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  1. Materiality at last considered a quality not becoming to a god, pp.

  2. Just as a savage looks for a man behind a mirror, we foolishly seek in materiality for that which is not there.

  3. Reincarnation is the periodic "dip" of an immortal individual into materiality for the working out of karma, after an interval, long or short, spent under other conditions of existence.

  4. Corporeality and materiality are two different things.

  5. But it is really no stranger than the maintenance of the soul's materiality equally defended by other religionists, like Tertullian for example, and the opposition to Maimonides's spiritualism on the part of Abraham ben David of Posquières.

  6. Life itself, as well as materiality and force, comes out of the all-pervading ether.

  7. This question of materiality was still a puzzle; if he himself had survived there was a chance that the firearm had done the same.

  8. The materiality is indicated by the word "salt," which implies gross matter.

  9. Tamas keeps down all beings and enchains them to materiality in the course of evolution, and there is a point in the downfall of beings as well as of globes, beyond which there is a complete break-down.

  10. The fight between the Devas and the Asuras is only a counterpart of struggles on our earth between the forces of materiality and spirituality.

  11. Though the essential idea of spirituality is unity and the essential idea of materiality is diversity, the one idea develops into the other idea, by an ever widening view of things.

  12. Mathura is from Math, to put down, because materiality is put down there by divine wisdom.

  13. Pride, arrogance, envy and malice, worldliness and anger, all that keep up the materiality in man were to be found among the best of his followers and advisers.

  14. It was necessary to put a limit to the materiality of the Earth.

  15. The Vedas tried to curb the riotous course of materiality by prescribing a number of restrictions on the enjoyment of material desires.

  16. But henceforth there was to be a steady fall of Materiality and rise of Spirituality, subject to such variations as minor Cycles might cause.

  17. Jarasandha was an incongruous combination of materiality and spirituality, (the two parts which Jiva put together).

  18. Yet the assurance that Perfect Love could overcome the bonds of Materiality and Death encourages in mankind the Hope of an existence beyond the impenetrable veil of physical limitation.

  19. The three images descriptive of the cause and mode of this increase, arranged according to the increasing materiality of their picturings.

  20. Yet, as already Duns Scotus insisted, Aquinas’ general principle seems to require the non-existence of pure forms as distinct beings, and the partial materiality of all individual beings.

  21. Current speech referred to the materiality of the "imponderables" unquestioningly.

  22. This comes as near the truth, perhaps, as could be expected while the old idea as to the materiality of heat held sway.

  23. Before we take up the details of the assault made by Young upon the old doctrine of the materiality of light, we must pause to consider the personality of Young himself.

  24. The world may call them "drones," but they are necessary in order to preserve the moral balance of the world, as an offset to the materiality of the day.

  25. This adaptation has, moreover, been brought about quite naturally, because it is the same inversion of the same movement which creates at once the intellectuality of mind and the materiality of things.

  26. To effect this prolongation of the movement, our intellect has only to let itself go, for it runs naturally to space and mathematics, intellectuality and materiality being of the same nature and having been produced in the same way.

  27. But we must not forget that our intellect, which finds this order and wonders at it, is directed in the same line of movement that leads to the materiality and spatiality of its object.

  28. Evolution appears and, within this evolution, the progressive determination of materiality and intellectuality by the gradual consolidation of the one and of the other.

  29. Of course, this intellect might be that of a being infinitely superior to man, who would found the materiality of things at the same time that he bound them together: such was the hypothesis of Leibniz and of Spinoza.

  30. Intellectuality and materiality have been constituted, in detail, by reciprocal adaptation.

  31. According as the undivided act constituting vision advances more or less, the materiality of the organ is made of a more or less considerable number of mutually coördinated elements, but the order is necessarily complete and perfect.

  32. We might add that, beside the materiality of the collection, there must be a plan on which the artist worked; and then we should be expressing ourselves as finalists.

  33. The alternations of generation and decay, the evolutions ever beginning over and over again, the infinite repetition of the cycles of celestial spheres--this all represents merely a certain fundamental deficit, in which materiality consists.

  34. Thus, and only thus, is crude materiality to be disengaged from known facts.

  35. What does this mean, if not that intelligence and materiality go together, that language with its analytic steps is regulated by the movements of matter?

  36. According to a dictum of Ravaisson, of which Mr Bergson makes use, the explanation must be sought in the body: "it is materiality which causes forgetfulness in us.

  37. Forces mechanical and materiality of agents of Divinity explain nothing, 729-m.

  38. But, Webb, you appeared, during the summer, to go back to your old materiality worse than ever.

  39. Heat is real space; into it all forms have been resolved, as all materiality has been resolved into gravity, and all activity, all polarity into light.

  40. To constitute the sense of feeling the integument, in other words the nutritive or vascular system, has assumed a nervose character, and consequently that which is in communication with the materiality of the external world.

  41. It is the materiality in a general point of view in the Organic, and consequently the Inert.

  42. Materiality is not the only determinant of refraction, but also the density of the element, the earth refracting light more than water, and this more than air.

  43. The function of this sense will therefore have materiality only for its object.

  44. The latter acts only in a closed chain, or only by its own body or its materiality forming one circle that returns into itself.

  45. The discrimination of materiality is called Feeling.

  46. It is clear that consciousness is moving away from its absorption in materiality because it is losing faith in materialism.

  47. It is true that materiality renders these ideals imperfect and destructible; yet I would not ex- change mine for thine, for mine give me such personal 360:9 pleasure, and they are not so shockingly transcendental.

  48. Such is the sword of 266:3 Science, with which Truth decapitates error, materiality giving place to man's higher individuality and destiny.

  49. Because mortals believe in material laws and reject the Science of Mind, this does not make materiality first and 63:1 the superior law of Soul last.

  50. Spiritual freedom The human thought must free itself from self-imposed materiality and bondage.

  51. First of all, then, it must be understood that the astral plane has seven subdivisions, each of which has its corresponding degree of materiality and its corresponding condition of matter.

  52. What is the materiality of the cable or the wire compared with the materiality of the spark?

  53. The very fact of the external organs affecting the mind without any intervening cause, the same as other matter affects other matter, is an argument of the strongest kind in favour of the materiality of mind.

  54. The followers of Joseph Smith," says this author, "hold the doctrine of the materiality of all existence in common with the ancient academics.

  55. The doctrine of necessity," continues Priestly, "is the immediate result of the doctrine of the materiality of man; for mechanism is the undoubted consequence of materialism.

  56. So far as the different qualities are evidences, the mind has as good a claim to materiality as the stone or wood.

  57. Can there exist pure knowledge without feeling, without that species of materiality which feeling lends to it?

  58. Nowadays we have greatly refined our notion of materiality and substantiality; but there were even some among the Fathers of the Church to whom the immateriality of God Himself was not a thing so clear and definite as it is for us.

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