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abeawt; abed; abeen; abeout; aber; aberration; aberrations; abesse; abest; abet
  1. In the Malacostraca, an elongated heart with numerous segmentally arranged ostia is found only in the aberrant group of Stomatopoda and in the transitional Phyllocarida.

  2. It seemed impossible that anything so subtle and aberrant could be part of a system, the main features of which are regularity and precision.

  3. The first of the aberrant groups (natatores) is remarkable for making the water the theatre of its existence, and the birds composing it are in general of comparatively large bulk.

  4. We have elsewhere shewn that all aberrant forms unite into a circle of their own.

  5. The aberrant group of the Sub-family Papilionae appear to be the genera Leilus, Sw.

  6. This, which appears the most aberrant type of the genus, immediately reminds the student of a dark coloured Erycina or a Phalaena, both of which families, as being the Heliconian or Erycinian type of Polyommatus, it truly represents.

  7. Captain Hutton says that a few bones of this form have been obtained in the North Island at Poverty Bay and Te Aute; but I am convinced he is in error and that these bones are aberrant individual bones of A.

  8. The central capsule is lentelliptical, encloses the medullary shell, and is enveloped by the cortical shell, as in the nearly allied Pylonida and Larnacida, of which the Phorticida may be regarded as irregular aberrant forms.

  9. In the apes and lemurs, on the contrary, the ground-dwellers are the aberrant forms, stray wanderers from the host.

  10. I went to work on the opposite plan, collecting all those aberrant individuals which most diverged from the specific type.

  11. An apparently aberrant form is the tashsho (C) and taso for tashsho (D).

  12. Why assume that in these aberrant states there is anything besides hysteria, besides epilepsy, besides insanity?

  13. Such are the fancies and fanaticisms, the bizarre likes and dislikes, the excessive or aberrant sensibilities, which have been observed in some of the eminent men whom Lombroso discusses in his book on the Man of Genius.

  14. There are scattered places within the Cebuano area which use a speech widely aberrant from what we describe here: Surigao, Bantayan Islands, and the Camotes Islands.

  15. However, some of the components making up this curve, as later shown, are so aberrant in this regard that serious doubt is cast on the validity of this generalization.

  16. On the other two nights in March, the directional trend at Tampico was northward with few or no aberrant components.

  17. At Oak Grove, Louisiana, the flight exhibited a strong directional trend with no significant aberrant components.

  18. These aberrant varieties, be it noted, occur in species which belong to quite different orders.

  19. This will result in the early destruction of these aberrant individuals unless their newly-acquired gaudiness is either correlated with, or the result of, distastefulness.

  20. I am trying, moreover, in this Lecture to confine myself to those developments which I consider normal and genuine, excluding the numerous aberrant types which we shall encounter in the course of our survey.

  21. As regards number, we find in the aberrant forms Protohydra and Microhydra tentacles entirely absent.

  22. Tentacles capitate, simple; type of Coryne and Syncoryne; Myriothela is an aberrant form with some of the tentacles modified as "claspers" to hold the ova.

  23. Mankind has often enough worshiped the insane and mentally aberrant and has as often been diabolically cruel to them.

  24. In most bony fishes these are placed much as in the striped bass, but in certain specialized or aberrant forms their form and position are greatly altered.

  25. The former is the most primitive and perhaps the most nearly allied to the sharks, the second is not very remote from it, the last two aberrant in very different directions.

  26. Traquair regards them as highly aberrant sharks, or, more exactly, as being derived, like the Chimaeras, from a primitive Elasmobranch stock.

  27. Another highly aberrant family is that of the sawsharks, Pristiophoridae.

  28. These armed fishes were once placed among the Crossopterygians, but there seems no doubt that Woodward is right in regarding them as a highly specialized aberrant offshoot of the primitive sharks.

  29. Other and more aberrant genera from Chile and Australia are Geotria and Mordacia, the latter forming a distinct family, Mordaciidae.

  30. Some have regarded them as aberrant Teleosts, possibly as freakish catfishes.

  31. Occasionally we hear aberrant songs which prove puzzling until we can see the singer.

  32. Another aberrant warbler has been described by Stanley G.

  33. Herbert Friedmann (1929) says: "This aberrant warbler is a rather uncommon victim of the Cowbird, only a couple dozen definite instances having come to my notice.

  34. It should be distinguished from aberrant or abnormal forms, for these are not necessarily indicative of disease.

  35. I think that it is entirely due to diminished root power; by this I do not mean that the roots are diseased, but that they are either in an aberrant or abnormal state; but disease cannot be predicated upon either of these states.

  36. The development of the degraded, aberrant Arachnidan Pentastomum accords, in some important respects, with that of the intestinal worms.

  37. A small additional amount of flattening and lengthening, with a corresponding increase of the supraciliary ridge, would convert the Australian brain case into a form identical with that of the aberrant fossil.

  38. I am speaking generally, that is to say, omitting for the present the aberrant or special or intrusive tendencies found in a man like Roger Bacon, for example.

  39. The last two groups, and perhaps the Anacanthini also, may well be considered as distinct orders, being more aberrant than the others.

  40. These have been usually regarded as different species, while aberrant or intermediate individuals are usually regarded as hybrids.

  41. They bear some resemblance to Plesiops and other aberrant Serranidæ.

  42. The aberrant forms with defective skull and membrane-bones he would separate as minor offshoots from this great mass with the name of separate orders.

  43. In other regards these fishes resemble the other mail-cheek forms, their affinities being perhaps closest with the Agonidæ or certain aberrant Cottidæ as Ereunias.

  44. In various aberrant forms these scales are absent.

  45. Gill separates these two groups as distinct orders and places them, as aberrant offshoots, near the end of his series of bony fishes.

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