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Example sentences for "boyards"

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  1. Another staircase, to which the boyards had not access, led directly from the inner court, near the Postyelnoe Kriltso, to the Terem.

  2. In many ways the life of the old boyards was not unlike that of their Tsar.

  3. The guard consisted of 300 of the Streltsi with their showiest weapons, and behind them came pensioners, boyards and officers of the court.

  4. In the Kremlin, the boyards denounced each other to the commandant, Galitzin and Vorontski were arrested; others lost what little prestige remained to them.

  5. The boyards Mstislavski, Vasili Shooiski, Belski and others, went out to argue with the citizens, but they were met with cries of "The day of Godunov is over!

  6. The boyards kept their women folk hidden away in the terem in almost eastern seclusion.

  7. Theodore left everything to the council,--duma, consisting of boyards whom Godunov held in the hollow of his hand.

  8. Natalia pleaded for the life of her brother, the boyards fearing for their own lives besought her to give him up, and at last she consented.

  9. Tolstoi's best known novel and of an old ballad which recounts how the Tsar got all the boyards together to say a mass for the dead Tsarevich and in mourning, "or all I will boil in a cauldron.

  10. There remain at least two old houses of boyards in Moscow.

  11. At all times the boyards durst do nothing without him, and waited upon him duteously wherever he might go.

  12. The boyards with their wives and families were sent out of the Kremlin and at last the Poles were compelled by hunger to surrender.

  13. The boyards still supported Michael, who was a great fighter.

  14. A large deputation of boyards and priests journeyed to Alexandrovsky, and besought the sovereign to return and resume his holy functions as the head of the church, that the souls of so many millions might not perish.

  15. He then became convinced that the boyards generally sympathized with Kurbsky, and to teach them better he put a good many of them to death by torture, and deprived many others of their estates.

  16. While the boyards found an increasing attraction in politics, a new class of middlemen came into existence, renting the land from the boyards for periods varying generally from three to five years.

  17. Henceforth the efforts of the boyards were directed towards lessening the amount of land to which the peasants were entitled.

  18. Napoleon gazed every moment, expecting to see a train of bearded boyards arriving to fling themselves at his feet, and place their wealth at his disposal.

  19. Suddenly the maidservant rushes in with the news that a deputation of boyards has arrived, and a moment later Maliouta enters to announce that the Tsar has chosen Martha to be his bride.

  20. The news of this heroic disaster causes a reaction of loyal sentiment, and, as the curtain falls, the Boyards draw their swords and swear to defend Yaroslavna to the death.

  21. Prince Andrej Kourbsky was one of the chief boyards or nobles at the Court of Ivan, the first Grand Prince of Muscovy who assumed the Eastern title of Tzar, and who relieved Russia from the terrible invasions of the Tatars.

  22. Some of the boyards murmured at the war, and declared that their strength and resources were exhausted.

  23. By a bribe he allured the Boyards of the rival princes into treason against their chiefs, and attracted them to himself as their centre.

  24. By the prospect of sharing in this rich booty, he drew after him the princes holding appanages, while he inveigled the boyards by working upon their blind hatred of Novgorodian democracy.

  25. The assembly was composed of boyards or nobles, and sometimes disputes occurred between them and the duke, which ended in more or less serious disorders.

  26. This was probably the origin of the boyards or nobles.

  27. In 1553, the czar fell dangerously ill; he called in the boyards and ordered them to swear loyalty to his infant son Dmitri.

  28. It appears that some Russian boyards had preceded Iaroslaf hoping to secure favors from the khan, and that they accused the grand duke, but Oktaï refused to listen to them.

  29. He was thirteen years old when, after the Christmas celebration of 1543, he suddenly summoned the boyards before him, and in a threatening tone sternly accused them of their misdeeds.

  30. Michael was supported by the boyards of Vladimir and the people of Novgorod; the khan at Saraï also declared in his favor, and Michael was installed.

  31. These were to him ample cause for war, the more so since he had good reason to count upon his friends, the priests and boyards of the Greek Church.

  32. The two men tried to procure the dismissal of the Glinskis and Romanofs, and for that purpose made friends with the boyards whom Ivan suspected.

  33. If I asked them the cause, they would say to me, 'I was afraid that there might be a noble or one of the sons of boyards here: they would take away my merchandise by force.

  34. He ordered some of the boyards to be tortured and put to death, and eight thousand citizens were forcibly packed off to Souzdal.

  35. Michael's boyards urged him to escape, but he dreaded the khan's vengeance upon his family and people.

  36. The boyards had done as they pleased since there was no one to control them.

  37. Marfa's son, and a number of boyards who believed in a republic, had them put in chains and carried to Moscow.

  38. Dukes and boyards thus became semi-Asiatic, and drifted away from the people among whom the national principle was kept alive.

  39. He intrusted the regency in the hands of the boyard Strechnef, and the knez or prince Romadonowski, who were to deliberate with the rest of the boyards in cases of importance.

  40. The imperial family stood upon their defence; the boyards arm their vassals, all the gentlemen flocked in, and a bloody civil war seemed on the point of beginning.

  41. There was a court of boyards or great men, who determined all matters en dernier ressort.

  42. The Englishman was shocked to see most of the Boyards or Muscovite noblemen, sleep upon boards or benches, with only the skins of animals under them; but this was the ancient practice of all nations.

  43. The old boyards listened to this speech with greater regret for the abolition of their ancient customs, than admiration of their master's glory; but the young ones could not hear him without tears of joy.

  44. As he had himself passed through the lowest degrees in the army, he was resolved that the sons of his boyards and great men, should serve as common soldiers before they were made officers.

  45. The soil of the country was practically divided between the boyards and the State, the former holding by far the larger share.

  46. One day he massacred 500 boyards who were dissatisfied with his rule.

  47. They appear to have been gradually growing in influence, and the greater boyards filled all the chief offices of State as well as the leading military posts in the districts.

  48. The moral degradation of the boyards also became deeper and deeper.

  49. In addition to the intrigues for the voivodeship, internecine wars broke out between the two Principalities, and the boyards made lawless raids upon one another.

  50. It is a fact, however, that the boyards sent presents to the prince before his departure, and even lodged sums of money in Constantinople for the purpose--money which had been wrung from the unfortunate peasantry.

  51. Encouraged by these advances Peter approached the Pruth with his army; but the Moldavian boyards were generally opposed to the alliance, and Cantemir found himself supported only by three or four of his ministers.

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