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Example sentences for "indecently"

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indebted; indebtedness; indecencies; indecency; indecent; indecipherable; indecision; indecisive; indeclinable; indecorous
  1. He had thrived by selling philtres to provoke love, formed indecently of the bones and skin of a man and a woman, for which he had numerous customers, including ladies of quality.

  2. He confessed that, at Orche, he had handled indecently some five or six unmarried and perhaps six or eight married women, but averred that this was without any licentious feeling or intention to induce them to sin.

  3. The big piebald sheep with their black heads and indecently fat tails are not allowed to range far afield, where lynx or leopard might stalk them under covert, as they are valuable, succulent and very foolish.

  4. It combines the indecently low dress, with the pinched waist, and the hoop petticoat.

  5. To these succeeded waists so short that the girdles were placed almost under the arms, and as the dresses were worn at that time indecently low in the neck, the body of the dress was almost a myth.

  6. Around them lay most indecently exposed the internal arrangements of the library clock.

  7. Her wonder and astonishment may easily be imagined, when, on starting up, she found herself in that strange place, surrounded by a group of showily dressed females, some of them indecently nude.

  8. I know the disgust which you must have felt towards him, at that very moment; for he was anything but a comely object, with his gray hair disordered, his bloated countenance red as fire, and his dress indecently disarranged.

  9. This cure was, from the patient’s point of view, indecently quick.

  10. Gunshot of forearm: Hysterical contracture, wrist and fingers: Cure by hypnosis, “indecently quick.

  11. Dryden petulantly and indecently denies the heroism of Adam, because he was overcome; but there is no reason why the hero should not be unfortunate, except established practice, since success and virtue do not go necessarily together.

  12. One day that he had talked very indecently in that strain, Dr.

  13. I was scandalized long ago at the ruinous state in which they were indecently suffered to remain.

  14. He reproached the poor woman with being a whore, and would have indecently pulled the clothes off, but Yeoman resisted both this act of violence and the attack upon his wife's character, adding that he defied the pope and popery.

  15. There was one arm-chair, whose torn lining indecently revealed the interior stuffing, and there were three other chairs with wooden backs.

  16. Hugh Crimble stared as at the odd superfluity of this reassurance, almost crude on exquisite lips and contradicting an imputation no one would have indecently made.

  17. To save it we must work him up--he'll in that case want it so indecently much.

  18. It has been said before now that "the houses of the people are indecently poor and small, and the houses of the Church are indecently rich and large.

  19. Lord Mansfield, who never felt pity, and never relented unless terrified, had indecently declared for execution even before the judges had given their opinion.

  20. His abhorrence of Pennant proceeded from his opinion that Pennant had wantonly and indecently censured his patron.

  21. I will say nothing of my spirits, which are indecently juvenile, and not less improper for my age than for the country where I am; which, if you will give me leave to say it, has a thought too much gravity.

  22. The number of peers and peeresses present was not very great; some of the latter, with no excuse in the world, appeared in Lord Lincoln's gallery, and even walked about the hall indecently in the intervals of the procession.

  23. William was arguing about it in an indisputably American accent, with an indecently naked reasonableness.

  24. The Genl expressed his astonishment at this unaccountable retreat Mr. Lee indecently replied that the attack was contrary to his advice and opinion in council.

  25. I cannot get as much cloth," the general wrote, "as will make cloaths for my servants, notwithstanding one of them that attends my person and table is indecently and most shamefully naked.

  26. They talk most indecently of the makes and prices.

  27. Girls Not Liable for "Indecent Assault" on Boys It should also be made an offence punishable in the Children's Court for any girl to indecently assault a male.

  28. It should also be made an offence punishable in the Children's Court for any girl to indecently assault a male.

  29. These Americans would most indecently have sent for their winnings before the Honourable George had awakened.

  30. I can only plead that I had already been vexed not a little by his unjust accusations of stupidity, and dismiss with as few words as possible an incident that will ever seem to me quite too indecently criminal.

  31. The French and Italian legations, too, were indecently elated.

  32. The Russian correspondent chuckled indecently over the Albanian wounded.

  33. The most grotesque perversities can be justified if one looks crookedly enough, and so I justified the indifference I had forced on you as indecently as I had wrecked your love.

  34. Nobody in particular, but rather nice-looking in a solemn sort of way, and almost indecently rich.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "indecently" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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