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Example sentences for "boycotted"

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  1. The Great Northern so far was not implicated as they used no Pullman cars and positively refused boycotted freight, that is, freight offered by railroads whose employes were on a strike.

  2. The switchmen promised to refuse to handle boycotted freight if the road would support them in case of discharge, which they well knew was inevitable.

  3. I want to see the switchmen, the car inspectors and other employes wait upon the officials in a manly way, and refuse to handle these boycotted cars.

  4. Boycotted and other stories By Talbot Baines Reed Here are fifteen of the most eccentric short stories you can imagine.

  5. His opponents then acted as he did now: to avoid exposing their weakness, they pronounced the dissolution unconstitutional and boycotted the new elections.

  6. Instead of adopting this sane attitude, the local agents of the Entente ostentatiously associated themselves with the Venizelists and boycotted the others, thus gratuitously contributing to a cleavage from which only our enemies could profit.

  7. Venizelos, in spite of advice from his Entente friends to stand his ground, boycotted the polls, and the new Parliament, returned by the elections of 19 December, was a Parliament without an Opposition.

  8. Shee was boycotted in 1883 for having taken an evicted farm, and accordingly the machine was allowed to remain idle.

  9. Can we doubt that the First Order and its electors would be straightway boycotted out of existence?

  10. Some were actually too poor to do so; others were perfectly able, but they all went in together and made a common cause and boycotted their landlord, who promptly took steps to evict them.

  11. When a man was shot he usually died without agony, but when he was boycotted he suffered the worse sort of mental torture, and to cause such sufferings was one of the worst of sins.

  12. The parliament is to establish national courts of law entirely independent of the present courts which are to be entirely boycotted by the people.

  13. In the second place, I bought half a dozen bullocks from a boycotted farmer out Limerick way.

  14. The notion of entering a boycotted household amused and pleased him.

  15. My Dear Grant Duff, 'Off to Ireland, where I expect to be Boycotted by both sides [Footnote: It turned out the other way.

  16. Vicar of Bray, I think, but not the Bray) was the only priest in Ireland who would enter his walls, while the Castle was boycotted by every Archbishop and Bishop.

  17. He has not only boycotted our paper and refused to pay for the subscriptions he engaged, but I understand he is encouraging his workmen to annoy the Millville people, and especially this printing office.

  18. I am told, sir," Thursday began, "that the people at the mill have boycotted this paper.

  19. As for poor me, I may be guilty of all the seven deadly sins, but I can't see why I should be boycotted on that account.

  20. However, when I looked round the congregation I thought I should not mind much being boycotted by them.

  21. They have been boycotted by the congregation.

  22. Heretofore people were boycotted for taking farms; I am boycotted for not giving up mine, which I have held for 25 years.

  23. They are clearing off everything, and because I refuse to do this, and forfeit my £1,000, I am boycotted in the most determined manner.

  24. If these ladies dared to evict their non-paying tenants they would be either boycotted or "visited," or perhaps both.

  25. When Dher boys were first received into the Chanda High School a mutiny took place and the school was boycotted for some time.

  26. The Marars of a certain place are said to have boycotted a village carpenter who lost an axe belonging to one of their number, so that he had to leave the neighbourhood for lack of custom.

  27. Well, look at them all, for who knows how many may be boycotted by the present Government?

  28. In a boycotted print you don't know but you may miss an account of how some fellow was hanged for what I did.

  29. The Morning Post had not contained the intelligence because, The Government had Boycotted the 'Morning Post'!

  30. But none of them had been boycotted as had been the Miss Jones'; and therefore the Miss Jones' were the heroines of the evening.

  31. You have heard me speak of Frank Jones,--a man who can only wear two clean shirts a week because he has been so boycotted by those wretched Irish as to be able to afford no more.

  32. You are telling everyone that something special is due to you for staying in a boycotted house.

  33. You are so fond of joking that it is almost impossible for a poor steady-going, boycotted young woman to follow you to the end.

  34. Edith was not at all prepared to give the world up for lost, because Pat Carroll had made himself a brute, and because the neighbours were idiots and had boycotted them.

  35. Of course he's unhappy, because they have boycotted him.

  36. In a boycotted house you will always find that the gentlemen are helped before the ladies.

  37. I expect to hear soon that they have boycotted Ada and me, so that no young man shall come and marry us.

  38. But throughout the town it seemed to be perfectly understood that they were the property of Philip Jones of Morony Castle, and that Philip Jones had been boycotted by the League.

  39. Of course we had to have a consultation about our frocks, because everything in the shops is boycotted for us.

  40. I am boycotted too, and the poor hounds, which have given hours of amusement to many of these wretches, for which they have not been called upon to pay a shilling.

  41. The Miss Blakes had been boycotted because their brother had been refused a car.

  42. Here was he boycotted most cruelly, but not more cruelly than was Mr. Jones of Morony Castle.

  43. She and her son are now getting goods from Mrs. Moroney's shop at Spanish Point, which she opened a few years ago to supply boycotted persons.

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