me--let me hold on to your hand for a minute.

  42. She wheeled and looked after us, her hand still at her breast, her body swaying from side to side.

  43. Our monastery is saved through the hand of a stranger and an enemy.

  44. A mechanician spun the propeller and dropped from sight; the motor churned nervously; Lieutenant Douka lifted his hand and signalled that all was satisfactory.

  45. I held in my hand the thing which could destroy Mont César!

  46. The man clattered over to her and laid his hand gently on her shoulder.

  47. Her hand flew to her breast with the old gesture.

  48. She waved her hand in the direction of Gheel.

  49. His hand shook, his eyes rolled, so that even the sentry was terrified and tried to hide behind old Piet and me.

  50. That definition requires that the Manxman had no hand in naming Man.

  51. God forbid that I should grudge the factory hand his breath of the sea and glimpse of the gorse-bushes; but I know what price we are paying that we may entertain him.

  52. I must confess to you at the outset that I am not much of a hand at grave history.

  53. Billy standing in the pew with my paper in his hand the wrong way up.

  54. I remember a child, a girl, who twenty years ago had a birth-mark on her face--a broad red stain like a hand on her cheek.

  55. You can give me the glad hand to-night, mister," he cried.

  56. With a final wave of his hand he sprang into the car, and a moment later the two golden cones from the headlights shot through the darkness.

  57. After a short, final struggle he was hoisted, still bound hand and foot, into the spare seat of the little car.

  58. Betty had reached out her hand to knock again when it occurred to her that people who came to her father's office walked right in.

  59. As he said good-bye, he crushed Betty's hand in a bear-like grip that fairly brought tears to her eyes.

  60. Oh, dear, I hate endings," said Betty, waving her hand to Eleanor.

  61. She settled herself once more, a cake of chocolate to nibble in one hand and her book in the other, resolved to endure the rest of the journey with what stoicism she might.

  62. There's been a big blizzard and an awful freeze-up in the west--" he waved his hand at the frosty window.

  63. Then she moved nearer and stretched out her hand to take Eleanor's free one.

  64. Come and get some fudge and see the sleight-of-hand stunts in the swimming tank," whispered Madeline.

  65. As far as her information about "The Tendencies of the Modern Drama" was concerned, Betty Wales might quite as well have been enjoying herself at "The Hand of Fate.

  66. For answer Miss Ferris only gave the hand she held a soft, friendly little squeeze.

  67. It ran an employment agency, a blue-print shop, and a second-hand book- store.

  68. She actually had the nerve to write--to hand one in?

  69. Isn't 'The Hand of Fate' a modern drama, I should like to know?

  70. Her right hand had red, white, green, purple, and magenta marks all over it, and her left hand looked like the Fourth of July.

  71. Yesterday morning, while Peaches and I were at breakfast, Elsie meandered in, bearing in her hand a wedding invitation which Herman had forwarded to her from Plainfield.

  72. Lizzie wore a new lid, trimmed with prairie grass and field daisies, hanging like a shade over the left lamp; she had a grouchy looking grip in one hand and a green umbrella with black freckles in the other.

  73. Enter the Duchess, so proud and haughty, with a rolling pin in one hand and a guide to the city of New York in the other.

  74. In the lobby the furniture was covered with men about town, who sat around with a checkbook in each hand and made faces at the cash register.

  75. I guess so; I was always a good hand at machinery," Uncle Gilbert answered.

  76. Nan gave a squeeze to the hand that had sought hers and the two went in together.

  77. No doubt Mrs. Craig will have something on hand for to-day.

  78. This young man had come up with Neal Harding, and it is to Eleanor's credit that she managed to hand him over to Jack rather than to accept his escort for herself.

  79. Nan slipped her hand into her Aunt Helen's.

  80. He held her hand while the others crowded around for a last farewell.

  81. No, I shall hand him over to Carter and let him find somebody to bring him up in the way he should go.

  82. At a word from her mother the little black-haired child came forward and held out her tiny hand to Miss Helen, who as eldest of the party deserved the most respect.

  83. I feel as if this were something like a sleight-of-hand performance when they let doves out of little boxes and rabbits from pockets.

  84. The gift was passed from hand to hand and was pronounced a prize worth having.

  85. Little slips of paper were tucked into the hand of first one and then another by Jack.

  86. Therein lies the secret of all power: the velvet glove and the iron hand may be an old saying, but it is a truth never old.

