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Example sentences for "attends"

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attendeth; attending; attendinge; attendoit; attendre; attent; attente; attention; attentions; attentiue
  1. Secure from low and private ends, His life, his zeal, his wealth attends His prince, his country, and his friends.

  2. And at night when you are asleep, who attends upon her?

  3. We subjoin his persuasive words: "It is deeply interesting to take note of the process of thought and feeling which attends in one's own mind the presentation of some unfamiliar reading.

  4. Occasionally it is necessary to repeat the processes of dissolving in water, filtering, and drying, but a considerable loss both of material and fermenting power attends each such operation.

  5. And then comes reference to that change of voice from alto to bass which attends advance from boyhood to adolescence.

  6. The postponement of his meals attends his failure to accomplish what is required of him.

  7. The difficulty that attends eating on the stage does not, it would seem, extend to drinking, and sometimes the introduction of real and potent liquors during the performance has led to unfortunate results.

  8. No erysipelas attends them, nor do they shew any phagedenic disposition as in the other case, but quickly terminate in a scab without creating any apparent disorder in the cow.

  9. Your servant and your friend; One that attends your ladyship's command.

  10. I think your lordship is not ignorant How his companion, youthful Valentine, Attends the Emperor in his royal court.

  11. But it is impossible for tongue or pen to express the uneasiness that attends the contrary.

  12. Either it attends to form, or else it attends to colour; rarely and imperfectly to both together.

  13. The great body of the Republican party, indeed, shows at present a little of the exhaustion which is apt to follow a series of victories, and exhibits altogether too much of the confidence which so often attends an incompleted triumph.

  14. I have learned from it also to avoid procrastination, and that idleness which often attends unbroken health.

  15. Its presence may not be due to any wrong-doing of the manufacturer, and, on the other hand, the increase in weight that attends air-slaking may be welcomed in some degree by a dishonest manufacturer before the goods are shipped.

  16. The buyer should know the percentages of a limestone passing through screens of various sizes before he makes a purchase, and should demand part of the saving in cost of production that attends coarse grinding.

  17. Above and over all these things, tending to augment the seriousness of the sacrifice he was to be called upon to make, was the spirit, the optimism, the joy of life that attends vigorous youth and young manhood.

  18. Some one of the inspectors, or other chief officer of the establishment, also attends at the hour of dinner, to see that the victuals furnished to the poor are good; well dressed; and properly served up.

  19. With respect to the confusion which you complain of as still clinging to the subject, this naturally attends the first efforts of the mind to disjoin two ideas which have constantly been regarded as one.

  20. Because a man attends to the darning of his horse's stockings, why must he be meditating murder?

  21. This is an excellent poultice to ease pain arising from a sore; it not only cleanses it, but takes off the offensive smell which generally attends such complaints.

  22. If it remains on his stomach he is considered to be guilty of the alleged crime, and he consequently dies; but, if evomition takes place no evil consequence attends it, and he is declared to be innocent.

  23. The white-haired gentleman walks with the little boy, talks with him, helps him in his play, attends upon him, watches him as if he were the object of his life.

  24. He attends to me much more than my own daughter.

  25. The master also attends to the chronometer, and takes all the observations, with the assistance of his officers, if necessary.

  26. It is quite shocking to see how little the poor attends to the proper wentilating their houses.

  27. Your charitable and generous proceeding, besides the self-satisfaction which always attends such actions, will be of the greatest advantage to this province.

  28. As he mingles with playmates, the same passion enters into his sports, and attends the exercises of the school.

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