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Example sentences for "boxful"

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boxcar; boxe; boxed; boxelder; boxes; boxing; boxlike; boxwood; boy; boyar
  1. A boxful of guineas that has been lost for years.

  2. A boxful of guineas shouldn't be left alone in an empty room.

  3. We are making up a boxful of things to send to the poor little boys and girls at the Howard Mission, in New York.

  4. Months before Mr. Stevenson had sent to the army and navy stores in London and had a large boxful of presents for the tree sent out.

  5. He returned to China with a belt of gold around his waist, a ninety dollar breech loader given him by Louis, and a boxful of belongings.

  6. Paul ran down to where the carpenter had been working, and returned with a boxful of chips which we dried on top of the stove, swallowing volumes of smoke as we did so.

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