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Example sentences for "countersign"

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  1. The countersign was out, which the general readily gave to Hayward.

  2. And after that he will set us on a road leading to Tiarriba and gave us a countersign which will help us into a rebel camp if there is any around.

  3. When he was informed that the countersign sent to him was for use with his regiment as well as mine, it was difficult to make him understand that this was not an unwarranted interference of one colonel over another.

  4. Not wishing to be outdone in courtesy, he immediately sent me the countersign for his regiment for the night.

  5. Over a hundred, and in order to put a stop to further desertions, the countersign had to be changed three times.

  6. General Lestocq, governor of Berlin, in joyful commemoration of this victory, issued to-day the countersign of 'Charles and Hof!

  7. Later, in comes a captain, gets the countersign for his own use, but presently returns, the sentinel having pronounced it incorrect.

  8. On the evening of his arrival, by his Majesty's invitation, Alexander gave the countersign to the grand marshal, and it was afterwards given alternately by the two sovereigns.

  9. God will send you a warning--perhaps a countersign of death.

  10. What is that," cried Toinette, her heart shaking within her breast, "what do you mean with your countersign of death?

  11. Then you can countersign it, and the men can make theirs.

  12. Should you meet any pickets beyond, the countersign for to-night is 'Shiloh.

  13. In a few minutes he caught the eye of Welborn, who soon led him by all the sentinels, giving the countersign as he passed, until he was outside the garrison, and then hid him in a barn, half a mile from our place of shelter.

  14. Now, see if your own heart can give the countersign — 'Thou art my portion, O Lord!

  15. I will assume that I am, and I do not refuse to act, but for the present I have no chancellor willing to countersign the order.

  16. The countersign was given to the first sentinel, posted on high ground west of the morass.

  17. As they rode along in the dark, the voice of a sentinel demanding the countersign startled Andre with the fearful conviction that he was within the American lines, but it was too late to recede.

  18. But the guard was firm, and insisted that he should give the countersign or stay outside the lines.

  19. The officer of the guard, on his round giving instructions, passed by a raw guard and told him that the countersign would now be discontinued.

  20. The Sultan of Sulu has the right to give passports to all of his people who request it, sign those which he issues, and countersign Spanish passports coming to Sulu.

  21. His Highness gave orders that none should be allowed to enter without giving the countersign chosen by himself.

  22. Sagan's answer was the countersign he had given to his own following in the Castle.

  23. So forward, my dear and honored colonel, and lay your injunctions on them, that they command your humble servant and Mr. Coke unto Littleton to advance and give the countersign of gallantry.

  24. Showing How the Countersign Was Respected at the Bastile.

  25. In a short time about thirty or forty more of them appeared in sight, retreating with considerable speed; they were halted, the countersign demanded.

  26. They had become so excited in the fight they had forgotten the countersign and failed to give it.

  27. Another one was to the effect that a Yorkshireman having to halt, and demand the countersign of a man he knew very well, acquitted himself of his task in these words: "Halt!

  28. If you countersign a claim for any more than this you had better be sure it is in the hands of a very "trustworthy" man, who can bluff it through, and get the A.

  29. The countersign for the night was "Halifax.

  30. They are used before the countersign is given, and must not be communicated to anyone not entitled to know the countersign.

  31. He will, when the countersign is used (Pars.

  32. If no countersign be used, the rules for challenging are the same.

  33. The =parole= is a word used as a check on the countersign in order to obtain more accurate identification of persons.

  34. When the countersign is used, the corporal at the posting of the relief during whose tour challenging is to begin gives the countersign to the members of the relief, excepting those posted at the guardhouse.

  35. He will see that the commander of the guard is furnished with the parole and countersign before retreat in case they are to be used, and will inform him of the presence in post or camp of any person entitled to the compliment.

  36. If a person having the countersign approach alone, he is advanced to give the countersign.

  37. If the countersign be lost, or if a member of the guard desert with it, the commander on the spot will substitute another for it and report the case at once to headquarters.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "countersign" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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