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Example sentences for "abet"

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aberrant; aberration; aberrations; abesse; abest; abets; abetted; abetting; abettor; abettors
  1. Believe me, sir, I have too high a sense of the obligations America has to you, to abet or countenance so unworthy a proceeding.

  2. She readily consented to abet the sham Earl of Warwick, and furnished Lincoln and Lord Lovel with a body of 2000 German veterans, commanded by an able officer named Martin Schwartz.

  3. Each possesses varying and distinct features well designed to aid and abet the general purpose.

  4. There are no phases of agricultural enterprise devoid of toil, save perhaps the growing of vanilla, the very poetry of the oldest of pursuits, in which one has to aid and abet in the loves and in the marriage of flowers.

  5. I am here to defend you, and I would be the last person in the world to aid and abet your aspirations if I were not confident that you are a thoroughly devoted wife and mother.

  6. And then there are the people with money who aid and abet their own nominations for Congress.

  7. Naturally he becomes a friend of the traffic and ready to aid and abet it wherever and whenever he can.

  8. Do you mean to tell me you are going to aid and abet him in his folly.

  9. He was a fool, that was clear, but they were not going to abet him in his mad folly.

  10. When you aid and abet Amos Royson, in his attempt to put a stigma upon Edward Morgan, you aid and abet him in an effort to do that for which there is no excuse.

  11. King's Commission, nor to aid or to abet them.

  12. It was one which the Scottish Commissioners collectively could not even profess to entertain; and, however well disposed Hamilton may have been privately to abet it, he dared not give it any countenance openly.

  13. I shrink from letting you, the woman that I love, bring that fate upon yourself; I shrink still more from being the man to aid and abet you in doing it.

  14. Could he aid and abet her in raising up for herself so much undeserved obloquy?

  15. And you will aid and abet her in her folly?

  16. Over and over again he said to himself, let come what come might, he must never aid and abet that innocent soul in rushing blindfold over a cliff to her own destruction.

  17. Now, I must caution you, that if you abet him once, you abet him for good and all.

  18. And for they knew, the French did still abet The Scot against vs.

  19. She that you used to abet in her quarrels with Mrs. Williams, and call out,' At her again, Poll!

  20. Tell him that from this moment his Duchess will aid and abet him in all his reforms.

  21. The Duchess promises to abet you in everything.

  22. He had been willing to abet her breach of contract, provided she let him form a new company, but if she would not that made a great difference.

  23. Her mother was only too willing to abet Kedzie's forlorn hope.

  24. Secret Royalists and but half-hearted Puritans abounded, and these did not scruple to abet a breach of the law, and to be entertained now and then in the old time-honoured way.

  25. Yet our early audiences must have been extremely willing to help out the illusions of the performance, and abet the tax thus levied upon their credulity.

  26. But the demands upon the audience to abet the work of theatrical illusion, and with their thoughts to piece out the imperfections of the dramatists, are frequently to be met with in the old plays.

  27. But it is nothing new under the sun for the Congress of the Nation to aid and abet institutions and theories anti-republican and pernicious in all their ramifications.

  28. As for the numerous Japanese residents in Mexico, they have lost no opportunity to abet this attitude.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abet" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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