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Example sentences for "coarse"

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  1. As the torrent grows less rapid, lower down in its course, it ceases to carry rocks and stones, though the grinding and wearing away of stones upon the rocky bed continues, and coarse gravel is borne still upon its waters.

  2. Coarse Para, or negro-heads, is uncured or partly cured refuse.

  3. Three qualities of wild Para are sent to market--fine, entrefine or medium, and coarse or negro-head.

  4. But such coarse rubber is not always an extra source of income to the seringueiro.

  5. Examination of the watercourses revealed that this tract was simply a raised beach covered with sodden peat and carrying a rather coarse vegetation.

  6. There were bands of coarse gravel and fine examples of stream-bedding interspersed with seams of carbonaceous shale and poor coal.

  7. They were specially interesting, for they carried some less common minerals such as beryl, tourmaline, garnet, coarse mica and ores of iron, copper and molybdenum.

  8. A large creek whose banks are overhung with a coarse growth of fern makes its way out of the hills and runs into Sandy Bay.

  9. In some places it was rotten and blown away, disclosing coarse granulated substrata.

  10. Watson examined them, finding gneiss and granite principally, one type being an exceptionally coarse granite, very much weathered.

  11. He was a man of rough manners and coarse tastes.

  12. Mrs. McKinstry constrainedly plucked at the folds of her coarse gown.

  13. He tapped his breast-pocket with a coarse laugh and thrust his face forward into the gray shadow of his adversary's.

  14. She passed her fingers explanatorily down the folds of her own coarse gown, but without regret or apology.

  15. She had already changed her elaborate toilet for a long clinging, coarse blue gown, that accented the graceful curves of her slight, petticoat-less figure.

  16. The only reply was a coarse and violent expletive, and a blow with a thick heavy stick, aimed right at Sir Philip's head.

  17. I will soon teach you that;" cried a loud, coarse tongue, adding an exceedingly blasphemous oath, which I will spare the reader.

  18. She thought him a coarse and vulgar-minded young man; and she wondered how a woman of such refinement as Mrs. Hazleton could be pleased with his society.

  19. A thick-shouldered man, inclined to fatness about the middle, stood there, his coarse black hair tousled, eyes heavy with sleep.

  20. Opposite, bolt upright, balanced on an insecure box and sucking at an empty pipe, appeared Dave Spencer, howling in his coarse voice some unintelligible song and beating time with an empty bottle which dribbled down his arm.

  21. Carpets and curtains were luxuries unknown; coarse paper had been fastened across the lower portion of dirty window frames; a rickety stove was propped against the wall by means of a couple of bricks.

  22. Then the watchers distinguished the coarse features of a man standing in the bows.

  23. The old man fixed his keen eyes upon her laughing face, then drew his coarse blanket of a gaudy yellow more conveniently over his shoulders.

  24. The night comes upon us,' he said, as he drew the coarse blanket to his chin.

  25. He owned a yellow moustache, coarse hair of the same complexion, and watery-blue eyes.

  26. The others stood around with loud laughter and coarse jests as Dave put his amorous designs into execution.

  27. Our stockings wuz made of coarse yarn fer winter to wear with coarse shoes.

  28. It is made of coarse cotton and was in a most deplorable condition when he came home.

  29. It closely resembled in form a forked blade of coarse grass.

  30. He fumbled about, pulled out of his bosom a bit of coarse bread, and began sucking it like a child, with difficulty moving his sunken cheeks.

  31. If you work in coarse canvas, adopt the same contrast of shades as you employ in cross stitch; if the material be fine, you must shade as in tent stitch.

  32. Yarn is a coarse kind of worsted, much employed in making garden nets, and for various other purposes.

  33. These are made of fine or coarse linen, and sometimes of calico.

  34. You will require coarse netting silk, and a No.

  35. These are made of fine linen, coarse linen, and calico.

  36. This should be made of coarse linen, neatly hemmed round, furnished with strings of strong tape, and marked.

  37. Of coarse netting silk, you will require five skeins, and a mesh, No.

  38. Before they had done thanking him, he spread a coarse white cloth upon the table, with knives and plates, and bringing out some bread and cold meat besought them to eat.

  39. It began snowing heavily: Johnson and Bygrave got some xummuls (coarse blankets) thrown over us.

  40. We had a grand breakfast, dhall and radishes; the latter large hot ones that had gone to seed, the former is a common pulse eaten by the natives: but any change was good, as we find our chupatties made of the coarse ottah any thing but nice.

