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abeen; abeout; aber; aberrant; aberration; abesse; abest; abet; abets; abetted
  1. They furnish the means of destroying with the utmost ease both aberrations in a large focal pencil, and of thus surmounting what has hitherto been the chief obstacle to the perfection of the microscope.

  2. In the intermediate spaces the corrections are still more imperfect and uncertain; and this explains the cause of the aberrations which must of necessity exist even in the best-made doublet.

  3. Now, if two compound object-glasses have their aberrations balanced, one being situated as in Fig.

  4. Aberrations there must ever be, whatever the doctrine is, while the human heart is sensitive, capricious, and wayward.

  5. It distinguishes between fundamental and non-fundamental doctrines and aberrations from both.

  6. It holds that non-fundamental aberrations from the Christian scheme are not subject to church discipline.

  7. Criminology is confident in its claim of some deep-seated, however obscure, relation between aberrations from the physical and from the mental norm.

  8. It is these in their entirety that distinguish the Negro so notably, and remove him toward the anthropoids; and over against this fact the occasional aberrations among the Whites have no argumentative weight whatever.

  9. It may be pointed out that with this invention there are none of the aberrations described in a later chapter, such as the spokes of a wheel appearing to move in the reverse direction to which the rim is travelling.

  10. This passage is quite modest and naturally excites our curiosity to know what is the problem which needed only to be proposed in order to avoid all the aberrations of pure reason.

  11. These little aberrations did not certainly improve my temper, and I plodded along, weary of limb and out of spirits.

  12. Under "Erotic Symbolism" I include practically all the aberrations of the sexual instinct, although some of these have seemed of sufficient importance for separate discussion in previous volumes.

  13. It is this mighty force which lies behind and beneath the aberrations we have been concerned with, a great reservoir from which they draw the life-blood that vivifies even their most fantastic shapes.

  14. Normal in their basis, in their extreme forms they present the utmost pathological aberrations of the sexual instinct which can be attained or conceived.

  15. They had soon however a terrible proof of the danger that still was to wait on such momentous aberrations from the proscribed line.

  16. Lydgate has perhaps on the whole more aberrations from the decasyllable standard than Chaucer.

  17. Aberrations may be divided in two classes: chromatic (Gr.

  18. Excessive reading of Revelation seems to have been the chief cause of the aberrations of the Munster fanatics.

  19. This connexion is only supplied by theories which treat aberrations generally and analytically by means of indefinite series.

  20. Consequently the monochromatic class includes the aberrations at reflecting surfaces of any coloured light, and at refracting surfaces of monochromatic or light of single wave length.

  21. The Gaussian theory is only an approximation; monochromatic or spherical aberrations still occur, which will be different for different colours; and should they be compensated for one colour, the image of another colour would prove disturbing.

  22. Even the Tale of a Tub is to be regarded as a satire upon the aberrations of theologians from right reason, not upon the principles of Christianity itself.

  23. The blood and judgment well commingled" are visible in the standard of conduct which he held up for Englishmen in his writings, as well as in his use of the weapon of ridicule against all aberrations from good breeding and common-sense.

  24. And the horror becomes still greater when a discovery is made of the iniquities, sufferings, and calamities, public and private, consequent upon the admission of such aberrations amongst the choice spirits of the period.

  25. It is impossible to see, without horror, into what aberrations of reason and of moral sense men otherwise most enlightened and virtuous may be led away by the predominant ideas of their age.

  26. The conception that war is only a product of human unreason is on the same level as the idea that revolutions are only mental aberrations of the masses.

  27. I have preferred to show how these aberrations may be explained; how they may be linked on to normal and fundamental aspects of the sexual impulse; and, indeed, in their elementary forms, may themselves be regarded as normal.

  28. In the study of Love and Pain I have discussed the sources of those aberrations which are commonly called, not altogether happily, "sadism" and "masochism.

  29. At the same time we shall have made clear the normal basis on which rest the extreme aberrations of love.

  30. It is, on the other hand, a subject ripe for the most portentous, the most meaningless, the most tedious aberrations of the pedant.

  31. For the big differences were taken as established at the outset once for all; whereas the myriad smaller differences that actually distinguish the peoples of the earth were regarded as mere aberrations from these primary norms.

  32. The fancy of Columbus was easily excited, and notions of a change of climate, and even aberrations of the stars were easily imagined by him amid the strange phenomena of that untracked waste.

  33. Sidenote: Columbus remarks on changes of temperature and aberrations of stars.

  34. In much, as we have seen, they differed from the current doctrines of the Church, carrying their aberrations further than those which in the seventeenth century were so severely repressed in Molinos and the Illuminati.

  35. In France the University had taken the place of the almost forgotten Inquisition, repressing all aberrations of faith, while a centralized monarchy had rendered--at least until the Concordat of Francis I.

  36. Be this as it may, Bishop Henry is said to have carried home with him some theologians eager to punish aberrations from the faith, and a little investigation showed to his horror that his land was full of misbelievers.

  37. Sorcery, indeed, had become the most threatening heresy of the time, and other spiritual aberrations were attracting little attention.

  38. As a matter of fact, Byron attributed all Shelley's views to the aberrations of a mind which is happier when it dreams than when it denies.

  39. The local divinity we learn is Miss Blair of Adamtown; he has been drinking her health, and aberrations from sobriety and virtue have ensued, but he thought things would be brought to a climax were Temple to visit her.

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