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  1. They have set up for worship a mystical conception of the State as a majestic and beneficent entity which embraces all the noble activities of the nation and guides it to its best achievements.

  2. All of them have suffered from the fallacies and troubles of the pure psychologist who would handle mind as an entity in a vacuum.

  3. Now when mind appears soaked in matter saturated with chemicals like the hormones, therefore woven out of material threads, the independent entity created out of intangible spirit flies like a ghost at dawn.

  4. The Mendelians have emphasized the rĂ´le of the unit factor in heredity, and the conservation of the unit factor as an entity through all the adventures of matings.

  5. Faith in one's luck must be pragmatic, but simply because faith in such an entity is not needful nor philosophical at all.

  6. They are great believers in evolution, and so am I, and what they require in evolution is, "the inherent power of the evolving entity to respond to external influences.

  7. He has at the outset the not inconsiderable advantage of being an entity instead of a non-entity.

  8. You are a remote, tantalizing entity with nothing comforting or stimulating about you.

  9. Society--using the word in its broad sense--has heretofore been regarded as a vague tremendous entity imposing a uniformity of opinion and action on the individual, under penalty of a like vague tremendous disapproval for insubordination.

  10. This would be perfectly decisive, were there no medium betwixt the infinite divisibility of matter, and the non-entity of mathematical points.

  11. Whoever opposes this, must necessarily point out that distinct impression, from which the idea of entity is derived, and must prove, that this impression is inseparable from every perception we believe to be existent.

  12. The Rishis, it is evident, regarded an entity not as an unknown substance in which certain known properties inhered, but as the sum total of those properties themselves.

  13. The object of the simile is to show that as wind is a separate entity although existing with the fire in a piece of wood, so the Soul, though existing with the senses is distinct from them.

  14. In the sense of His being unmodified, even as space is an entity that cannot be modified in any way.

  15. Go straight to the sun, the immense forces of the universe, to the Entity unknown; go higher than a god; deeper than prayer; and open a new day.

  16. The question whether the idea of space is conditionally or unconditionally necessary can only be determined by the solution of the deeper question whether space is a real entity or a relation.

  17. Can that be for us an entity of which we can form no concept, and which we can not determine in thought by any attribute or relation?

  18. The third created entity is Spirit; spirit with its reason, its liberty, its conscience, its susceptibility of Divine inspiration, its capacity for endless progression in knowledge and love.

  19. No State, local, or tribal law enforcement or other government entity shall be required to participate in the Homeland Security Information Sharing Fellows Program.

  20. The Agency shall be maintained as a distinct entity within the Department.

  21. It assumes the aspect not so much of a permanent entity as of a changeful process, in which naught endures save the flow of energy and the rational order which pervades it.

  22. In short, every word tends to become an entity having its attributes and its legends.

  23. It had hitherto been much discussed whether Ireland could be regarded as a separate financial entity from the rest of the kingdom.

  24. Ireland as a political entity dates from the period of the conquest by England, when for the first time the princes and chieftains with their followers were fused into something like national unity.

  25. Between the opposite parts of the same organic entity (between the opposite leaves of the same plant, for example), nature manifests no such absolute difference in any case as exists between the leaf of a plant and of a book.

  26. Whatever this entity might be, an entity it was, entirely distinct from his own conscious or subconscious mind.

  27. Paragraph 8 The entity most people thought of as E.

  28. Paragraph 14 So someone came up with the brilliant idea to set up a separate Hutton entity to be trustee of the pension funds, and collect fees for that, and put all the brokerage through Hutton & Co.

  29. The PSM contains also some basic models, like the model to keep in the eyesight a moving entity from external reality, or the model to touch by hand an entity in the range of the hand.

  30. The main activity is to find the entities of the external reality and to associate to any entity a YM model.

  31. Example: if an entity was associated with a YM-dog, the M-model is able to predict how this YM performs in connection with all the other YMs of it.

  32. Once an entity was firstly associated with a YM, M-models will predict its evolution based also on that YM.

  33. By camouflage an entity is not discovered and by dissimulation M-models associate a wrong YM to an entity.

  34. Once a possible entity is associated with a YM, the M-model will predict how this YM interacts with the other YMs of the model.

  35. A pure image model is a YM-model associated with a single entity of the external reality.

  36. A class of suicidal individuals consists of those people that after the disappearance of an entity included in their PSM (a very close person vanishes from their life), they are unable to correct the whole structure of models.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "entity" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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