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Example sentences for "boxelder"

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  1. One nest was in a cottonwood at a height of about 10 feet, and another in a boxelder about 15 feet above ground.

  2. Additional specimens have been obtained from the following localities in northwestern Boxelder County: Grouse Creek, Park Valley, Grouse Creek Mountains, 12 miles northwest of Grouse Creek, and Goose Creek.

  3. Actually, he had specimens from only the Raft River Mountains in northwestern Boxelder County.

  4. Boxelder probably was not a part of the original flora of the Reservation.

  5. Moreover, in the timber were many boxelder trees, whose sap was made into sugar in early spring time.

  6. Indians say that the bean mouse uses a leaf of the boxelder tree, or sometimes another kind of leaf of suitable shape, as a sled for gathering his stores.

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