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existait; existance; existant; existe; existed; existences; existencia; existent; existential; existere
  1. It must have been in existence however, during the fifth century after Christ for Moses of Khorene used it as his only source for Armenia's ancient history, in writing his general history of Armenia.

  2. Not that Pantheism denies the existence of evil or is unmoved by the struggle between evil and good, or is uninspired by faith in the reiterated triumph of good wherever the local conflict arises.

  3. For any view of the Universe, allowing the existence of anything outside the divine Unity, denies that God is All in All, and, therefore, is obviously not Pantheism.

  4. But this new finite existence was not the former man.

  5. By which is not meant an infinite extension of galaxies in space, but the co-existence and, so to speak, interpenetration of an infinity of modes of existence imperceptible to us.

  6. And this influence of Jewish traditions was much facilitated by the existence of a Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures.

  7. Thus, for example, Augustine would seem to deny to the world any separate creature existence when he says, that but for the divinity everywhere in it, creation would cease to be.

  8. But the essence of man does not necessarily involve his separate existence as the essence of God implies Being.

  9. He also anticipates Lucretius in his pessimistic view of humanity's lot; and insists on the apparently independent existence of a principle of discord or strife in the Universe.

  10. It is only on the death of him who has attained Nirvana that Karma ceases to act, and no new finite existence takes his place.

  11. But its practical effect was, that on the death of the imperfect man, another finite existence of some sort necessarily took his place.

  12. By a necessity of our finite and individual existence as centres of action--a necessity of which we can give no account--we present those relations to ourselves in forms of time and space.

  13. Melancholy was the existence where happiness was excluded, though not a complaint could be made!

  14. In vain, however, was the attempt; he protested himself wholly innocent, and that he would rather make an end of his existence than give me offence.

  15. It is quite likely that owing to the existence of that old dead root, and my lucky stumble thereon, I am now here telling the story of this skirmish.

  16. Knowledge is the attribute of his nature which at once enables him to improve his condition upon earth, and to prepare him for the enjoyment of a happier existence hereafter.

  17. These relations are not only apparent to the most superficial observation of man, but many of them remain inexhaustible funds of successive discovery, perhaps as long as the continued existence of man upon earth.

  18. This is one of the severest afflictions," he exclaimed, "to which human existence is liable.

  19. That, with exception of Florida, there shall henceforth never be admitted into this Union any state the constitution of which shall tolerate within the same the existence of slavery.

  20. The existence of slavery impairs the industry and power of a nation.

  21. It was like the dream of a delirious child after reading the ancient theory of the existence of the world by the rushing together of fortuitous atoms.

  22. He had not learned--nor has any one learned more than in part--what awful possibilities lie the existence we call WE.

  23. Many years had yet to pass ere he should feel the splendour of an existence rooted in changeless Life ripening through the growing weakness of the body!

  24. How could they expect to prosper, when they acted with so little foresight, rendering the struggle for existence severer still!

  25. Joan said to herself it was plain where the boy got his oddity; but what she called oddity was but sense from a deeper source than she knew the existence of.

  26. Evidence has been adduced in favour of man's existence in the Pliocene, or even in the Miocene epoch.

  27. The existence of Homo sapiens in the Quaternary epoch is also certain.

  28. Not to go into details, we may say that the Government has called into existence all the elements necessary for armed conflict.

  29. When claims for loss of property are considered, the Sub-Commissioners will require distinct proof of the existence of the property, and that it neither has reverted nor will revert to the claimant.

  30. There is one disability the existence of which the advocates of the Uitlander cause are always painfully conscious of.

  31. I have observed that passion awakens life, that all existence is a conflict, that one being devours another.

  32. Without Gilbert, of course, her existence would have been fatally dull, and she might have been driven to terrible remedies against ennui and emptiness.

  33. The war loomed about him, co-extensive with existence itself.

  34. Concepcion would turn his existence into an endless drama of which she alone, with her deep-rooted, devilish talent for the sensational, would always choose the setting, as she had chosen the window and the weir.

  35. And, if only in order to avoid the momentary humiliation, he would have been well content to be able to roll back his existence and to have had a military training and to be with them in the sacred and proud uniform.

  36. But in that last phrase he had now confessed to her the existence of an air-raid.

  37. The fact that the street was midway between Curzon Street and Piccadilly, and almost within sight of the monumental new mansion of an American duchess, explained the existence of the building in front of which the taxi had stopped.

  38. But to change one existence for another, if the fancy takes you--that seems to me the greatest proof of real independence that anybody can give.

  39. Lady Queenie had imposed terms on her family, and under threats of rupture, of separation, of scandal, Lady Queenie's exotic nest had come into existence in the very fortress of unchangeable British convention.

  40. The stage, very daring, yet dared no more than hint at the existence of the bright and joyous reality.

  41. Against the stark background of infinite existence all human beings were alike and all their passions were alike.

  42. There are several clocks still in existence in the neighbourhood of Doncaster made by Benjamin Huntsman; and there is one in the possession of his grandson, with a pendulum made of cast-steel.

