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Example sentences for "boycotts"

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  1. The "swadeshi" movement in India is a good example, while the Chinese and Egyptian boycotts of foreign as against native goods are further instances in point.

  2. That would merely intensify swadeshi boycotts in the subject regions, while in the lands freed from white political control it would further Japan's policy of excluding everything white.

  3. Under the common law boycotts were illegal also; Congress made illegal the inter-State boycott.

  4. In particular, it has prosecuted with considerable success boycotts against the manufacturers of fur hats.

  5. The conviction of the New York boycotters in 1886 and many similar convictions, though less widely known, of participants in strikes and boycotts were obtained upon this ground.

  6. General strikes, sympathetic strikes, nationwide boycotts and nation-wide political movements became the order of the day.

  7. Hence the employers were obliged to charge that the strikes and boycotts were undertaken in pursuance of an unlawful conspiracy.

  8. Nearly all of the boycotts either originated with, or were taken up by, the Knights of Labor.

  9. The purpose of the organization was to oppose by legal proceedings the boycotts of trade unions, and to secure statutory enactments against the boycott.

  10. For example, boycotts intended to protect wage rates and working conditions should be distinguished from those in furtherance of jurisdictional disputes.

  11. Jurisdictional strikes and unjustified secondary boycotts should be prohibited.

  12. The appropriate goal is legislation which prohibits secondary boycotts in pursuance of unjustifiable objectives, but does not impair the union's right to preserve its own existence and the gains made in genuine collective bargaining.

  13. Not all secondary boycotts are unjustified.

  14. We shall recur to this condition when we study the effectiveness of strikes and boycotts under various conditions.

  15. Indirect consumers' boycotts have little to commend them, but those of the direct kind have very much.

  16. The chief grievance of organized labor against the courts is their use of the injunction to prevent boycotts and strikes.

  17. Chinese Boycotts Against Foreigners We can find many other examples of the use of these non-violent methods under similar circumstances.

  18. In the United States all "dangerous" strikes are at present throttled by court injunctions forbidding the strikers to take any effective action, and boycotts are held to be forbidden by the Sherman law originally directed against the "trusts.

  19. Legion of Decency boycotts of indecent pictures, NODL boycotts of literature, etc.

  20. Now, general oppression or wrongdoing, the exclusion from land or labor or property or trade, by a powerful combination, is precisely the moral injury suffered in modern boycotts when there is no actual crime committed.

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