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Example sentences for "boyar"

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  1. So he sent his oldest boyar to ask them whose children they were, and why they were working so hard, and the eldest Simeon answered, that they were orphans, and had no one to work for them, and that they were all called Simeon.

  2. When the boyar told this to Tsar Ador, he ordered the boys to be brought along with him.

  3. The visit was expected, for Maximof had sent a messenger to give warning of his approach and to notify the boyar of the object of his coming.

  4. The driver, Kiril, had found friends at Demidof's house anxious to entertain him in return for his dismal accounts of the cruelties and abominations practised by his boyar upon the serfs of his estate.

  5. It occurred to some ingenious boyar about to enter into the delights and responsibilities of wedlock to apply for commissions for a son or two in advance.

  6. His wife uttered a cry of alarm, the boyar swore loudly and thumped Kiril on the back.

  7. Whereat the mother crossed herself and muttered a prayer and the boyar laughed boisterously.

  8. The cold had a sobering influence both upon the boyar himself and upon the priest, who was with difficulty aroused from torpor, however, when his village was reached and the time came to drop him at his own house.

  9. The Boyar Demidof, though not by profession a diplomat, had procured for himself an appointment as Attache to the Embassy in Paris, in order to be near his daughter as well as his married sister.

  10. The astonished neighbours came in crowds to gaze at them, and the promoted ex-boyar swore a hundred times that such gourds as these the Turkish Sultan himself had not seen all his life long.

  11. They had scarce got into battle array when they were joined by the boyar Balacsan, the refugee Moldavian nobleman, who kept on foot two regiments of the Hungarians and Wallachians at his own expense.

  12. Very often some young and flighty boyar would pass through the place from the neighbouring village, and very much would he have liked to have taken the girl off with him, if only her father would give her away.

  13. Therefore he sent the same boyar to take them to the palace.

  14. When the boyar came to the Simeons he asked why they, such small children, were doing such heavy work?

  15. Therefore he sent his chief boyar to inquire whose children they were.

  16. The boyar left them and told this to the Tsar, who wondered greatly that so many small boys, brothers, should be called by one name.

  17. The boyar carried out the command of the Tsar and took all the Simeons with him.

  18. He who formerly, like a true boyar of Moscow, had such a horror of the water that he could not make up his mind to cross a bridge, became a determined sailor: he guided his boat first on the Yaousa, then on the lake of Pereiaslavl.

  19. The overseer, a strong man dealing with a weak one, had been trained under Tartar rule; and just as the Tsar succeeded to the khan, the boyar looked upon himself as a successor to the beg.

  20. A robber would not--and a boyar dared not--force the sanctuary of God.

  21. In that gorgeous chamber of the Kremlin known as the treasury of Moscow, stands an armed and mounted figure, richly dight, and called a boyar of the times of Ivan the Fourth.

  22. The Russian boyar dressed like a German knight; the Russian mujik dressed like an English churl.

  23. As Philip went on with his service, taking no notice of the prince, a boyar cried, "It is the Tsar!

  24. Yet the figure is really that of a boyar of the times of Ivan the Fourth.

  25. A Tsar boxed a boyar, a boyar beat a prince.

  26. Kazan and Bakchi Serai were nobler cities than Vladimir and Moscow; while the poorest mirza of the Great Cham's court was far more splendid in arms and dress than any boyar in Ivan's court.

  27. There is reason to believe that this festival of St. George (in 1601) was hailed by peasant and boyar as a glorious day; that the decree which established serfage in Russia was accepted as a great and popular reform.

  28. Yet the theory of their holding was, that the peasant held his land of the crown; even as the boyar held his land of the crown.

  29. And then at last came Smirnoy Otrepiev back from Cracow, where he had been sent by Basmanov to obtain with his own eyes confirmation of the rumour which had reached the boyar on the score of the pretender's real identity.

  30. The boyar was taken aback by the question.

  31. Upon the tale the boyar had brought him he offered now no comment.

  32. But when the boyar had gone, Boris Godunov heaved himself to his feet, and strode over to the fire, his great head sunk between his massive shoulders.