  87. Now, when we meet again by pure hazard in the same country house, you do me the honor to offer me your hand after eight years.

  88. He kisses the hand of Madame Sabaroff with ardor and reverence: he has known her in her own country.

  89. There are curtains to the pew, and nobody sees him except the Babe, who takes fiendish rapture in catching big flies and releasing them from a careful little hand to alight on his father's forehead or nose.

  90. Every man's hand would be against her; every child would point at her as the woman who had been accused of the assassination of her husband.

  91. I love you," says Brandolin; then he kisses her hand with great reverence.

  92. He feared every instant to have the hand of the law upon him.

  93. I saw her first standing with a knot of roses in her hand under a cedar-tree, at one of their afternoon clubs on the river.

  94. To love her is like plunging one's hand in cool spring-water on a midsummer noon.

  95. Gesualdo, with a strong shudder of disgust, held up his hand in horror and reproof, then bent over the dead body where it lay among the reeds.

  96. After a long absence he came out again bearing in his hand an envelope smeared with enough finger prints to convict the whole underworld, but neatly addressed in typewriting to: miss?

  97. In his hand he carried what looked like a small club, but proved on closer examination to be a mailing-tube.

  98. Sube," he said, extending his hand in which money could be seen, "I want to reimburse you for that haircut you got yesterday.

  99. He made his way into the clump of willows, where he lay for a time and rested while Sport licked affectionately at his hand whenever it came near enough for his rosy tongue to reach.

  100. At the term "ever-glorious" Gizzard's hand was poised in air.

  101. As Sube recovered his balance he paused, and passed a bewildered hand over his head.

  102. All lent a hand except Cathead, who discreetly remained in the background.

  103. Sube raised his eyes to the speaker's hand and beheld a tennis ball with the unaccustomed advantage of a cover.

  104. He had time for the utterance of just one angry bleat in the direction of Willum Edson, when Nature took a hand in the conflict and let fall one of her torrential spring downpours.

  105. Five cents, I suppose," said the showman loudly as he pressed an unexpected nickel into Sube's hand and peered into the barn.

  106. Every member of the company took a hand in it.

  107. And doubtless if they had taken a hand the stablemen would have driven them off.

  108. If you are going to sit here and hand out chunks of gloom all the evening, I think I'll go home.

  109. For nearly an hour he was forced to wait in an agony of mind and body, until his turn came, and his thoughts were the thoughts of a man upon whom the hand of death has already laid its icy touch.

  110. He waved his hand to West as the latter turned into Wall Street.

  111. With Alice and Edith at her side, a houseful of expensive and competent servants to gratify her slightest wish, with Donald on hand only over the week ends, she felt that her cup of blessedness was once more filled to the brim.

  112. She came up to him, and put her hand affectionately upon his arm.

  113. She put her hand upon his arm, and there were tears in her eyes.

  114. You are a brick, Billy," he said, gripping his hand at parting.

  115. Her sister passed her hand over her forehead and shivered slightly, glancing as she did so at the door of the adjoining bedroom.

  116. She placed her hand upon the door-knob, and turned it.

  117. Now, since it appeared that the only disposition of the letters that Brennan intended to make was to hand them over to her, she could scarcely believe that she had understood him aright.

  118. She put her hand on his arm, the tears streaming down her face.

  119. A wealthy New England spinster with the most elaborate plans for the education of the negro goes to visit her nephew in Arkansas, where she learns the needs of the colored race first hand and begins to lose her theories.

  120. Donald passed his hand unsteadily across his eyes and turned away.

  121. You've held the whip-hand from the first.

  122. He dropped the hand in time to see a nervous flush in the other's face.

  123. Just once his hand stroked her soft hair, then, catching himself, he went to the opposite side of the narrow table and sat down.

  124. He crushed MacDonald's hand in a grip that meant more than words when they parted.

  125. As he raised a hand to his aching head, his other closed tightly about Jean's lithe brown fingers.

  126. The smile that came to his lips as he held out a hand to Howland gave to his death-white face an appearance even more ghastly.

  127. Then he walked to the door, shot back the bolt, and, with his right hand gripping the butt of his pistol, flung it wide open.

