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Example sentences for "entitling"

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entitative; entities; entitle; entitled; entitles; entituled; entity; entoderm; entomb; entombed
  1. Some productions of the trouveres may fairly be allowed an elevation of aim and of treatment entitling them to be called epic in character.

  2. There was a special clause in the ship's articles, entitling us to do that.

  3. It grants a receipt likewise, entitling the bearer to take out a number of ducatoons deposited at any time within six months, upon paying one fourth per cent.

  4. I consider it of the utmost importance that the young and middle-aged officers should before the eve of retirement be permitted to reach a grade entitling them to active and important duty.

  5. We repeat, that the shooting of itinerant abolition schoolmasters is frequently a creditable and laudable act, entitling a respectable Southern man to, at least, a seat in the Legislature or a place in the Common Council.

  6. Definition of Crime The effect of the clause entitling an accused to know the nature and cause of the accusation against him commences with the statutes fixing or declaring offenses.

  7. The rate at which the Indian believers are advancing is increasingly entitling them to a position in the foremost ranks of the Faith, and will no doubt greatly inspire and encourage other Baha’is of the East to follow their example.

  8. Bonds representing money loaned to a company, and entitling their holder to regular interest payments, are nearest in form to the medieval rent-charge.

  9. The transaction took this form: the purchaser of the rent-charge paid a sum of money, called the capital sum, and obtained in return a rent-paper entitling him to receive permanently a given income.

  10. Sacheverell, each of whom has a place in the history of Southwark entitling him to commemoration in the church.

  11. The immortal name has, therefore, a direct association with St. Saviour's Church and parish, entitling it to the special memorial.

  12. They were reckoned as members of his family, thence obtaining the name of familiars, entitling them to immunity from justice.

  13. The second degree will be awarded by the first star, the third degree by the second star, also entitling the winner to membership in the "Brown Rag" Society.

  14. Instead of each lender having a separate bond or mortgage, he has a certificate entitling him to a certain sum, being a portion of one large loan.

  15. Yet, even as a mere battle, there were circumstances attending it extraordinary in character, and entitling it to peculiar distinction.

  16. The patent laws of the United States protect the rights of an inventor for seventeen years, entitling him to damages upon proof in the proper court of infringement upon his patent.

  17. In addition to these, certain land grants to the several states led to the issue of scrip, entitling the possessor to locate on government lands upon payment of only fees of registration.

  18. Thus an ordinance entitling to trial by jury in civil cases, was established in New South Wales (1829).

  19. He explored six hundred miles of coast, one-half of which was hitherto unknown; an enterprise beyond example in nautical adventure, and entitling him to that renown which belongs to his name.

  20. Difficulty of entitling a subclass corresponding to every combination.

  21. We have had private boxes presented to us at both the Italian Operas, and a free ticket, entitling the bearer to a glass of gin and water, at the Yorkshire Stingo.

  22. The kindness of the Speaker had furnished me with a ticket, entitling me to a place among the "distinguished guests," which I presented without modestly questioning my right to the title.

  23. It does not appear that there really was any legislation entitling the Inquisition to this privilege, but in the frequent troubles arising from its assertion, the inquisitors acted with their customary truculence.

  24. When, in 1495, Alexander VI granted to them the proud title of Catholic Kings, the expulsion of the Jews was enumerated among the services to the faith entitling them to this distinction.

  25. Borgian inscription, which is a passport graven in bronze, entitling the holder to hospitable reception wherever he demanded it.

  26. By "pure capitalism" is meant the ownership of industry entitling the owner to dividends although the owner contributes nothing to the industry in the way of personal service.

  27. The order upon the public store need differ in no way from the greenback of to-day except that, instead of entitling the holder to a dollar's worth of gold, it will entitle him to a dollar's worth of goods in the public store.

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