  33. This Boyar was no doubt a nephew of the Great Spatar.

  34. An opposition party in Bulgaria, disgusted with the misfortunes which had befallen their country under Peter, added to these misfortunes by a revolt, and seceded to found the kingdom of Western Bulgaria under the boyar Shishman Mokar (963).

  35. The boyar started up as from sleep and looked fearfully at Vasile; then he shook his head and relapsed into thought.

  36. Along the wall stood a row of earthenware jars full of wine from Odobeshti and from Cotnari, and at the back of each boyar waited some servant who poured out the wine.

  37. Cozma, while he strode along the corridor with the lady under his arm, "he has not bad taste, that Boyar Nicola!

  38. The miserable boyar fell into the arms of the many-headed Hydra, which in a second tore him to pieces.

  39. Boyar Nicola could not take his eyes off Cozma.

  40. And that evening Boyar Nicola kept his word.

  41. Boyar Nicola was rather alarmed when he heard talk of Cozma Racoare, but afterwards he sighed and said: "Good!

  42. The wretched boyar yelled as loudly as possible, trying to protect himself, but how could his old hands shield him from the four strong arms that carried him?

  43. Many a mercenary perished, but finally not a boyar remained alive.

  44. I have come to fetch you," said Racoare shortly, "and take you to Boyar Nicola.

  45. I should think Boyar would be plumb ashamed.

  46. She was puzzled at finding Boyar and Yuma together.

  47. Without a word she touched Black Boyar with the spurs.

  48. But when Louise came blithely leading the two saddle-ponies, Black Boyar and the big pinto Rally, Walter Stone shook an odd twenty years from his broad shoulders and swung into the saddle briskly.

  49. Boyar and Apache have never been in harness before.

  50. Miss Louise could get more out of Boyar in a race than even Miguel here," said Billy Dime.

  51. Her black saddle-pony Boyar fretted to be away.

  52. Uncle Walter and I are very fond of them," she said, turning Boyar into the inclosure.

  53. Last year we skinned 'em so bad with Boyar takin' first that some of 'em had to wait till dark to go home.

  54. Black Boyar seemed to realize something unusual in her preference.

  55. But the girl of Moonstone Cañon, reining Boyar round, was real, and she smiled and nodded a greeting.

  56. She noticed Boyar had trailed his bridle across the yard--an unusual thing for him to do, considering his training.

  57. Apache leaped forward, bringing Boyar down to his feet again.

  58. Boyar and this here buckskin colt would make a pretty fair team," ventured Collie, smiling to himself.

  59. The doctor would have been inclined to strike Boyar for misbehaving.

  60. Hence I cannot think it just that the Russian boyar or the Egyptian bey should lose his property, whilst the American speculator, the French capitalist, or the English lord should even derive profit from the revolution.

  61. I spoke to-day with Kromitzki about the Boyar who sold his wife, and invented a whole story in order to discover his real feelings.

  62. In the mean while I will sound him cautiously, lest I should rouse his suspicions, as to what he thinks of the Boyar who sold his wife to the Englishman.

  63. Only remember, Ivan Barrinka, that although you are the son of a boyar and a prince, the same God made us and you, and the poor man’s soul is worth as much in his sight as your own.

  64. At last the tall surgeon shook his head, and turning to the boyar said something in a foreign tongue that evidently expressed despair.

  65. Petrovitch the merchant would have thought himself greatly lacking in his duty towards Ivan the boyar if he had suffered him to remain beneath his roof.

  66. How could even a boyar expect to bring a dead man to life?

  67. For he knew that his boyar and the Czar Alexander Paulovitch were the same.

  68. Volodyovski began to rack his head, and to think that they had blackened Kmita too much; then he looked at the pale attendant boyar and again racked his head.

  69. The Boyar ordered his people to find out the peasant--(that is to say) to look for such and such a physician.

  70. The peasant came, entered the house, and told Boyar to make all the townspeople, and the carriages with coachmen, stand in the street outside.

  71. In return for his services, the Boyar conferred a rich guerdon on the peasant, giving him his daughter to wife, and presenting him with half his property.

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