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Example sentences for "feast"

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  1. And it was the last day of the Unleavened bread, and many went forth, returning to their homes, the feast being ended.

  2. In the Epistle of Barnabas, there is the best exposition of the doctrine that the Feast should be turned into mourning and the Passover at which Jesus suffered should be treated as if it had been the Day of Atonement.

  3. She waited and endured, while Dolly's eyes and mind devoured the new feast given to them.

  4. She was fain to let Mrs. Jersey lodge her and feast her and pet her to her heart's content.

  5. How many visits they made to it I dare not say; Dolly never had enough; and her delight was so much of a feast to her father that he did not grudge the time nor mind what he would have called the dawdling.

  6. Sandie was hungry, no doubt; but his feast was mental that night, and exquisite.

  7. Come," said she; "the feast time has arrived and the feast is spread.

  8. On the Feast of Blessed Stephen he went into the chapter and said as always: "The souls of the deceased brethren and believers rest in peace!

  9. The Feast of the Transfiguration was nigh at hand, and the Prior was minded to return on that day to the waiting, anxious Convent, for his work was done.

  10. Tis Luke Langland's reckoning; he left it with me yesternight, but my head was full of feast and tourney, and 'tis yet undelivered.

  11. On Sunday's feast one served him with a most unsavoury mess in the refectory, the dish thereof being black and broken; yet he ate the meat in great content, and seemingly with appetite.

  12. The wedding feast being now ready, they were all invited to sit down and eat, placing the bridegrooms and their brides at each end of the table.

  13. These, inquiring of the messenger what time their sons and wives would come, made a great feast and called all their kinsmen and neighbors in, and made great preparation.

  14. Of the meaning and object of this bear feast the Ainos themselves are ignorant.

  15. The carcass is cut in pieces and distributed among the families of the community, who feast upon it with great delight.

  16. Its god is a very great animal preying on other animals, which are laid on his altars; or pleased when smaller animals give up their part of the earthly feast by starving their passions and senses.

  17. In the San Francisco Bulletin, I recently read a description of the celebration by the Chinese in that city of their Feast for the Dead, in which there are some significant features.

  18. There may have been periods when the human Kalis of India might stimulate their husbands and sons to war with such songs as the women of Dardistan sing at the Feast of Fire (p.

  19. This world a desert, with here and there a momentary oasis, where man may dance and feast a little, stimulated by the corpse borne round the banquet, ere he passes to paradise.

  20. An account of the Feast of Torches, instituted as a memorial of this tradition, has already been given in another connection.

  21. At the popular annual festival in honour of Dharma Rajah, called the Feast of Fire, the devotees walk barefoot over a glowing fire extending forty feet.

  22. For although the devils originally neither ate nor drank, yet they had learnt from men the custom of celebrating every solemnity by means of the glass and platter; and on such occasions they feast on souls.

  23. And putting back her glasses on the tip of her nose, she reflected: "We shall see if besides not keeping the holy feast days, she has not honored her father and her mother.

  24. This feast is a thank-offering for your safe return.

  25. Under the booth where the children had their feast the father of the one who was to be a doctor was talking.

  26. Back to that remote age one can send his fancy and imagination to feast upon the tales of wondrous bravery, passionate love, dire revenge, and supernatural occurrences of every sort until he is weary of it all.

  27. The summer before, on the eve of the feast of Sts.

  28. So they all asked his pardon, and the feast which they held to celebrate their deliverance from the fox was even more magnificent than the last, and it went on for two whole days.

  29. And yet we used to pretend to feast with her there.

  30. Through this latter country we continued our journey for about three weeks, continually riding with great expedition, and at length arrived at the residence of the emperor elect, on the feast of Mary Magdalen, 22d July.

  31. Of a Grand Feast given by Mangu-khan and of the Ceremonies of the Nestorians.

  32. This feast lasted till the afternoon, and among the music were many songs in praise of the new palace.

  33. When any one has made a bargain with another for his daughter, the father of the maid gives a feast to the bridegroom, and the bride runs away and hides herself in the house of one of her relations.

  34. At this season, the ice was fully bearing, and we found frost in the desert before the feast of St Michael, 29th September.

  35. We remained here till the feast of St Bartholomew, 24th August; on which day an immense multitude convened, standing with their faces to the south.

  36. After leaving Sarai, on the feast of All Saints, 1st November, we travelled south till the feast of St Martin, 11th November, when we came to the mountains of the Alani.

  37. After this the dead body is cut in pieces, and all the friends and relations are invited to feast upon this horrible banquet, which is accompanied with music and all manner of mirth; but the bones are solemnly buried.

  38. She drew up a naked shoulder against me, and the feast proceeded with its chief guest in the shade.

  39. The great, on this occasion, were to feast on the tiny.

  40. He was going to sit and feast his eyes, and come away knowing her no better, but ready to go and feast his eyes again to-morrow.

  41. The feature of the feast was unquestionably the red mullet.

  42. Four days they stopped with Cypriano, who treated them royally, killing an ox and stripping his garden to feast them, and sending them on to Cassange with provisions of meal ground by his mother and her maids.

  43. It's no feast exactly, but it keeps a man going.

  44. Before I came, you'd feast one day, then starve for days on end; but now you eat each day.

  45. The works and the gold that were set moving by them made a feast for unclean harpies of both sexes from every nation in the four continents.

  46. The heat was considerable, and the feast of fruit was the more welcome.

  47. Isn't it time for a feast and a war dance or something?

  48. We have just concluded a treaty with the tribe of Highpoint and are ready for the feast of amity.

  49. It was a feast to stand under their branching arms, and be fanned and soothed by the play of the breeze among their green tresses, that fell in fountains of rustling foliage from their crowned heads.

  50. The midday lunch was taken beneath the shade of the nearest tree, or, in case the pickers were boarded by the grower, all adjourned to the largest room in an out-building, where a rural feast was spread with no niggard hand.

  51. Nelaton is a famous minister in Dublin, and every year he, with other good people, gets up this great feast for the children.

  52. On Christmas day there is a great feast in Dublin.

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