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Example sentences for "gaudy"

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gaudily; gaudiness; gaudio; gaudium; gauds; gaue; gauge; gauged; gauger; gaugers
  1. She saw them arriving at the station, straight from Ellis Island, bewildered, ticketed like dumb animals, the women draped in the soft, exotic colours many of them were presently to exchange for the cheap and gaudy apparel of Faber Street.

  2. Her brow was wreathed with gaudy broom; With gesture wild she waved a plume Of feathers which the eagles fling To crag and cliff from dusky wing; Such spoils her desperate step had sought, 515 Where scarce was footing for the goat.

  3. There was elegance too, void both of gaudy ostentation and penurious thrift, in the furniture and arrangements of the room.

  4. I think that money would be much better laid out in feeding them than in enabling the politicians and the Klephts to spend it in gaudy dresses and in keeping bands of armed ruffians round them.

  5. People at home would stare to see them with their white kilted petticoats and gaudy sashes, with their pistols inlaid with silver, and their embroidered jackets and white shirt sleeves.

  6. The strange animals and gaudy flowers introduced into the landscape background further remove the subject from the sphere of classic treatment.

  7. His elephants twist their trunks, and trumpet to the din of cymbals; negroes feed the flaming candelabra with scattered frankincense; the white oxen of Clitumnus are loaded with gaudy flowers, and the dancing maidens are dishevelled Maenads.

  8. Here a dead bird we found, And tearing off its gaudy plumage, ate.

  9. Of sordid Wealth, nor all the gaudy spoils 570 Of pageant Honour, can seduce to leave Those ever-blooming sweets, which from the store Of Nature fair Imagination culls To charm the enliven'd soul!

  10. Beneath the trees is spread out a mossy turf, free from thickets, but variegated by the gaudy petals of the heliotrope, and the bright crimson buds of the dwarf-sumach in the hollows.

  11. Gaudy insects, intoxicated and sensuous, have feasted and flirted throughout the hours of daylight, and certain prim moths, sonorous of flight, find subtly scented blossoms keeping open house for them the livelong night.

  12. We have no record of what the Indians thought, only of what the crowd thought who gaped upon them and upon the gaudy parrots that screeched and fluttered also in the procession.

  13. After this magnificent statue, followed a swarm of gaudy butterfly-lackeys: and his lordship’s company in the coach was a buffoon and a parasite.

  14. Many of them are painted green; others are more gaudy both in colour and variety of patterns.

  15. On his head he wore one of the common eighteenpenny French skull-caps, with a gaudy tassel dangling therefrom, very happily in keeping with a common fustian coat.

  16. Doctors were called in--great men who rolled up to my door in easy carriages, with fine horses and gaudy servants.

  17. The Girls preceded their Parents like Queens of May, in all the gaudy Colours imaginable, on every Sunday to Church, and were exposed to the Examination of the Audience for Superiority of Beauty.

  18. The engine-driver and his mate are dressed in shabby European clothes crowned by turbans which have gaudy orange and red handkerchiefs twisted round them.

  19. The fresh morning air, the bright October sun, the merry flight of birds overhead, even the gaudy uniforms of the soldiers, spoke of life, and I was going to lose it.

  20. An unclean starveling wrapped a gaudy table-cloth about his loins, and hung a white rag over my shoulders.

  21. They are painted according to a comprehensive color scheme, not left a blinding white, less gaudy than the French effort of 1900, more harmonious than the Pan-American effects at Buffalo two years ago.

  22. She gloats in a mirror Over her gaudy hat, With its flower God never thought of.

  23. Show-rooms and mimic pillars Flaunting out of their gaudy vestibules Bosoms and posturing thighs.

  24. The gaudy imagery of a thoughtless life, which used to hover day and night before my eyes, was at once blown away.

  25. He reconciled himself to the prospect of the blue coat, short trousers, and gaudy vest, and solemnly promised to attend the wedding.

  26. He reached the main floor, but made a hasty crossing of the gaudy vestibule without stopping to speak to the hall-boy.

  27. But while Kedzie was reveling in the splendors of 164th Street her eye was caught by the gaudy placards of a moving-picture emporium.

  28. Flowers were to them an important part of their religious ceremonies; their soft, brilliant, or gaudy colors had each its peculiar significance.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gaudy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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