  128. This time she responded with an emphatic negative shake of her head, at the same time pointing with her free hand to the well-defined trail that wound up from the ferry landing into the forest.

  129. When they were ready to start Jean turned slowly and half reached out a mittened hand to the engineer.

  130. Instead it was a hand fumbling at the door.

  131. Then a hand caught his arm, clutching at it almost fiercely, and he turned to meet the girl's face, white now with a strange terror.

  132. In his admiration for the wolfish looking beasts that were carrying him through the wilderness Howland put out a hand to stroke one of them on the head.

  133. A London thief, pickpocket, highwayman--anything he could turn his dishonest hand to, and he was run to earth in this house some eighty years ago.

  134. The provision of military stores on hand will be laid before you, that you may judge of the additions still requisite.

  135. These materials are on hand subject to the further will of the Legislature.

  136. It is also one of the indications that his attention was alert in many matters in which his hand was not seen.

  137. Lincoln was right, and so from their own point of view, that of men not brave or wise enough to take in hand a difficult social reform, were the leaders who declared immediately for secession.

  138. One of his prisoners describes how he held out to the last; a dead son beside him; one hand on the pulse of a dying son, his rifle in the other.

  139. Many Americans have been disposed to trace in the raising up of Lincoln the hand of a Providence protecting their country in its worst need.

  140. Thus he early had a hand in the removal of the capital from Vandalia to Springfield in his own county.

  141. In one hand it held a gun; the other was bent above its eyes in eager scrutiny of some distant point beyond and east of the spot where the children lay concealed.

  142. His right and left hand neighbors were, however, engaged in a drawling conversation on the comparative merits of San Francisco sandhill and water lots; the jocular occupants of the middle seat were still engrossed with the lady.

  143. A powerful hand caught his shoulder; it was Mr. Peyton's.

  144. And as the boy turned back with a broken heart towards the corridor, his cousin laid his hand upon his shoulder.

  145. Then laying his hand on Clarence's shoulder as he reined in at his side, Flynn broke the silence.

  146. This they repeated two or three times until both themselves and the excitement were exhausted, and they again plodded on hand in hand.

  147. Seated before Father Sobriente in the infirmary, with swollen and bandaged face, and eyes that still seemed to see everything in the murky light of his own blood, Clarence felt the soft weight of the father's hand upon his knee.

  148. He never sought me, came near me, or stretched a hand to me that I could take?

  149. All in a twinkling he saw how he might profit by the spider's teaching, and clapped his hand across his mouth to keep from shouting out his joy so that the dwarfs could hear.

  150. Thou heart and hand of mine, keep tryst-- Keep tryst or die!

  151. Then Ederyn, with his hand upon his heart, made solemn oath.

  152. Oh, heart and hand of mine, keep tryst-- Keep tryst or die!

  153. But when he sought his bed, and threw aside his outer garment, there on his coarse, rough shirt of hodden gray a pearl gleamed white above his heart, where the wraith's cold hand had touched him.

  154. Thou heart and hand of mine, Keep tryst-- Keep tryst or die!

  155. Not deeds of prowess are required of these true followers, with no great conquests doth he tax them, but they must prove themselves trustworthy, until on hand and heart it may be graven large, 'In all things faithful.

  156. Some, who have gone on far crusades to alien lands, and there with heart of gold and iron hand have proved their fealty to the Crown.

  157. Pressing the old man's hand in gratitude (he could say no word for the strange fulness in his throat that well-nigh choked him), he rose from his knees and left the hall to muse on what had passed.

  158. I stood leaning down with my hand on the stone, and thought: "Now the enemy cannot delay coming.

  159. Thrusting his hand into a sort of portfolio in the side of the bag, he drew out a handsome miniature, surrounded with a circle of gold in the shape of a watch, but larger.

  160. We went down into the dungeon full of stench, and saw in the right-hand corner a figure gathered in a heap on the straw.

  161. I reached out my hand to him, and rose; we embraced each other like brothers.

  162. When anybody comes to impose upon you I will be on the spot; I will pay the bills and hand you the account.

  163. I have never forgotten that boy; he raised himself from time to time, and showed his hand as black as soot: he had a ball in the back, and his hand was half gone.

  164. Winter began to walk toward the postern, with his hand on the deserter's collar.

  165. And I answered: "We were slaves in Egypt, my child, and the Lord brought us forth with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm!

