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Example sentences for "feasted"

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feart; feasibility; feasible; feast; feaste; feaster; feasters; feastes; feastful; feasting
  1. At a memorable supper, thirty slaves waited round the table ten young men feasted with Theodora.

  2. After this fruitless cruelty, the son of Antonina, while his mother feasted with the empress, was buried in her subterraneous prisons, which admitted not the distinction of night and day.

  3. And all that day we feasted on deer's flesh and sweet wine, and at night lay down to sleep on the shore.

  4. Then the King said to the chiefs, "Now that we have feasted and delighted ourselves with song, let us go forth, that this stranger may see that we are skilful in boxing and wrestling and running.

  5. So the Phaeacians feasted in the hall; and when they had had enough of meat and drink, then the minstrel sang.

  6. So we went to the dwelling of Circe, who feasted us royally, so that we remained with her for a whole year, well content.

  7. And all that day we feasted right merrily on the flesh of sheep and on sweet wine, and when the night was come, we lay down upon the shore and slept.

  8. For six days my friends feasted on the cattle of the Sun; but when the seventh day came, we launched our ship upon the sea, and set sail.

  9. In the country, the people feasted grandly on their own herds, and drank up their own wines, and they were also reimbursed by the Crown.

  10. Put on the robes of a fat abbot and ride through Sherwood Forest with the hundred pounds in your pouch, and you will be sure to see him and be feasted by him.

  11. On our way towards the door of the gallery, at our departure, we saw the cabinet of gems open, and again feasted our eyes with its concentrated brilliancies and magnificences.

  12. When he grew up his parents were very proud of him and gave him much money, for he dressed gaily, feasted often and led the young men of fashion.

  13. Such of the Asni men as were not mourners, now assembled in the open space of their village to be feasted by their women as victors.

  14. He received and feasted us very kindly, and gave us appointments as mounted guards to the marshal of the Sultan, as which we served happily for seven months.

  15. So that day they feasted in the palace, and the following day all the people assembled and did homage to Amadis as their Lord, with great solemnities and feasting and rejoicing.

  16. Then he placed him at his own table, and they were feasted in a manner befitting the table of such a personage.

  17. So there were we well served by Dames and Damsels, and the Knights and our people feasted below in the hall.

  18. When he heard of their desire to try the enchantment, he went on foot with all his company to welcome them, and they were honourably feasted and lodged that night.

  19. How they got back to the little sitting-room neither of them ever knew, but he had drawn her arm through his and led her in, while she feasted her eyes on his flushed, happy face.

  20. He thought he had never seen anything half so lovely as this graceful, slender creature, who scarcely reached up to his shoulder, and he feasted his eyes on the little figure as he followed after.

  21. Tis thus they feasted on the flesh of oxen and, tired of warfare, unharnessed their foaming steeds.

  22. She brought them to her board and feasted them, till hunger and thirst could ask no more.

  23. Within, the defenders feasted from a never ending store of food which seemed to drop by magic from the brazen skies, while without, a hungry host of besieging foes sat, cursing, in the sand.

  24. For two whole days we feasted on tripe de roche, which, when boiled in our kettle, afforded us the only vegetable diet we had for a long time tasted.

  25. The Indians feasted on till a late hour of the night, when they crawled into their tents and lay down.

  26. So they all feasted together in harmony until the sun was low.

  27. Friends visited and feasted each other, and there was a general interchange of presents, the objects presented consisting usually of branches, wax tapers, and clay dolls.

  28. We feasted our eyes on the brilliant light and color on the sea, and the lovely outlined mountains round the shore, and waited for a change of wind.

  29. We went up from New Haven to London in the morning, and feasted our eyes all the way.

  30. After Rosader had well feasted himself, and felt he was loose, straight his thoughts aimed at revenge, and now, all being asleep, he would have quit Saladyne with the method of his own mischief.

  31. Well, to be short, those hungry squires fell to their victuals, and feasted themselves with good delicates, and great store of wine.

  32. After they had feasted and frolicked it twice or thrice with an upsee freeze,[2] they all took their leaves of Rosader and departed.

  33. On the eleventh day they feasted at King Priam's house, and on the twelfth day the battle began anew.

  34. For six days my company feasted on the best of the cattle.

  35. When they had feasted and the minstrel had sung to them, Alcinous said, 'Let us go forth now and engage in games and sports so that our stranger guest may tell his friends when he is amongst them what our young men can do.

  36. She did not treat us guilefully again and we feasted in her house for a year.

  37. I got a little piece of the flesh, which I eat raw with a little oat meal wet with cold water, and thought I feasted sumptuously.

  38. They feasted on him heartily without either bread or salt.

  39. Anon he turns and casts a wistful eye, And with scant napkin wipes the blinding spray, And looks around, as if he fain would spy Friends he had feasted in his better day: Ah!

  40. Well, all that day Jacob Stuck feasted and made merry at the king's palace, and the king wondered when he was going to begin to build his palace.

  41. The Genie brought the princess, and she and Jacob Stuck feasted together until nearly midnight.

  42. Well, they feasted and drank, and the music played, and the candles were as bright as day, and beautiful girls sang and danced, and Jacob Stuck was as happy as a king.

  43. So the king and the beggar feasted and made merry, until at last the clock struck twelve and the king arose from his seat.

  44. But Jacob Stuck said nothing at all; he just feasted and drank and made merry.

  45. Soon at night (so rumour spreads it through the city) The two great dukes of Venice and Verona Are feasted by your lord, where a masque's intended.

  46. He feasted his eyes again upon the envelope, and helped himself to another serving of ham and eggs.

  47. Then there was silence, and they feasted on the love that was in each other's eyes.

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