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Example sentences for "delirium"

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delinquent; delinquents; deliquescent; delirious; deliriously; deliriums; delite; delited; delito; delitos
  1. And even though Tommy in his delirium vowed that he would put on his clothes and run away to his old nurse Sarah, Mrs. Newcome's kindness to him never faltered.

  2. Delirium set in upon him, and he lay some time in the tent and on the bed from which his friend had just risen convalescent.

  3. The dipsomaniac, even if he escape the horrors of a death by delirium tremens, falls a victim to paralysis or heart disease.

  4. Taken to excess, its effects, even if the worst accounts of its opponents be literally accepted, are no whit worse than, if they can be as bad as, the delirium tremens of the confirmed drunkard.

  5. As the delirium continued, she seemed to be transported to the scenes of her early youth, As night wore on, the fever, if it were such, gradually increased.

  6. The heat of fever and the delirium of love, have their gradations; and so has grief.

  7. The fever attacked him in his helplessness and delirium claimed him for its own.

  8. It was simply a mad delirium of violence, begun and ended while one tumultuous shudder shook the crowd.

  9. During his delirium the ruthless Goodenough ordered ice to be put to his head, and all his lovely hair to be cut.

  10. To many this will seem the simple delirium of over-emphasis.

  11. It is like a dictionary of obsolete English suffering from a severe fit of delirium tremens.

  12. Indeed, I think that I was in a sort of delirium and imagined it all, for when I recovered completely I found myself here, in my own room, with Nora at my side.

  13. Through the weeks of her delirium she has constantly called his name.

  14. Long years have passed, and the fevered brow Of a bearded man, she is stroking now, As through delirium and pain He cries as a little child, again.

  15. Certainly, it was a very dear possession: she had similar school-day souvenirs which were precious to her heart though recalling moments of less energy of loyalty and wild delirium of joy.

  16. Would it not have been far nobler to have fought it down as the pilgrim he had meant to be than to drown its memory in a delirium of the senses?

  17. But, though his senses were steeped in a delirium that almost took from him his manhood, the gloom but deepened on Tristan's brow, while with moist hungry lips she kissed him, again and again.

  18. The eyes of the patient become red and fiery, his tongue swells to an immoderate size, and obstructs his utterance; and delirium of the most horrid character quickly follows.

  19. To them the past will be no turmoil of mad dreams, nor the future an eternity of such moments as follow the delirium of a drunkard.

  20. If our young friend was suffering from delirium he may have forgotten.

  21. Le Beau raving in delirium at the German hospital in Yokohama.

  22. The famed Beauties of the ancient world were present; what my thought coveted was mine; one delirium of rapture was followed by another; and day after day, the world appeared to burn round me in more glorious hues.

  23. In that heated hall she must have died; but it might be that in the cool, open air, she could conquer the delirium which threatened to overwhelm her, and could thus regain her self-control.

  24. In a wild delirium of excitement, the comedian began the game, and in a few minutes it was concluded.

  25. It was true that his wanderings and delirium had ceased.

  26. The doctor hastened to his side: the wild delirium had passed away, leaving the worried face of the sufferer calmer and quieter, he opened up his large lustrous eyes and said in a plaintive tone.

  27. As a sort of low delirium overtook her senses, her fantasies were all of fair and lovely sights and sweet sounds.

  28. I don’t believe it was delirium tremens.

  29. Wetherell, alarmed by this delirium of his patient, rose to his feet, and as he did so her harsh voice uttered a short phrase which stiffened Eugene with fright.

  30. From the dim, grim region of his delirium and his deathlike unconsciousness George Lester struggled slowly back to life.

  31. If the children have once become unconscious, they do not recover again as a rule but remain so until death; delirium and stupor may alternate with each other in certain cases, but the former process is by far the most frequent.

  32. Later on actual delirium sets in, but generally of a quiet nature.

  33. Temple of Tetzkatlepoka, and there he lived night and day in the sweet delirium of bliss and intoxication.

  34. This intoxication, this delirium of joy, lasts a whole year.

  35. Their success added fuel to the exaltation of the men of Orleans, and raised them to a delirium of heroism.

  36. At times during her delirium she invoked St. Catherine and St. Marguerite, her good saints, believing that she saw them near her, and beseeching them with her hands clasped to put an end to the atrocities of the English.

  37. And yet it seems to me a madness, a delirium of raving fancy.

  38. Evan sat up all night with him, studying the pathos and humor of delirium tremens.

  39. Say, Marks, you'd have seven kinds of delirium tremens if you smoked this pipe.

  40. Even in her delirium Isobel had spoken the truth.

  41. And in her delirium Isobel believed that he was Deane, her husband.

  42. But whatever delirium found its way into his voice, the fighting spark in his brain remained sane.

  43. Their delirium was so frenzied that the Carthaginians in the distance were afraid.

  44. They danced in delirium around the great waterfall, and came up and wet their heads in it in the extravagance of their joy.

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