  166. He laughed aloud, and gave me his hand to help me to rise.

  167. But in a moment he relaxed, and laying his hand on my arm, he exclaimed: "To think that you are Jews!

  168. She probably knows less of those things which women learn than the English girl, but that which she does know is nearer to her hand for use.

  169. Now Fritz was the boy who ran messages and swept out the office, and Madame Heine put out her hand for the parcel, thinking, not unnaturally, that it was for her.

  170. He was alone with Isa frequently, for neither father, mother, nor Isa herself objected to such communion; but yet things so went between them that he could not take her by the hand and tell her that he loved her.

  171. She pressed her daughter's hand and sighed, and then the two said no more upon the matter.

  172. She paused before she replied, leaving her hand in his, for he was contented to hold it without peculiar pressure.

  173. She can therefore give him her hand without trepidation, and talk with him for half an hour, when called on to do so, as calmly as she might do with his sister.

  174. Then she went, giving him her hand as she parted from him; and he, as she left the room looked anxiously at her, watching her countenance and her gait, and listening to the very fall of her footstep.

  175. She would not even allow her hand to remain in his.

  176. As I went over a bridge, I cast my eye on the right-hand side, and there lay a very large eel on the mud by the river side, apparently dead.

  177. Placing my hand on his shoulder, I asked, 'Hasn't God answered the prayer?

  178. With the well hand she stretched out her paralyzed hand on the table and said: "Dear Lord, will you heal me?

  179. At that moment a young man took him by the hand saying--"You do not know me, but I know you.

  180. Here I saw, indeed, seven hundred orphan children fed and provided for, by the hand of God, in answer to prayer, as literally and truly as Elijah was fed by ravens with meat which the Lord provided.

  181. Nothing but an Omnipotent hand of Power and Wisdom could have brought these two letters together at that identical instant of time.

  182. With cane in one hand she treads the rooms back and forth, performing the household duties.

  183. During these days of wonderful business and deliverances, after each indebtedness was discharged, there still was not left cash in hand a sum exceeding three to five dollars.

  184. Seeing, instantly, the hand of God in it, he told the story to the astonished storekeeper, then left to pay his debt with the money so strangely given.

  185. She spoke many kind words, and when she took my hand to say good-by, she left a little roll of notes, and when she is gone I count it, and it was just three dollars.

  186. However, the morrow took thought for the things of itself, for when I came to take the scythe in my hand to mow the short grass, I looked into the pond, and there I saw three very large carp lying on the water apparently sick.

  187. That which we now call the hand has not always been the perfect instrument that it is nor has the ear always been so keenly adjusted as at present.

  188. The intellect is the only means at hand for the interpretation of the meaning and significance of the world of phenomena.

  189. Materiality may become more and more spatialized and consciousness more and more intellectualized, but they must proceed hand-in-hand one not superseding the other.

  190. Thus, kathekos is dual in nature, on the one hand representing kosmic potency, and on the other, kosmic perfection of these potencies.

  191. Gwyn hesitated for a few moments, and then stepped close up, clapped his hand on the man's shoulder, and pointed toward the wall.

  192. Gwyn, as he laid his hand on the dog's head, while the poor beast whined dolefully, and made an effort to lick the hand that caressed him, as he gazed up at his master as if asking for sympathy and help.

  193. Vores stepped to the skep and laid his hand on the rail just as the last lanthorn was lit and snapped to, when there was the sharp ting on the gong again--the signal from below--and the men gave a hearty cheer.

  194. If you can't we must not go on; because it would be too horrible to swim here in the dark, and I don't know whether I could keep on with only one hand swimming and holding Grip with the other.

  195. Now, if you stick the hammer in your waistband, and have hold of the rope above your head with one hand to ease the strain, you'll go down like a cork, only keep yourself clear of the side.

  196. Hardock held out his hand to his fellow-workman.

  197. Yes, sir, seven, and that one running from the right-hand one makes eight.

  198. The boy blindly lowered his hand for the knife, and not a whisper was heard in those critical moments.

  199. As you wish," said the Colonel, "There's my hand and seal.

  200. But in another minute, as he extended his hand to feel his way along, he touched something warm in the darkness, and his hand was seized.

  201. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hand" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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