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Example sentences for "endorse"

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endogamy; endogenous; endogens; endometritis; endopodite; endorsed; endorsement; endorsements; endorser; endorses
  1. Fortunately the people (thus warned) failed to endorse this call; consequently the leading statesmen of the disunion party abandoned their cherished expectation of inaugurating their Government in the National Capitol.

  2. He said, for himself he was ready to endorse your claim fully, and had done so when Howard reported.

  3. As already indicated, some of the Southern journals did not endorse the extreme hardships and cruelties to which the rebels subjected the captured Colored men.

  4. This greatly angered the leading Colored men, and, therefore, they refused to endorse this new management.

  5. Others endorse a view because it is held by a person whom they love or respect.

  6. The League refused to endorse her, you know.

  7. Then it becomes our affair to endorse you and to prepare our definite plan of work.

  8. But if we are thoroughly organized and can get some of the men's leagues and clubs to endorse us, I believe we can win.

  9. It's a shame the Municipal League cannot endorse a noble, splendid woman like her.

  10. Notwithstanding my refusal to endorse the Morgan renewal, I was invited to accompany the parties to New York next morning in their special car for the purpose of consultation.

  11. My only obligations were those connected with our business; and I was prepared to pledge for it every dollar I owned, and to endorse every obligation the firm had outstanding.

  12. The offer was accompanied by the condition that he should not enter into any other business or endorse for others, but give his whole time and attention to the mechanical and not the business management of the mills.

  13. Both Republicans and Democrats cultivated these foreign-born voters, turning a cold shoulder to the woman suffrage amendment and refusing to endorse it in their state conventions.

  14. Even the Farmers' Alliance and the Knights of Labor, previously friendly to woman suffrage, now joined with the Prohibitionists to form a third political party which also failed to endorse the woman suffrage amendment.

  15. My mother was ever after so affected by this fact that it was the constant theme of her disapprobation, and on her deathbed I gave her my promise, in accordance with her request, that I never would endorse a note.

  16. You will endorse it yourself, and you will be able to cash in on it.

  17. The Lord God of power had greatly turned the minds and hearts of the people to endorse and love the truth.

  18. Brother James followed him with his mixed talk, part of the time seeming to endorse me and the other Brother P.

  19. I am confident that I have nothing in my heart but love toward them all, and love to my husband; nor do I reject him, but I can not endorse either the movement or its organ, the Gospel Trumpet.

  20. The second said he did not endorse what his brother had said, but still could not see this second work.

  21. Often his own feeling may endorse this impression.

  22. I have become more and more convinced that the scientific psychologist is not obliged to endorse this judgment of popular psychology.

  23. Is it your habit, when you lay letters by, to endorse the date.

  24. Public opinion would also have to endorse the segregation of persons tainted with communicable sexual disease.

  25. I mean her to enjoy herself a little," he said when Aunt Madge accused him playfully of spoiling his wife, but Olivia refused to endorse this.

  26. I refuse, and the Republican Party refuses, to endorse that method of sham and shoddy economy.

  27. At first I was ready to concede this claim, and even to endorse it with enthusiasm; but from the day when I realised that Oxford Street conducted me, by a force of inevitable gravitation, to a desk in an office, I began to loathe it.

  28. But though Elizabeth did not endorse this, Malcolm accepted this invitation with undisguised pleasure.

  29. I am telling you the sober truth--mother would endorse it.

  30. But Malcolm, who was extremely truthful, did not endorse this regret.

  31. Did not the departments then endorse what Paris did?

  32. That is so, but I will endorse the bill of lading, and file a statement for the Customs officers that the cases of machinery will be landed at another port.

  33. I will endorse the bill of lading," the other resumed.

  34. In the above article I was neither able to endorse nor repel the common approach that the Jew is willing to feed upon a country but not to fight for it, because I did not know whether it was true or false.

  35. I supposed it to be true, but it is not allowable to endorse wandering maxims upon supposition--except when one is trying to make out a case.

  36. The occult records partly endorse the story told in the Gospels, and partly do not endorse it; they show us the life, and thus enable us to disentangle it from the myths which are intertwined therewith.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "endorse" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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