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Example sentences for "boxe"

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bowt; bowte; bowys; box; boxcar; boxed; boxelder; boxes; boxful; boxing
  1. Or A Countrie cuffe, that is, a sound boxe of the eare, for the idiot Martin to hold his peace, seeing the patch will take no warning.

  2. They said that he kept a curious crucifix "in a Boxe wi^th foldinge windowes.

  3. First they haue a boxe couered or rather footed alike at each end, the bottome of the one end being no deeper then as it may containe one lane of corne or pepper, glewed there vpon.

  4. Now he had hyred two men to stande at the gate with a boxe (as the facion is), who toke of euery persone that came in a peny, or an halfe peny at the least.

  5. And they haue some old men which go in the streetes with a boxe of yellow poudre, and marke men on their heads and neckes as they meet them.

  6. William Collins the covenant servant of John Johnson complained of his master for “myssusing hym in his boxe money,” whereupon M{r} Johnson was ordered to amend his ways.

  7. Chambre of this hono{r}able Citee and the other half to the Coẽn boxe of the said Crafte.

  8. A boxe with evydence off my place in Fletstrett.

  9. For the boxe of th' eare that the Prince gaue you, he gaue it like a rude Prince, and you tooke it like a sensible Lord.

  10. That he hath a neighbourly charitie in him, for he borrowed a boxe of the eare of the Englishman, and swore he would pay him againe when hee was able: I thinke the Frenchman became his suretie, and seald vnder for another Ner.

  11. He then returned to Paris, about 1852, and opened a school to teach the sport since called la boxe francaise.

  12. Lecour, Vigneron and Charlemont may be said to have created la boxe francaise, which, for defence at equal weights, the French claim to be better than the English.

  13. Sidenote: If you lift the Boxe a little from the Table bearing it from you, the three loose counters will come forth.

  14. Draw this boxe of Counters, and say, Gentlemen, here is a boxe of Barbarie gold, it was left me as a Legacie by a deceased friend, upon condition I should employ it well and honestly.

  15. YOu must have a boxe made of brasse or Crooked Lane plate, a double boxe, and not above five quarters of an inch deepe: in the midst must be the bottome, and both ends must have covers to come over them.

  16. French Crownes you shall: then I thrust my boxe forward, and delivered her three from the bottome, saying, there they are.

  17. A small boy with a gong handed me a bill on the rue du Four, which read: Casino de Tahiti Ce Soir Vendredi Pour le championnat des Etablissements français de l'Oceanie Grand Match de Boxe Entre MM.

  18. Our sour wines could not fight one round of the English boxe with whisky and gin and that awful ale.

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