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Example sentences for "indecent"

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  1. They are not killed, but painfully suffer from a knowledge that they look ridiculous: "an indecent overthrow," they call it.

  2. Now, in any English magazine which professes to be respectable, it is almost as hazardous a thing to speak of republicanism in England as to speak of something indecent or blasphemous.

  3. A prostitute mounted the patriarch's throne, and sang, with indecent gestures, a ribald song.

  4. He was a man of refined tastes and pleasure, delighting in sumptuous feasts, and too often scandalizing the devout by his indecent conversation and licentious conduct.

  5. Indecent jests were put into the mouths of lively actresses, and the dancing was not altogether of a kind to meet our approval.

  6. Especially in the composition of plays was it judged expedient to minister to the depraved public taste by indecent expressions, or allusions broad and sly.

  7. Even "Sir Courtly Nice," wherein occurs one of the most indecent passages ever penned, and one of the most suggestive of songs, was received without a murmur.

  8. To call him a spider of hell was not only indecent in itself, but perfectly foolish, from the term being totally inapplicable to the object, and fit only for the very pedantic eloquence of the person who used it.

  9. You, with your indecent style of dancing!

  10. All the same, there was something indecent about his behaviour.

  11. Mouse dear, this is one of our best little indecent poets, Mr. Carson Haggerty.

  12. He had worked for many hours on a letter to Istra in which he avoided mention of such indecent matters as steerages and immigrants.

  13. He was arrested on a charge of indecent assault upon a young woman in a railway carriage, and was sentenced to a year's imprisonment and a fine.

  14. That letter never was sent to her; and the unmanly and indecent caricature of her, and the indelicate exposure of the whole story on his own side, which we are about to quote, were the only communications that could have reached her solitude.

  15. But Byron chooses fifty armour-bearers of that class of men who would find indecent ribaldry about a wife a good joke, and talk about the 'artistic merits' of things which we hope would make an honest boy blush.

  16. Footnote 16: This introducing the name of Allah into an indecent tale is essentially Egyptian and Cairene.

  17. Having decreed it to be indecent in women to go abroad without shoes, they deprived them of the means of wearing them, by threatening with death any one who should make shoes for a woman.

  18. Daylight puts an end to this indecent and unmanly revel.

  19. First to fall was the Earl of Wiltshire, who was captured in Bristol Castle, and dragged to the block with indecent haste, and on no sufficient cause, by Bolingbroke's command.

  20. In Leaphigh, although it is deemed indecent to wear clothes, it is also esteemed exceedingly decorous for certain high functionaries to adorn their persons with suitable badges of their official rank.

  21. As a matter of course such a people is never in an indecent haste.

  22. But the nobles and grandees of the country, deeming it indecent to trouble his majesty with affairs of state any longer, took upon themselves all the trouble of governing, leaving to the sovereign the sole duty of reigning.

  23. I pass over in silence all the infamous conduct and indecent talk he has held or countenanced; but I should be wanting in my duty to the King if I did not beg you to ask for his recall.

  24. But low company, and their low vices, their indecent riots and profligacy, I never will bear nor forgive.

  25. At present what might tell against you is the indecent haste in the marriage--within three months of the report of the husband's death by drowning.

  26. He made a remark about the haste--indecent haste, he called it.

  27. You'll not find that the law errs on the side of indecent haste.

  28. But with reference to the indecent haste point, surely any judge that is worth his salt will see that nowadays and in certain circumstances three months are as long as a year was in the old days--the Prayer-book days!

  29. The compact that was entered into at the last Westminster election between two of the candidates (Mr. Fox and Lord Hood,) was an indecent violation of the principles of election.

  30. With regard to indecent and objectionable advertisements some states have special legislation on the matter, others are content with the ordinary criminal laws or police powers or with the law of nuisance or of trespass.

  31. Full powers exist under the Imperial Criminal Code for the suppression of indecent or objectionable advertisements.

  32. The librarian who should allow an immoral novel in his library for circulation would be as culpable as the manager of a picture gallery who should hang an indecent picture on his walls.

  33. So there are immoral paintings and indecent plastic objects.

  34. That supreme consideration not only does not enter into either the preliminary or after-thought of the matter, but is even held to be an indecent topic of conversation between persons not already married to each other.

  35. Among the Malays, puki is also a name for the vulva which it is very indecent to utter, and it is only used in public by people under the influence of an obsessive nervous disorder.

  36. It is remarkable," Dufour observes, "that the prostitutes of ancient Rome would have blushed to say an indecent word in public.

  37. On the other side, the male relatives of the husband ought to avoid showing to the young wife the body uncovered above the elbow or the sole of the foot, and they ought to avoid indecent expressions and vulgar vituperations in her presence.

  38. The negro is very rarely knowingly indecent or addicted to lubricity," says Sir H.

  39. He adds that the native dances are only an apparent exception, being serious in character, though indecent to our eyes, almost constituting a religious ceremony.

  40. Thus among these peoples the act of eating in public produces the same feelings as among ourselves the indecent exposure of the body in public.

  41. Indecent exposure before a virgin met with punishment out of course.

  42. No minor shall be allowed to sell indecent literature, etc.

  43. Using indecent or profane language towards a female employee is a misdemeanour.

  44. To let out children for gymnastic exhibition or any indecent exhibition is a misdemeanour.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "indecent" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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