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Example sentences for "boxed"

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  1. I made three voyages from Liverpool to America, and was boxed about pretty badly, but I learned to handle the ropes.

  2. All great men respected her, and if the little ones were insolent she boxed their ears and twisted their necks.

  3. At breakfast time, when sixteen deputies and seventy-eight citizens had been arrested and were held secure, the Duke of Morny reported the success of the undertaking to Louis Napoleon with the two words: "Boxed up.

  4. Sidenote: "Boxed up"] At the stroke of five in the morning, columns of soldiery filed out of all the Paris barracks and occupied the commanding positions where barricades had been thrown up in former times.

  5. Whereat a maid boxed his ears for talking of such a thing; and then, by way of mending it, declared that she knew for certain that her mistress could turn aside the lightning, and call legions of spirits to fight for her with a nod.

  6. So I boxed his ears, and he tumbled down.

  7. He slapt her face, he boxed her jaws, he pulled her nose, he pinched her ears, and he scratched her cheeks, till she farly yelled.

  8. Then the banks in that part of the country boxed up all their gold and silver and sent it away, lest the British should get it.

  9. These goods therefore had to be paid for in money, which about 1785 began to be boxed up and shipped to London.

  10. He's tried jolly hard to get even with you, but you've just naturally boxed the compass all around him.

  11. We could keep 'em boxed up in there fer a week, if we wanted to, and they're bound to lose out in the end.

  12. When he boxed your ears, you felt the smart for three days on end.

  13. Why had his mother pulled his flaxen hair and boxed his ears?

  14. Little Castlewood and little Lord Churchill are to be sworn friends, and have boxed each other twice or thrice like brothers already.

  15. Blandford has a lock of her hair: the Duchess found him on his knees to Mistress Trix, and boxed his ears, and said Dr.

  16. She only washed Harry's face the day he went away; nor ever so much as once boxed his ears.

  17. That's how it is, although I get my ears boxed for saying it.

  18. I am not there at the journey's end to see how those children's ears are boxed for growing devilish on such fare, but I know it is done all the same by these ignorant parents.

  19. It is Flemister; the man who has the stolen switching-engine boxed up in a power-house built out of planks sawed from your Gloria bridge-timbers.

  20. She's awful pious, and boxed my ears with a psalm-book last Sabbath, when I said I wished the lions would bite Daniel in the den, I was so tired of seeing them stare and roar at him.

  21. Wasn't it lucky that your relics were boxed up in dear Aunt Maria's shed, so all Cobb had to do was to alter the directions and send them off to Philadelphia instead of home?

  22. I scolded my sister, Castlewood: I scolded her children, I boxed Harry Warrington's ears: and all because he would not go with me to Tunbridge Wells.

  23. And I would smile, though that horrible old painted woman boxed my ears.

  24. She had boxed the compass as no woman had ever yet boxed it.

  25. He boxed his ears, and pitched him on to the platform along with his precious belongings--the whole paraphernalia of his craft.

  26. Duchess of Marlborough boxed his ears when he was so high, because he wanted to kiss her.

  27. He could plaster All those who boxed out Tencombe way.

  28. Pretty grizzly to be boxed up with Hilary for a whole term," lamented Betty.

  29. And I'm boxed up with Dorothy, and Nora Haddon, and Glynne Hamilton!

  30. Catching the child, he berated it and boxed its ears soundly.

  31. For this she boxed his ears soundly and sat off on another rock.

  32. With one huge hand in Joe Hopper's collar, he boxed his ears until he begged for mercy.

  33. Therefore Sam made his pills, boxed them up, put on the labels, and placed them in a conspicuous position on one of the shelves.

  34. The injured, friendless, and unprotected Isabella fainted as she saw her child struggling to release herself from the arms of old Mrs. Miller, and as the wretch boxed the poor child's ears.

  35. She felt dazed, as if Zelie had boxed her ears, as she had boxed Tony's earlier.

  36. Zelie could have boxed the ears under the delicious boudoir cap.

  37. I'm sorry I boxed your ear, Tony," she apologised.

  38. Usually they are placed at first in piles or windrows; and from these piles they are barreled or boxed for market.

  39. Any other woman would probably have risen from her place among her cushions, followed Lola into the house and either boxed her ears or ordered her back to town.

  40. There were shelves of machines, duly boxed and equipped with Mahon units, but not yet activated.

  41. He went to a shelf and brought down a boxed machine,--straight from the top-secret manufactory of Mahon units.

  42. The gentleman you have boxed up--well, I shouldn't be surprised if they had to open the coffin to find out who he was.

  43. I knew what she was thinking, and small blame to her; I could have boxed Mr. FitzHoward's ears for getting me into such a mess.

  44. He began at once to talk, as if I had never been angry or boxed his ears at all!

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