  43. The existence of iron in sufficient quantity to be used for such a purpose is incompatible with contemporary facts, and unsupported by a single vestige remaining to our time.

  44. I thought myself therefore justified in considering this as a case of varieties which have come into existence subsequently to the Glacial epoch.

  45. These varieties are constituted by such minute differences of morphological character that their very existence eluded the observation of botanists, until M.

  46. For the general fact implied is that every species has come into existence on an area occupied by its parent type, and therefore under circumstances which render it imperative that intercrossing with that type should be prevented.

  47. I quarrel not with the principles of this science, as they are laid down by learned professors; much less am I disposed, with some people, to deny its existence altogether as any inlet of knowledge that can be depended upon.

  48. This society has been in existence for fifty years.

  49. But it does no one any harm and gives them a sense of romance: they get right away from the humdrum existence of the shop-counter and the office, and for a fortnight imagine themselves to be dukes and duchesses.

  50. It seems to me an ideal existence to try to keep the vision splendid before the eyes of these moor-folk, to comfort them in their distress.

  51. She was frightened at the very existence of his passion, restrain it how he would.

  52. He made the statement as if there were nothing extraordinary in it, as if he felt assured that there must be some perfectly simple explanation to account for it, as if, in fact, he scarcely recognized the existence of any mystery.

  53. She had never really been much attached to Maggie, who was too like her own father and too unlike herself to allow of the existence of any sympathy between them.

  54. They did not want her to upset the placid existence of their young friends.

  55. I was conscious of all the good which that more active and stirring existence was doing you.

  56. Is our whole existence to be shipwrecked in horror and must our name be coupled with this tragedy of madness and blood?

  57. What I had to do was to demolish at one blow a truth which had been twenty-seven years in existence and which was all the more firmly established because it was founded on actual facts.

  58. Just enough of its original spirit remained to cause the Iroquois thoroughly to incorporate and make one with themselves the captives of all those peoples whose separate existence they destroyed.

  59. Though the Hurons lost their national existence when thus adopted into the League, they did not lose their Christian faith.

  60. Then, and for a hundred years to come, its existence was known only to the Indians.

  61. Founded in a spirit of religious zeal for the conversion of the savages, its struggle for existence in a wild country of warring races fills up a strange and interesting chapter in early American history.

  62. Montreal has been in existence for thirty-five years, and has about a thousand inhabitants.

  63. Two thirds of human existence are wasted in hesitation, and the last third in repenting.

  64. In the first place the existence of certain myths which assert that the ancestors of the Aruntas always lived on their totem animal, and that they married no other women except those of their own totem.

  65. According to this the mere impulses of hostility towards the father and the existence of the wish phantasy to kill and devour him may have sufficed to bring about the moral reaction which has created totemism and taboo.

  66. When the idea of private property came into existence sacrifice was conceived as a gift to the deity, as a transfer from the property of man to that of the god.

  67. Almost every village contained some altogether disreputable individual, ostracized by society, whose wretched existence depended upon people's charity.

  68. The existence of omnipotence of thought is most clearly seen in compulsion neurosis, where the results of this primitive method of thought are most often found or met in consciousness.

  69. Of course your undertaking will be binding, and you will preserve the secret of the existence of this place under penalty of death.

  70. Twenty-four weary years of my existence have passed, and until this moment I have never summoned sufficient courage to visit it.

  71. It would have been better had I fallen with four of my comrades' bullets in my breast, than that I should have continued to drag out an existence till to-day.

  72. The remains show, too, a greater variety and adaptation; for while there is no clear proof of the existence of pottery, yet the cave people appear not to have lacked substitutes for it.

  73. Among the women in everyday life, social habits were easy and existence had many elements of contentment.

  74. The Church never doubted the existence of malignant spirits, but bent its endeavors toward persuading the people to give up converse with them.

  75. So gradual were the changes that were wrought in woman's existence during the revolution that followed the introduction of iron into the arts of Britain's life, that it will not be difficult to speak with approximate accuracy.

  76. It was in the galleries of the Society of Lady Artists, which came into existence in 1859, that Lady Butler first exhibited and pictures by Rosa Bonheur were displayed.

  77. Such is the wild Banshee, once to be heard in every part of Ireland, and formerly believed in so devoutly that to express a doubt of her existence was little less than blasphemy.

  78. Returning to the shores of the Mediterranean, their existence on the northern coast of Africa has been mentioned.

  79. He thought that Jack Tier was sensible of the existence of this new source of danger, but if he were, that experienced mariner imitated his own reserve, and made no allusion to it.

  80. Such an existence would make every man the keeper of the record of his own transgressions, even to the most minute exactness.

  81. Our far-reaching thoughts range over the vast fields of created things, without penetrating to the secret cause of the existence of even a blade of grass.

  82. So marked is this tendency to forgetfulness, we should not be surprised to hear some of the Manhattanese pretend that our legend is nothing but a fiction, and deny the existence of the Molly, Captain Spike, and even of Biddy Noon.

  83. He now saw plainly enough the signs of the existence of a vast reef, a short distance to the southward of the vessel, that formed a species of sea-wall, or mole, to protect the port against the waves of the gulf in that direction.

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