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claes; claim; claimant; claimants; claime; claimeth; claiming; claims; claires; clairs
  1. This south transept was claimed as the Parish Church of the parishioners of St. Oswald, and there were much disputings, but the people had their way, and retained their rights until 1881.

  2. If sanctuary was claimed by a fugitive from justice, here he was safe; and the clergy and the serving-men were free from the ordinary law, and could be tried only by the ecclesiastics.

  3. Both Welsh and German origin is claimed for the motto.

  4. He even claimed that his middle name "Russell" showed that he had Jewish blood.

  5. He always claimed to have been a consistent Old Whig--that is, as he understood it, a High-Churchman who accepted the Revolution of 1688.

  6. But Havre and Honfleur and the Trouville of other days claimed his best and most prolific work.

  7. The only other opportunities offered for the lower classes to mingle with the great world, beyond the feudal territory which claimed them for its own, was through the means of religious pilgrimages and the Crusades.

  8. The most that is claimed is that they are the record of a series of ramblings in and off the beaten tourist track, with the addition of a few facts of history and romance, which could not well be ignored.

  9. As a place of pious pilgrimage its virtues may be all that are claimed for it, but as an artistic religious expression of an artistic and devout people it is about as low and vulgar a one as it is possible to see.

  10. His plumed cap and the sword by his side showed that he claimed to belong to the upper rank of society.

  11. He was evidently footsore and weary, and probably hungry and poor, and as such alone claimed their compassion.

  12. He was the first victim claimed by the ocean.

  13. In this onset, it is claimed that he killed forty men, and lost three.

  14. Different cities have claimed the honour of his birth.

  15. Alexander the Great, who claimed to be the son of Jupiter Ammon.

  16. John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, claimed the crown of Castile in the right of his wife, Donna Constantia, daughter of Don Pedro, the late king.

  17. He who can construe may perform all that is claimed by the literal translator.

  18. A continued succession of astronomical observations, for 4000 years, was claimed by the Chinese, when they were first visited by the Europeans.

  19. Several other nations have also claimed the honour of affording the idea of the fields of the blessed.

  20. Mickle, in place of the first seventeen stanzas of this canto, has inserted about three hundred lines of his own composition; in this respect availing himself of the licence he had claimed in his preface.

  21. Some dinner party had claimed her, and it was after eleven when she arrived with Archie Densmore.

  22. Routine and extra-routine claimed all his time.

  23. In the spring of 1915 there was an engagement between a Zeppelin and a British submarine in which each side claimed the victory.

  24. Submarine navigation was a century and a half old before it claimed its first victim.

  25. Two particularly delirious inventors claimed that their submarines could also be used as dirigible balloons.

  26. In March 1989, an agreement between France and Canada set fish quotas for Saint Pierre's trawlers fishing in Canadian and Canadian-claimed waters for three years.

  27. In my opinion, those who have claimed to possess a key to Rabelais, to be able to understand his allegories, and to translate each jest into its real significance, do not understand him in the least.

  28. Chapter XXXII At least, it may be claimed for George that his last night in the house where he had been born was not occupied with his own disheartening future, but with sorrow for what sacrifices his pride and youth had demanded of others.

  29. For the moment, it seemed to George that Morgan might have claimed the ownership of a face that changed for him.

  30. Suddenly he leaned forward, seeing nothing but two wonderful blue eyes, and his hand fell upon hers, with a grip which claimed her out of all the world.

  31. He himself had no time to give to mysterious problems and will-o'-the-wisp pursuits; his book and posterity claimed it all.

  32. First the Post had come along and nicked a clean hour out of it, and now his Body had unexpectedly risen and claimed yet another hour.

  33. His adamantine gravity inspired her with an irresistible impulse to levity; so the law of averages claimed its innings.

  34. But his skin was clear--it was real sleep and not the plague which had claimed him.

  35. He had a dim memory of Rip sprawled across the pilot's control board and then utter exhaustion claimed him also and the darkness closed in.

  36. But it was at the far tip of the barrier--the post of greatest honor which Groft had jealously claimed as his, that the gorp struck first.

  37. It has been claimed that this tale indicates the existence of a social conscience in Egypt analogous to that of the Hebrew prophets.

  38. Smyrna claimed to be the birthplace of Homer.

  39. The king of the country is not named, but it was claimed that her chiefs hid themselves in caves.

  40. The condition in which the court found the child, added to the touching story of her mother, caused an instant cancelling of the indenture by which the unfeeling woman claimed possession of her.

  41. At the proper time he presented the requisite documents to his underwriters, and claimed the loss, amounting, on ship and cargo, to one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

  42. This number does not include those whose bodies have been claimed by friends and removed.

  43. Several of the miniatures might well be claimed as the work of Van Eyck.

  44. Therefore it is claimed that they form a Church of our order in China, but that the members thereof are neither members of the Reformed Dutch Church here, nor members of the Presbyterian Church in England.

  45. The primitive apostles claimed no such right and made use of no such unspiritual methods.

  46. There was a boy in the boat as well, but it was the girl who claimed Mary's attention now.

  47. He came down from the veranda to join the rejoicing, and when I claimed to see into his insidious villainy, he looked depressed; but Dr.

  48. For Sadler claimed that the statesmanship was all his, and that Louisa and W.

  49. The Democrats and the Republicans both claimed to favor a judicious revision of the tariff as well as a yearning to bridle the trusts and money power.

  50. The psychic research people claimed to have telepathy and thought transference about on a paying basis.

  51. But this man Carlos, whosoe'er he be, Has turned my cup of nectar into gall, Since I know he has claimed some one or all Of these delights my lady grants to me.

  52. The so-called Confederacy, a loose sort of alliance, claimed for a hunting ground the lands extending westward to the watershed between the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers, which unite to form the Mobile.

  53. However, the land was part of the region claimed by the United States and surrendered by the Creeks, and as a matter of fact, Jackson never got possession of it.

  54. Spain still had possession of the Floridas, although the United States claimed that West Florida, extending along the Gulf coast from the Perdido River to the "Island of New Orleans," was included in the Louisiana purchase.

  55. Many New Orleans people protested, and certain of them claimed exemption from the work of defense on the ground that they were citizens of France.

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