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  1. This was, in fact, a gigantic boycott of everything British.

  2. They tried to boycott the Protestant settlement, and if their priests had ruled on that occasion they would have starved us out or would have made things so unpleasant that we must have left the field.

  3. The American Railway Union assumed charge of the strike and ordered a boycott of all Pullman cars.

  4. A boycott was declared on all roads running out of Chicago, beginning on the Illinois Central.

  5. Why they're wanting to boycott the teapot?

  6. They're proposing, among other little plans for conveying the general sentiment to your notice, to boycott the teapot.

  7. I can't believe,' said Hyacinth, 'that a religious boycott of the kind is possible.

  8. He pointed out that all of them might be employed at home, as milliners or otherwise, if only the public would boycott shops which sold English goods or employed Scotch milliners.

  9. They add time to the boycott for every time we fire on ships that are helpless, and the boycott is to be by sailors.

  10. Myself, I doubt if killing women pays us; there is this talk now of the boycott of Germany after the war.

  11. It is as I said: if we had fought to the West and to the sea, no man would have dared to threaten us with a sea-boycott now.

  12. Thus, when the Committee enjoined the strict boycott of Austrian trade, while at the same time forbidding the populace to molest or insult Austrian subjects, a wonderful thing happened.

  13. Such a boycott as this may therefore be described as amounting to a potential or actual sympathetic strike somewhat strategically planned.

  14. If the cause of the boycott is some disagreement between the maker of the raw material and his workmen, the measure amounts to the threat of a sympathetic strike in aid of the aggrieved workers.

  15. The boycott we have thus far had in view is a direct confining of union laborers' patronage to union-made goods.

  16. If the strike actually comes, it may assist the men in whose cause it is undertaken; and the principles which govern such a boycott are those which govern strikes of the sympathetic kind.

  17. Of late there has been little disposition to enforce the law against boycotting, and none whatever to enforce the law when the boycott carries its point by taking a positive instead of a negative form.

  18. A boycott is a concurrent refusal to use or handle certain articles.

  19. The other type of boycott is a concurrent refusal to buy and use certain consumers' goods.

  20. In its original or negative form, the boycott enjoins upon workers that they shall let certain specified articles alone.

  21. When the police attacked the students and jailed some, more demonstrations and student strikes and finally a general boycott of Japanese imports were the consequence.

  22. The British demanded the complete separation of Tibet from China, but the Chinese rejected this (1912); the rejection was supported by a boycott of British goods.

  23. It had expected at least that I should make some effort to win my way back into popularity, and it did not at all like, when it chose to boycott me, that I should boycott it.

  24. Various cases have occurred in America in which labour organizations have pronounced such a boycott against a firm; and its illegal nature has been established in the law-courts, notably in the case of the Bucks Stove Company v.

  25. For refusing in 1880 to receive rents at figures fixed by the tenants, Captain Boycott had his life threatened, his servants compelled to leave him, his fences torn down, his letters intercepted and his food supplies interfered with.

  26. Captain Boycott was an Englishman, employed as agent of Lord Earne, and occupied a farm at Ballinrobe, near Lough Mask.

  27. Emboldened by the powerful protection of the League, Lord Earne's tenants had refused to pay the stipulated rents, and Boycott served notices of eviction upon them.

  28. Boycott went to England for a short time, and on his return to Lough Mask at once extricated himself from his painful and perilous position by giving up his agency.

  29. The boycott of Japanese goods and money has begun, but many say it will not be persistently carried out.

  30. The students were stirred up by orders dissolving their associations, and by the "mandates" criticising the Japanese boycott and telling what valuable services the two men whose dismissal was demanded had rendered the country.

  31. According to the papers, the Japanese boycott is spreading, but the ones we see doubt if the people will hold out long enough--meanwhile Japanese money is refused here.

  32. There are those among us who advocate a boycott of Germany after peace is declared.

  33. But should Germany win she will see to it that there is no boycott against her.

  34. By late summer the boycott had collapsed although the association was not dissolved until 1771.

  35. The Burgesses adopted the report of the committee calling for a boycott on English goods to force the repeal of the Townshend Acts and invited the other colonies to join the association.

  36. The Virginia economy was still struggling to recover its forward momentum, and the merchants who had to bear the greatest burden in the boycott were reluctant to protest too strongly.

  37. The tax should not be paid and a boycott on tea imposed.

  38. However, the bluff and bulldoze will not always succeed; and when these loud, but mild methods fail, the boycott is ordered.

  39. But the bluff and boycott by no means mark the limit when the self-assumed rights and privileges of the lion are questioned.

  40. Behind the boycott is our "adversary, the Devil.

  41. Son of Monckton Milnes, the 'cool of the evening,' he needed his father's temperament to enable him to endure the boycott which Irish society inflicted on him as the representative of the Home Rule disruption policy.

  42. Very soon the name of Boycott was given to the approved method of actively sending a man to Coventry, or threatening his life and property as well as refusing to permit him to be supplied with even the bare necessities of existence.

  43. Captain Boycott was agent for Lord Erne's Mayo estates, and laid out the whole of his capital £6000, in improving and stocking his own property.

  44. A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously adopted to boycott said mission and said worker.

  45. The law of conspiracy is the most ill-defined branch of jurisprudence, but it is safe to say of the boycott and the strike that they both introduce an insupportable element of tyranny, of dictation, of interference, into private life.

  46. The boycott is a conspiracy to injure another person, and as such indictable at common law.

  47. The boycott is a legitimate method of obtaining employees' demands.

  48. The Clerk of Arraigns read from the book referred to this sentence, proved by the witness Boycott to be in Palmer’s writing--“Strychnia kills by causing tetanic fixing of the respiratory muscles.

  49. It was going to be conveyed by Mr. Boycott to the Stafford station in a fly, driven by a post-boy.

  50. The witness Boycott was recalled, and identified the signatures on the bills as those of Palmer and Cook.

  51. As soon as I arrived in London, Boycott took me to Mr. Gardner’s.

  52. Palmer goes to this post-boy, and asks him whether it is the fact that he is going to drive Boycott to Stafford?

  53. So high has feeling run against the government that there has been an attempted boycott of English made goods, and there is now a well organized movement to encourage the use of goods made in India.

  54. In order to understand the boycott one must know something of Chinese history.

  55. And to make matters worse, they now bear the brunt of the Chinese boycott aimed at American goods.

  56. They, therefore, conceived the idea of a boycott against American goods for the double purpose of urging their own government to favorable action and of calling the attention of the American government to their complaint.

  57. To produce that mood is the very object of the boycott to which the Free Press is subjected.

  58. If England is at war no newspaper can boycott war news and live.

  59. But my point is that the Free Press must have had already a profound effect for its mere vocabulary to have sunk in thus, and to have spread so widely in the face of the rigid boycott to which it is subjected.

  60. The boycott is deliberate, and is persistently maintained.

  61. It is not only a boycott of advertisement: it is a boycott of quotation.

  62. But the boycott is rigid and therefore the supply is intermittent.

  63. Although every effort was made to boycott the Socialist contention in the Press, the Fabians were at last strong enough to compel its discussion, and they have by now canalized the whole thing into the direction of their "Servile State.

  64. The principal means by which that success was sought was by declaring a boycott on Pullman cars.

  65. The Union insisted on the right to boycott Moore's Lime Company because Moore's Lime Company would not assist them in injuring the Parkers.

  66. The length of the boycott now stands at five years seven months.

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