  41. We stretched ourselves on the numdas (coarse felt carpets) in our still wet clothes.

  42. The Sirdar sent us some coarse cloth, soap, an Affghan chillumchee, and some tallow candles: others received sundry donations of the like kind.

  43. The favourite wife, and the best dressed, was attired in a common Cabul silk, with a coarse piece of chintz inserted behind, evidently for economy's sake.

  44. This expulsion was accompanied by a good deal of coarse jesting and railing from the other sellers, who rejoiced at the departure.

  45. Some were smelting pure gold from the coarse rough rocks; others were making precious gems, and rich rare jewels, such as the proudest king would be glad to wear.

  46. EN#3] Be this as it may, however, blind hate and jealousy were from this time uppermost in the coarse and selfish mind of Veliant; and he sought how he might drive the lad away from the smithy in disgrace.

  47. A coarse blue blouse, and heavy leggings, and a leathern apron, took the place of the costly clothing which he had worn in his father's dwelling.

  48. And Siegfried went again with the master and his fellows to the smoky smithy, to his roaring bellows and ringing anvil, and to his coarse fare, and rude, hard bed, and to a life of labor.

  49. The chapel of the Medici, begun by Ferdinand the First, where coarse brickwork and plaster mingle with marble and gems, is still unfinished and likely to remain so: it did not interest me.

  50. And from these must I turn back, on pain of being thought an ignoramus, to admire the coarse perpetration of Michel Angelo--because it is Michel Angelo's?

  51. The Fornarina is a mere femme du peuple, a coarse virago, compared to the refined, the exquisite La Manto, in the Pitti Palace.

  52. Rubens, with all his transcendent genius, had a coarse imagination: he bore the character of an honest, liberal, but not very refined man.

  53. The women we saw here were bold coarse Amazons; and the few men who appeared had a slouching gait, and looked at us from under their eyebrows with an expression at once cunning and fierce.

  54. They had sometimes one, and sometimes two, lateen sails, composed of pieces of matting, the ropes being made of the coarse filaments of the plantain tree.

  55. They were mostly covered with snow, and where the ground seemed free from it lichen or a coarse grass was the only herbage.

  56. Even these unpromising spots were, however, covered with a coarse grass, which though of no use, as there were no cattle to feed on it, would afford pasture to numberless sheep if they were to be introduced into the island.

  57. They made also coarse mats of rushes and grass, to sit or sleep on, plaiting them with great rapidity and facility.

  58. The latter was coarse and harsh, and of the colour of the darkest brown paper; but it was valuable because it resisted the wet, while the others did not.

  59. His eyes were very prominent, and had the restless look of a hunted animal, which was painful in the extreme; but there was absolutely no redeeming expression of human feeling in the dark coarse face.

  60. All our host could produce was a very good bottle of Servian "black" wine and some coarse bread of the country, so stale that we could hardly break it.

  61. On the beach we find the shingle and coarse pebbles, shading off rapidly into fine pebbles and sand.

  62. Many lithologists call the rocks here designated norite gabbro, and class them all in the eruptive division as essentially a coarse variety of diabase.

  63. Toward the west, away from the old shore-line, the coarse sediments gradually die out, and the formations become finer and thinner.

  64. The texture varies from perfectly compact or felsitic to coarsely crystalline; averaging, however, less coarse than syenite and granite.

  65. This bottle of fresh water contains some fine gravel, coarse sand, fine sand, and clay.

  66. Specimen 32 is a good example of a ferruginous sandstone, and it is coarse enough so that we can see that each grain of quartz is coated with the red oxide of iron.

  67. The sea then deepens again, and we observe a third passage from coarse to fine sediment.

  68. Vaughan was quite entete with that little, horrid, coarse thing, Bluette; but it was certainly very shocking; men were such demons.

  69. France is too wise to have Breach of Promise cases, and give money to coarse and vengeful women for their pretended broken hearts; but I had no incentive to create a scene by breaking with her, and so she kept the promise in her hands.

  70. But her toil-bent frame, her rough hands and coarse grey homespun dress could not quite hide the air of gentle dignity that clothed her.

  71. Under the copper were the remains of a skin of some kind; and under this, coarse matting, probably of split cane.

  72. Three coarse lance-heads were found among the bones of the adults, and around the neck of the child three copper beads, apparently of hammered native copper.

  73. Around the neck were found coarse beads that seemed to be of some substance resembling chalk.

  74. The head rested on a large conch-shell (Busycon perversum), and this on the remains of a coarse mat.

  75. This was overlaid by small logs of wood to serve as a cover, and in it was found a skeleton, around which appeared the impression of a coarse cloth.

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