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Example sentences for "creates"

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creat; creata; create; created; createdst; createst; createth; creating; creatio; creation
  1. It is with an eye to business, therefore, that the private detective creates trouble.

  2. It is well enough understood by them that violence creates a state of reaction.

  3. Let us be on our guard against thinking that the world eternally creates the new.

  4. In short, destruction creates demand, and demand gives occasion for profit.

  5. As may be imagined, this creates great fun.

  6. Each male is successively locked in pure Platonic embrace with each female; and after this grand ceremony, which, of course, creates infinite fun, they separate and go home.

  7. This fallacy, together with the brain path theory, proves that excess of possessions coupled with classical education creates degeneracy.

  8. Then he adds, "The soul presents nothing herself and creates nothing.

  9. I, for one, find it quite impossible--the soul presents nothing herself; and creates nothing.

  10. In daring to lay bare the truths of fate, the poet creates for himself the subtlest and most heroic harmonies; and he is comforted for the illusions he has lost by being made incapable of desiring them.

  11. Narrow The heart that loves, the brain that contemplates, The life that wears, the spirit that creates One object and one form, and builds thereby A sepulchre for its eternity!

  12. Then it turns this name into a power, that by its operation creates the appearance.

  13. It is an age of advertisement, the growth of new economic conditions, for advertisement creates as well as reveals new markets.

  14. This policy covering many years creates a condition that is far removed from the specialization plan.

  15. It brings a progressive growth and creates in each the greatest productive capacity.

  16. Even the missing leg creates an interest, and Andersen uses it to center our attention upon his little hero.

  17. If such is the case, it follows that the teacher who creates the most vital interest in the subject, who leaves with her pupils the most ardent desire to study and know, has been of greatest service to them.

  18. It creates nothing, but it may enlarge, diminish or recombine ideas with an infinity of form.

  19. By it, the immortal mind converts deserts into gardens, creates the forms of art, sways senates, and sheds its plastic presence over social life.

  20. God creates the material, and impresses upon it his own laws.

  21. FN#149] The Sixth Patriarch expresses the same idea more explicitly: "What creates the phenomena is Mind; what transcends all the phenomena is Buddha.

  22. Frederick II, having married his natural son, Enzio, to Adelaide, heiress of the two principalities of Torri and Gallura, creates him king of Sardinia.

  23. All things indeed are clean, however it is evil for that man who creates a stumbling block by eating.

  24. It has already been remarked that the feeling which the north porch creates is that it should be, and was intended to be the porch to an interior of larger dimensions than those of the present plan.

  25. The feeling which the north porch creates is that it was intended to be the entrance to an interior of larger dimensions than those of the present plan.

  26. An intense belief in the moral government of the world creates what it insists upon.

  27. He submits him from the first to the best influences; he creates opportunities for repentance at every stage of a long career--opportunities which the reprobate nature cannot profit by, yet increases its guilt by neglecting.

  28. The one class that is economically capable of making all that can be made of its children is demoralized by the very irresponsibility of the wealth that creates this opportunity.

  29. The Crown grants all pardons, creates all peers, and confers all titles and honours.

  30. I do not refer here to the cases where a statute creates new public duties to be performed directly by the Crown and confers upon it the authority needed for the purpose.

  31. Each woman creates in her own likeness the love-tokens that are offered to her; and Romola's deep calm happiness encompassed Tito like the rich but quiet evening light which dissipates all unrest.

  32. Fault-finding creates resentment in the one blamed, and approval, complacency, rather than a habit of scrutinizing conduct objectively.

  33. It may mean concentration of attention upon personal rectitude in neglect of objective consequences, a practice which creates a wholly unreal rectitude.

  34. This knowledge joined to wish creates a purpose.

  35. Positive attainment, actual enrichment of meaning and powers opens new vistas and sets new tasks, creates new aims and stimulates new efforts.

  36. It creates demands which take effect, and the effect is not confined to speech and literature, but extends to the common life in communication, counsel and instruction.

  37. Every important satisfaction of an old want creates a new one; and this new one has to enter upon an experimental adventure to find its satisfaction.

  38. The introduction of many novel stimuli creates occasions where habits afford no ballast.

  39. Pity fulfils and creates a self when it is directed outward, opening the mind to new contacts and receptions.

  40. This benevolent view of nature falls in with a Puritanic devotion to work for its own sake and creates distrust of amusement, play and recreation.

  41. Only deductive reasoning from certain fixed premisses creates a bias in favor of complete determination and finality.

  42. May the university further exercise her splendid privilege of fostering true knowledge, which, as Humboldt has so well said, comes from man's inner being to be planted again in his inner being, which creates and reshapes character.

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