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Example sentences for "delinquent"

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delineations; delineative; delineator; delinquencies; delinquency; delinquents; deliquescent; delirious; deliriously; delirium
  1. The delinquent Brahman cannot be retained in the Brahmanic function without lowering the standard of his caste.

  2. The tongue of the delinquent is burnt with a hot sandal stick, and a new waist thread put on.

  3. Delinquent saved from an ignominious Death, by a proper Mode of Communication with the Government--Conclusion.

  4. Delinquent saved from an ignominious Death, by a proper Mode of Communication with the Government.

  5. Again, to punish delinquent ministers was a necessary piece of justice; but who could expect that any such retribution would deter ambitious and intrepid men from the splendid lures of power?

  6. Secondly, where false weights and measures were not regularly employed, a fine of thirty thalers may be imposed, or the delinquent sent to prison for four weeks.

  7. But when, by an unfortunate chance, muscular strength and intellectual force meet in the same individual, we have a female delinquent of a terrible type, indeed.

  8. The law gave the court jurisdiction of all dependent and delinquent children who are under seventeen and eighteen years of age, and defines dependents and delinquents.

  9. A good many of the delinquent youths of Chicago have been reared in squalid surroundings and have been nurtured in filth and unloveliness.

  10. The delinquent was shot, and order being at length restored, those who were entitled to slumber again proceeded to avail themselves of the privilege.

  11. The decision lies again under appeal to the throne; and whensoever the king sees fit to reverse it, the severest censure is invariably passed upon the delinquent "chairs.

  12. After scraping for a considerable time with his nails under the foundation of a hut, wherein he suspected the delinquent to lurk, the imp entered, sprang upon the back of the proprietor, and became totally insensible.

  13. I shall reply, that if we lay down the principle that human justice has not the right to punish, when the delinquent acts according to his conviction, we must not only mitigate our punishments, but even abolish them.

  14. Any expression, any neglect of the standard, the slightest sign of pretension or of vanity incurs her disapprobation, from which there is no appeal, and the delinquent is for ever banished from refined society.

  15. This repetition of his name in a louder key made the delinquent jump; and he turned round in a hurry.

  16. There was, indeed, one Delinquent for whom Baillie would have had no mercy--Dr.

  17. The King "did not know how a King might be a delinquent by any law he ever heard of;" but any Delinquent might put in a demurrer.

  18. That was, indeed, an indispensable formality for any Delinquent who would sue out his composition, or otherwise signify his submission to Parliament.

  19. On the 4th of that month Mr. Powell went through the two formalities required by law of every Delinquent before composition.

  20. But it was a formality which a Delinquent in Mr. Powell's circumstances would willingly put off to the last moment.

  21. The debts of the Delinquent might amount to more than his estimated property, as he said they did; but that was a matter between himself and the world at large, and not between him and the Commissioners for Compositions.

  22. But it is droll enough to fancy the scene--the pretty schoolgirl gravely rebuking her delinquent master for the too great partiality her own bright eyes had won for her.

  23. The inspector was scandalized at the outrage which had been committed, and summoned the delinquent to surrender.

  24. Dryden was a delinquent towards the dead.

  25. But Catherine was loyal, for all her mild sarcasm, and we knew that if ever the delinquent turned up again he would have a mauvais quart d'heure at her hands, whilst M.

  26. And what other execution is now required for delinquent public men, than the force of public opinion?

  27. Will the militia march from one State to another, in order to collect the arrears of taxes from the delinquent members of the Republic?

  28. The last clause of Resolution 6, authorizing an exertion of the force of the whole ag^{st} a delinquent State came next into consideration.

  29. It had in particular the power of fining and using force ag^{st} delinquent members.

  30. But in the inquisitorial process, the delinquent was allowed, according to our older code, to run the risk of the ordeal.

  31. Sometimes a delinquent is paraded through the hamlet, carrying a rubbish basket, or is ordered to make a heap of rubbish at a certain spot.

  32. The punishment usually inflicted is a fine, but sometimes a delinquent Paraiyan will be made to crawl on his hands and knees on the ground between the legs of a Paraiya woman as a final humiliation.

  33. Reprimanding my delinquent hunter, and much vexed, I went back and took up my night's quarters at the old wooden hut.

  34. On setting off I was accosted by the old delinquent of Possianah, who, it seems, had been immediately on my report brought with his wife to answer the charge.

  35. What varies in the case of each delinquent and each offense, is the decisive intensity of each order of factors.

  36. Let the Abbot be most solicitous in his concern for delinquent brethren, for "it is not the healthy but the sick who need a physician.

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