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  1. It was intolerable to think of spending a year's close association with all those paint-boxes and all that modeling wax and all those undestroyed proof-sheets of The Oxford Looking-Glass.

  2. Have secured at least two tenants in bird boxes erected by himself.

  3. Apply to the {92} National Association of Audubon Societies for information as to where ready-made nest boxes and fountains can be procured, also books on this subject, as well as on the subject of making friends of the birds through feeding.

  4. In the Chengchiatun case, the claim of establishing police boxes wherever the Japanese think necessary was made one of the demands.

  5. Then came the last day, when the boxes stood packed and strapped and labelled, and a general air of holidays and freedom from rules pervaded the whole house.

  6. With this purpose they made their way to a range of boxes or cabinets, facing upon a large open space, and connected behind with an establishment for the supply of rack-punch and ham sandwiches.

  7. Other parties were in the adjoining boxes on either side, and their conversation was indistinctly audible on the background of the prevailing hubbub.

  8. Having rented the right of sole occupancy of one of these boxes for the evening, they made themselves as comfortable in it as the narrow and angular fashion of the chairs permitted.

  9. The outside passengers, with the exception of one or two who clung to their seats, were projected into the field beyond, together with a number of boxes and portmanteaux.

  10. Near Sussk, to the east of Lutsk, a squadron of Cossacks attacked the enemy behind his fortified lines, capturing two guns, eight ammunition wagons, and 200 boxes of ammunition.

  11. Household supplies had to be laid in wholesale--sacks of sugar and flour, chests of tea, boxes of kerosene and candles.

  12. These are square boxes of iron or wood, with perforated sides and bottom and a removeable perforated lid.

  13. Let us not keep our alabaster boxes sealed and unbroken till our loved ones are dead.

  14. Too many wait until those they love are dead, and then bring their alabaster boxes of affection and break them.

  15. Four or five other articles were brought forth from the boxes and examined with similar commendation.

  16. You and Madame will assume their dresses, and they will put on some clothes the Signor has already sent, in such boxes as Madame is accustomed to receive, full of materials for her flowers.

  17. Will they sell the table and boxes Mamita painted, and the ottomans she embroidered?

  18. As Floracita pointed to the ottomans their mother had embroidered, and the boxes and table she had painted, she said: "Our good friend the Signor sent those.

  19. I see you have brought some more boxes of shell-work, and by and by we will examine them.

  20. The railroad operatives were busy with lanterns about the train, tapping wheels, filling the ice-boxes and gas-tanks, and switching cars.

  21. The custom-house officer, searching the next luggage to mine, unearthed two boxes of cigars; of course these were contraband.

  22. These frail boats--long boxes made of deal boards nailed together, and loaded nearly to the top--would many of them be lost.

  23. Leaving, then, her boxes at the station, her next anxiety was to secure a respectable, or rather genteel, lodging in the popular seaside resort confronting her.

  24. In his pocket-book was a plan of his auriferous estate; in a bag hanging round his neck was a small collection of yellow nuggets; in his boxes was a chosen assortment of quartz.

  25. He got up and searched behind boxes and shook the rows of hanging garments.

  26. Innumerable cardboard boxes full of Japanese dolls, full of glass bracelets of all colours, full of ivory figures, and full of amber and jade ornaments, were piled in the shelves.

  27. The inhabitants, consisting of about forty men, women, and children, gathered on the beach to welcome them in front of their little stone-boxes of dwellings which were scattered about here and there.

  28. Holding it in his hand, he mounted above the parterre boxes and the grand-tier boxes, to the highest and cheapest of the galleries where silence and an almost awed concentration reigned.

  29. As the car turned, he held out the box, which proclaimed its contents, as violet boxes always do.

  30. It might have been dropped in one of the many street boxes from which collections were made for that particular office, or it might have been mailed in the station itself.

  31. There was a confusion of wagons and trucks, and the puffing of donkey engines, seemingly anxious to begin lifting big boxes and bales from the dark interior of the ship.

  32. A large hawser had been coiled away upon my chest; my hats, boots, mattress and blankets had all fetched away and gone over leeward, and were jammed and broken under the boxes and coils of rigging.

  33. The boxes should then be removed to the magazines.

  34. The cartridges are then packed away in cardboard boxes, which are again packed in deal boxes lined with indiarubber, and screwed down air tight, brass screws or zinc or brass nails being used for the purpose.

  35. The dry compressed gun-cotton is packed in boxes containing 2,500 lbs.

  36. Before the boxes are fastened down a cartridge or so should be removed and tested by the heat test, the liquefaction test, and the test for liability to exudation.

  37. In packing for market, besides the directions already given as to prevent motion, it is very desirable to have the packages, of whatever form, whether boxes or barrels, of a neat appearance and uniform full size.

  38. Here are also many boxes of historical instruments and models.

  39. Anyhow the sluice boxes were molested no more forever.

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